This Prince’s Wife Should Be Different From Everyone

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In regards to the case of theft in the Sheng Palace, Xuan Tian Ming had prepared himself for this girl doing this sort of thing. He had also prepared for it to be a large sum of wealth. But in the end, his thoughts had been a bit more conservative. When he saw the pharmacy’s first floor nearly completely filled, Xuan Tian Ming felt the skin on his head go numb. Especially since Feng Yu Heng had entered earlier and opened up all of the chests to reveal the gold and precious jewels. All of the treasures were in the chests, and the sight caused him to feel dizzy.

He knew that old eighth had money; however, he did not think that he would be this rich. He had some businesses in the capital; however, old eighth did not have any businesses in the capital. The source of this wealth naturally could not be traced, but the possibility of old eighth bringing it back from out of the province could not be discounted.

“This is still just a small portion.” Xuan Tian Ming sighed, “Over the years, he has been focusing his efforts in the South. The small countries in the desert will occasionally send some things to his manor. The large majority of his wealth should have been left over there. But precisely where it’s been hidden will definitely not be as easy as having left it in his manor.” He looked toward Feng Yu Heng with a look of concern: “Nothing happened to you that night, right?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “Nothing happened. You know that it’s impossible for me to be caught.”

“Although I do know, there was still some worry. I wanted to accompany you; however, I was afraid of weighing you down. In that sort of place, nobody can guarantee that nothing will happen.” Xuan Tian Ming reached out to pat her head, “That night, Ban Zou came to me to beg for forgiveness. Although I told him that you would be fine, I was also unable to sleep until Ban Zou reported that you safely returned to the manor. Only then could I calm down. Your ideas are also a little too direct. You’ve cleaned out the Sheng Palace, and it sounds quite sensational; however, you need to be a little more careful during the following few days. Old eighth is a person with devilish thoughts. You two have just formed a grudge during the banquet, and during that same night, the things from his palace go missing. It’s inevitable that he will look in your direction.” After saying this, however, he gently laughed, “But it seems that he does not have the time to look in your direction for now. With such a big thing happening at his side, his first thought was that there would be a spy in his camp, and he is investigating like crazy! He would rather kill a thousand incorrectly than allow one to live. During these few days, the Sheng Palace has been sending out its dead to a mass grave outside the city. There isn’t the slightest bit of concern for taboos during the new year’s period.”

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Feng Yu Heng was startled. She never thought that her stealing things would be able to cause this sort of outcome, but she did not feel distressed for the people of the Sheng Palace that died. It had been so many years. To be able to stay in the Sheng Palace to work, which of them was not a person that was of the same mind as the eighth prince? Those sorts of people, if one or two died, it would save her the effort of needing to take care of them in the future.

“Xuan Tian Ming.” She took a few steps to the side and reached out to fiddle with the gems, “Say, how much are these things worth? I think there are at least two million taels of gold; however, I can’t figure out the value of these gems.”

Xuan Tian Ming looked at them carefully for a while then said: “It’s not just two million taels. It should be around three million taels. As for the gems, it should not be of any lower value than the gold. As for the overall value, it really is difficult to pinpoint. If you’re interested, you can take all of these things out and have that girl that knows business calculate it.”

Feng Yu Heng knew that he was talking about Qing Yu; however, she shook her head, “Qing Yu is reliable, but to take them all out, even if this is the imperial daughter’s manor, the target would become too big. These things would always be conspicuous in the capital. I have not made a plan for how to deal with this. Either way, I have been preparing to visit my fief. When that time comes, I will think of a way to convert it all into banknotes. If you really go South to fight a war, you will have this money to purchase military supplies and food, and there will be no need to worry. I can support you from behind.”

She sat on a chest of gems, speaking freely and in a relaxed tone. She even picked up some stones from time to time to play with. But Xuan Tian Ming looked at her with a gaze of remorse and uneasiness that could not be hidden. This caused Feng Yu Heng to be unclear, “What’s going on? You have money, so what are you unhappy about? What sort of expression is that?”

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Xuan Tian Ming did not know how he should express his feelings. He simply stepped forward and pulled her into his embrace. Suddenly being hugged, Feng Yu Heng was caught off-guard. Sitting on the gems was a bit uncomfortable for her butt, and she tried to get free a couple times but could not. She could only ask once more: “What’s going on with you?” Her tone, however, was more relaxed than earlier. Her hands were very steadily placed on Xuan Tian Ming’s back.

Xuan Tian Ming held her for a while, and his mood slightly improved. Only then did he voice the reason: “I keep feeling that I am letting you down. Being with me, you haven’t had many peaceful days. You either need to worry about this thing or that thing, and there has never been a shortage of enemies. The man goes to kill enemies on the battlefield; however, the woman needs to worry about the supplies of the army. I wonder if I’m useless or you’re too powerful.”

Feng Yu Heng frowned from hearing this, “No matter how I hear it, it sounds like you aren’t happy? Could it be that you feel I’m concerning myself with too much?”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“Then what do you mean?” She forcefully pushed him away and deliberately raised her voice to say: “Xuan Tian Ming, you said long ago that my life should not be spent entirely in the courtyards of the capital to compete with the other girls. This was something that we already talked about before we went to Qian Zhou. I like this sort of life. If it wasn’t for you stopping me, I really want to go with you to the battlefield in the South.”

When she spoke, she raised her chin, and a dazzling radiance that only came from her appeared. Xuan Tian Ming looked at it and laughed: “Alright, this prince’s wife should be different from everyone else.”

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“To be able to think like this is correct.” She smiled and leaped down from the chest that she was sitting on, “Peaceful days should be left for the future. Just how old am I? What should I be peaceful for? Could it be that I should wait while embroidering? Comfort is reserved for the dead. A living person must continually struggle for their goals. In the past, my goal was to escape from the mountain in the Northwest and return to the capital. Later on, my goal was to knock down the people of the Feng family and no longer be bullied by anyone else. Even further down the line, I feel that my appetite has grown too much. Conquering Qian Zhou then needing to go South, if there is another small country that causes trouble, based on how things are going for us… Xuan Tian Ming, we won’t accidentally unite the world, right?”

He laughed, “What are you thinking about!” He reached out to pat her head, but he put in a bit too much strength, making a mess of her neatly tied hair, “Un, this is quite good.” She looked like a small squirrel.

“So violent.” She knocked away his hand, “There’s still an official matter that I need to talk to you about.” The two each found a seat directly on top of the treasures. It was a very valiant scene. Feng Yu Heng voiced her plans: “After the 10th of the first month and before the 15th, I will also be moving to my fief. The excuse will be that I was hurt by those officials and decided to leave a heartbreaking place like the capital, and I will be going to my fief to live my own life. I will no longer be paying attention to Da Shun’s affairs. At the same time, Hundred Herb Hall will announce its closure during those few days. I will be bringing the clerks with me to continue carrying out their work.”

Xuan Tian Ming thought about it for a while then nodded, saying: “That’s also fine. Going to the South from there is closer, and it’s easier to move around. Either way, I will also be getting to work once the first month ends. A spy from the South came to report. The small countries in the desert have already begun to move under the leadership of Gu Shu. It’s just that Da Shun’s side still has not submitted a formal report to the Emperor.”

“I will bring these things out once I get to the fief. They will all be traded in for banknotes. It will be easier to use.” She pointed at the treasures that filled the room: “The construction in the fief will also require money. This should roughly be enough, but you can’t just buy all of your supplies in the South. That will drive up the prices of grains. Not to mention you being unable to buy enough, but the citizens will also be suffering. I think that if things truly don’t go well, I will send some South under the name of the Ji An Prefecture. It will support you from the back, and this is something that can be explained.”

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Xuan Tian Ming nodded, agreeing with her methods.

Feng Yu Heng continued: “It’s not just food. There’s also medicine. Before I leave, I will prepare some for you. My medicine is a bit easier to transport, and it’s not as hard to transport as the medicinal herbs for Chinese medicine. It should not take up too much space, and you can have as much as you want. At a later date, I will go South and will replenish the supplies. Also, when it comes to the military doctors, bring along Song Kang. I will prepare some more people from Hundred Herb Hall to go along. Also, before the end of the year, Qian Zhou sent a letter by eagle, saying that they have begun transporting wolf horses to the military camp outside of the capital. If things go as planned, they should be able to arrive in the first month. Even if you leave, you will leave on a wolf horse. When you enter battle, you will have another glorious weapon.”

She spoke about her own plans in a fussy manner, and she even felt as though she was a nagging old woman; however, there were always things that she felt worried about. No matter what, it could not compare to going with him. At least her space could be used at any time, and it could guarantee the safety of Xuan Tian Ming’s life. She held his hand and said: “Don’t blame me for being long-winded. I keep feeling that the South cannot be compared to the North. In any case, the North was just a pure battle. The South, however, has the eighth prince as a factor. That would be having our forces collaborate with the opposition forces. With you being caught in the middle, things would get too dangerous if they set their sights on you. I cannot feel at ease.”

Xuan Tian Ming reached out to pull her over and said: “I understand what you’re saying. Originally, I was planning to not let you go over, but once problems arise with the supplies, only you can bring in supplies from the rear. Like this, you would still end up in the South. Sooner or later, we will end up meeting up. When that time comes, you can just stay at my side to keep an eye on me. That way, you won’t be so worried.” As he spoke, he suddenly changed the topic, telling her: “The lands of Ji An Prefecture need to be built up. Fiefs are a special existence in Da Shun. Although it’s within Da Shun’s borders, once it is awarded to someone, that would be considered their personal property, and there would no longer be any need to send taxes to the court. It will also no longer be controlled by the court. You can even raise a personal army in your fief, but the condition is that those personal soldiers cannot leave the area; otherwise, the court has the responsibility to suppress it. That’s why you should place a bit of focus on that area when you head over. If you need any help, call seventh brother. I will not be in the capital, and he will be able to provide you with some assistance.”

Feng Yu Heng’s eyes lit up, personal soldiers? This was a good idea. She needed to build up her own power, and it could not be in the capital. That meant the fief was the only place possible.

“When I leave, I will be taking along the troops and horses from the military camp.” Xuan Tian Ming also spoke about his own arrangements, “There isn’t enough time to wait for those in Qian Zhou to come back. Fortunately, we still have the 100 thousand troops that Prince Lian had brought back. The soldiers that were originally in the South will not be too obedient. They only recognize old eighth as their master. No hope can be placed in them. I keep thinking that it’s possible that the war in the South might not be concluded in just a year or so.” He sighed. If the battle did not stop, he would be stuck on the battlefield, and there was not much time left until the day of their wedding.

“Right!” Feng Yu Heng suddenly leaped up from the pile of treasures, “Xuan Tian Ming, wait just a moment. I have something that I need to give you!”

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