Arrangements Before Leaving the Capital

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Feng Yu Heng rushed into her space while on the brink of mental collapse and took a hot shower!

Men used cold showers to push down their burning passions. She was not lovesick. She was just a little bit moved, un, just a little bit. A certain person very improperly refused to admit the reason for her heart racing. Allowing the water from the shower to spray onto her long hair, she even let the shower pour onto her face.

She had not come into her space to take this sort of shower in a long time. She was becoming more and more dependant on the baths of the ancient era. It was not that she felt as if the baths of the ancient era were particularly good, but whenever she felt as she did now, standing underneath the shower, a feeling of disconnect would be caused. There would be that brief moment of feeling flustered, as she felt as though she had returned to the 21st century and returned to her familiar living environment. That feeling was as if something was grating at her nerves in an attempt to try and drag them away from her. She had experienced this sort of feeling before, thus she did not really want to come to the resting room in her space. Especially when she slept on the bed, she would be unable to differentiate the situation when she woke up. The feeling of disarray was especially uncomfortable.

But Xuan Tian Ming liked sleeping here. First, there were no people to disrupt him. Second, he also found it to be novel. Not only was it novel, but everything was convenient, especially the flushing toilet. To Xuan Tian Ming, that was the most reliable existence. It was such that he had wanted to try and have one placed in the Yu Palace, and he had even asked Feng Yu Heng if the space would automatically replenish it if it was dug out from the space. In regards to this, Feng Yu Heng expressed that she had never tried it before, nor did she dare to try. If this was considered as part of the building and could not be replenished, what should she do?

After taking her shower, the feelings from earlier had been completely suppressed. It was also time to sleep in the outside world. But when Feng Yu Heng exited her space and returned to her bed to try and sleep, she found that she was unable to fall asleep. She did not know where her excitement had come from, but she felt very awake. Her eyes were opened wide, and she did not feel sleepy in the slightest. She simply called Huang Quan and Wang Chuan inside to have the two chat with her. But the three were together every day. What was there to chat about? They just looked at each other for a while before Feng Yu Heng finally came up with an idea: “Go and call Qing Yu and Wang Lin from Hundred Herb Hall over. Tell them that I want to have a meeting with those two.”

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The two were speechless. It was the middle of the night. Young Miss, you really can’t fall asleep, huh?!

But if their master could not sleep and wanted to stir up the servants, they had to comply. Neither of the two had any objections and quickly went to call them. Qing Yu was in the manor, but Wang Lin had to be fetched from outside the manor. One hour later, Qing Yu and Wang Lin were sitting in the main hall of the imperial daughter’s manor. They heard Feng Yu Heng make a huge decision: “You will be given three days. After three days, announce that the Hundred Herb Hall in the capital will be officially closing.”

“What?” The two nearly thought that they had misheard. The new year’s celebrations were currently ongoing, and the shops were still on break. There was no business being done, and the people were all idle; however, nobody knew that they would continue being idle. The one that was most bitter was Wang Lin, as he nearly cried. With a depressed expression, he asked Feng Yu Heng: “Boss, why? Could it be that you feel that us lowly ones have not done well? Is it no good if we change? Right now, Hundred Herb Hall’s business is quite hot, and there is a large amount of money entering the accounts. The feelings of warmth that everyone has is still there. Why are you talking about closing it? What would happen to the doctors and workers that have been trained? Haven’t we wasted our time in training them?” Wang Lin was very puzzled by this matter. Hundred Herb Hall was the largest pharmacy and medical clinic in the capital, and it was the only place to have Feng Yu Heng’s medical pills and advanced medical techniques. The financial situation was improving with each day, and the amount taken in each month was very significant! Why was there suddenly talk of closing it? This did not seem like the imperial daughter’s style? Was the imperial daughter not quite a money-loving person? He looked at Feng Yu Heng and pondered internally. He thought to himself, this young miss shouldn’t have offended someone and needs to run away, right? He had heard that His Highness the eighth prince had returned to the capital, and the two did not get along very well…

Feng Yu Heng, however, was immediately able to see through Wang Lin’s thoughts. The master and servant had worked together for over two years. She had personally promoted this guy from a clerk to the position of shopkeeper. She was so familiar with him that Wang Lin blinking would be enough to allow her to understand what thoughts were going through his mind. She could not help but let out a laugh then say: “That someone was offended is guaranteed. Needing to run away is guaranteed, but that alone is not enough to force the closure of Hundred Herb Hall. Speaking of this matter, it’s a bit complicated.” She chose some of the important points and recounted what had happened during the banquet to the two. She then spoke of how she intended to go to her fief and use the closing of Hundred Herb Hall to try and test just how high Hundred Herb Hall had reached during the past two years. She wanted to see what sort of effect there would be on the hearts of the people after Hundred Herb Hall closed and their views on the eighth prince.

Once these words came out, Wang Lin immediately understood and immediately laughed: “Boss means that we are pretending to close down. We will then leak that people from His Highness the eighth prince’s side could not tolerate Imperial Daughter Ji An. Not only was imperial daughter chased from the capital, but even Hundred Herb Hall had no choice but to close.” As he spoke, he slapped his thigh: “This plan is indeed too good! Boss, you don’t know this, but any family in the capital that has a bit of a foundation no longer drinks bitter medical soups like in the past. They all go straight for the medical pills. In addition to our shops having some special medicines that you have provided and the techniques that you have passed down, many of the incurable illnesses of the past can now be easily treated. Of course, this is limited to our Hundred Herb Hall being able to treat them. Even when it comes to the birth of children, we are the most advanced. The death rate during childbirth has dropped significantly. If Hundred Herb Hall is closed just like that, it might be fine for a few days, but this lowly one dares to guarantee that chaos will break out in the capital within 10 days.”

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Feng Yu Heng nodded. This was the outcome that she desired. It would be best if the eighth prince’s faction suffered from this. Only that would be sufficiently magnificent.

Qing Yu thought a little more and asked Feng Yu Heng: “Young Miss, how long will Hundred Herb Hall be closed for? What about the workers? Along with our continued financial growth, more and more medical workers are entering the hall. There are already 125 people. If Hundred Herb Hall is closed, these people will have nothing to do. It’s fine for one or two days, but if it goes any longer, problems will arise.”

Feng Yu Heng had made arrangements for this long ago, as she told the two: “Right now, there are two sides to consider. All of the medical personnel will be separated into two groups. One will leave with me and go to the Ji An fief. Once there, the construction of a new hall will immediately begin. The other group will remain here. They will listen to His Highness the ninth prince’s orders. I fear they may need to go South with the army.”

The two were given a fright, and Wang Lin urgently said: “There’s going to be a battle?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “It’s confidential information. Don’t spread it. We estimate that His Highness the ninth prince will be setting out after the end of the first month. As for our medical squad, Song Kang will be the leader and bring a group of doctors and a group of nurses to follow the army. Wang Lin, make some arrangements. They should all be men, and the nurses should also be men.” This era was still very conservative. Even if she was training nurses, they were not all women. After all, to work as a nurse would require direct contact with the bodies of the sick. Female nurses could not take care of male patients. Women still needed to worry a bit about their reputations. That was why it was often that nurses were men.

In regards to these arrangements, Wang Lin did not have any difficulties. He nodded and complied then asked: “Then what of this lowly one? Go with boss?” He did not know medicine, and he was usually tasked with the business side. In regards to his own direction, Wang Lin had a great handle on it. He would either go with the boss or he would go to a Hundred Herb Hall in the outer provinces.

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In regards to this, Feng Yu Heng’s arrangements were: “Come along with me. Bring along your family members. A residence will be built for you in the fief that you can consider home. We will not be coming back very quickly from this trip. You can’t be away from your family for too long. There are still many things to do over there. Not just Hundred Herb Hall needs to be built. There are still many things. I will need you to put in some more work.”

Wang Lin rubbed his hands happily, “Boss, this lowly one likes doing these things. You bringing this lowly one along is not a mistake. This lowly one is no good on a battlefield, but helping out from the business side will be fine.”

Qing Yu nodded: “That’s right, Shopkeeper Wang is indeed a person proficient in business.” The two had worked very well together over the past two years. Both were familiar with the other’s tactics, and they had helped Feng Yu Heng earn quite a large sum of money. “Young Miss, what about the other shops? Should this servant follow or stay here?”

Feng Yu Heng though for a bit then said: “You will stay. The jewelry shop and antique shop will remain open. Everything will be like in the past. There’s no need to change. You alone will stay here. Remember, if there is anything that you can’t handle, or if someone comes to cause trouble, either go to the Yao manor for help or go to the Chun Palace for help. Between these two places, there will definitely be someone that can help you sort things out.”

Qing Yu nodded and was understanding of this arrangement.

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The group continued their discussion for a little longer, and they became more and more excited as they spoke. Especially when it came to the construction of the fief, Wang Lin had all kinds of ideas. He brought up ideas the entire time and ideas for making money. Just listening to him caused Feng Yu Heng to feel elated. They chatted late into the night until they began to feel hungry. The group, along with Wang Chuan and Huang Quan, actually enjoyed hotpot together until the sky began to turn light at dawn the next day. Only then did sleepiness come to visit.

Feng Yu Heng’s goal of lulling herself to sleep had been achieved, thus she quickly had the two leave. She then returned to get cleaned up before going to sleep. This time, she slept until the early afternoon, and she was awoken by Yao Xian arriving and dragging her out of bed.

When she woke up, she was still dreaming of the wealth from the Ji An Prefecture. Yao Xian smiled wryly. This granddaughter really caused him to both feel angry and doting.

In the end, there were many things to handle before leaving. Feng Yu Heng also knew that she could not delay for a single moment and quickly got up. While getting cleaned up and eating, she told Yao Xian about her plans. This caused Yao Xian to also become emotional. He also thought about going to the fief, but this was strongly rejected by Feng Yu Heng. First, Yao Xian was getting old, and he really could not endure that sort of fuss. Second, the capital could not be left completely empty. With so many people keeping their eyes on the imperial daughter’s manor, there would also be someone keeping an eye on the Yao manor. Would it be alright if he was not there?

Thus she acted with emotion and finally managed to have Yao Xian give up on this battle and promise to remain. After Hundred Herb Hall was closed, the medicine that was left behind was moved to the Yao manor in the event that they might need it. The two agreed that if something happened, they would send a letter by eagle, with Xuan Tian Ming providing the eagle. They were all able to fly above the clouds and were accurate in their ability to get places. They were the kind that would definitely not get shot down.

When Yao Xian returned to the manor, he brought along Zi Rui. At this time, Feng Yu heng reached her conscious mind into her space and looked at the room filled with treasures. A new thought suddenly appeared in her mind.

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