Chapter 209: The Villain’s Service

I won’t agree, anyway.

Su Jiu, on the other hand, hoped that the little villain had forgotten his keys. In that case, she could invite him to her house again. Surprisingly, Rong Si said, “No.”

Rong Si remembered what his mother had told him. He couldn’t lie to Little Jiu. If she found out, she would get angry.

He didn’t want to see her angry at him.

No? Su Jiu was a little surprised.

So, the little villain was just sitting on the stairs and reading?

What kind of a weird hobby is this?

“Big Brother, have you eaten? If you haven’t, why don’t you come to my house to eat?” Su Jiu enthusiastically invited him.

It was noon now. The little villain’s mother worked far away, and she wouldn’t come back until night. Therefore, she always prepared the food in the morning, and the little villain could eat once he got home from school.

Su Shengjing resentfully looked at Su Jiu. Has she fallen for this little rascal?

He had to admit that this little rascal was pretty handsome. Su Jiu was blinded by his beauty despite her young age. What would happen when she grew up? She might even end up clinging to him every day. As her father, he would definitely be infuriated to death.

“I haven’t eaten yet,” Rong Si said while glancing at Su Shengjing as if he were asking for his opinion.

Su Shengjing cleared his throat. Naturally, he was displeased. However, he still lowered his head and asked Su Jiu, “Do you really want him to come over and play?”

“Yes!” Su Jiu vigorously nodded.

Rong Si is so good-looking! I want to spend more time looking at him.

Su Shengjing always relented to his daughter, and it was the same this time. He gave in to her wishes, glanced at Rong Si, and expressionlessly said, “Fine, let’s have lunch together.”

“Thank you,” Rong Si politely responded. Although he appeared calm on the surface, he was happy on the inside.

Su Jiu instantly became overjoyed. When Su Shengjing opened the door, she stretched out her hand and dragged Rong Si inside.

Rong Si looked at her hand, which was holding his, and suddenly felt very satisfied. Actually, he was already satisfied just by seeing her.

As they had just gotten off the plane, Su Shengjing filled the bathtub with hot water for Su Jiu to take a bath. Su Jiu took a shower, then walked out in light pink rabbit pajamas. Su Shengjing had already dried her hair, but it was slightly wet.

Rong Si sat upright on the sofa and waited for her. When he saw the little girl walk out in that pink pajamas, two words popped up in his mind.

How cute!

Su Shengjing also went to shower and changed his clothes. Su Jiu ran to Rong Si and sweetly smiled at him. “Big Brother, what do you want to eat for lunch?”

Rong Si stared at her with his dark eyes. “I’ll eat whatever you eat.”

When he saw that her hair was not completely dry, he said, “Let me dry your hair for you. Otherwise, you might catch a cold.”

Without waiting for Su Jiu to reply, Rong Si jumped off the sofa, found the hairdryer, plugged it in, and let her sit in front of him. Su Jiu immediately sat down. She wanted to enjoy the service of the future villain boss!

Rong Si turned on the hairdryer and started blowing her hair.

The little girl’s hair was thin and soft. Rong Si was afraid that the hot wind would scald her, so he didn’t dare put the hair dryer too close to her. He ran his other hand through her hair from time to time, making him seem experienced.

Soon, her hair was dry.

Su Jiu was satisfied. Suddenly, she thought of something and immediately ran back to her room. She took out something from her small bag, which she had brought to the show, and ran back to Rong Si. “Big Brother, this is for you!”

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