Chapter 207: What It Feels Like To Not Get Something

Su Shengjing’s heart started pounding. His first reaction was to ask the airport security for their surveillance footage.

At that moment, his phone rang.

He took it out and saw that the caller was the Su family’s butler.

Su Shengjing’s gaze turned grim. As he accepted the call, he heard the butler say, “Young Master, Little Miss is with Old Master. She’s safe. Don’t worry!”

Su Guobang took her away?

Su Shengjing was glad that Su Jiu hadn’t been taken away by a human trafficker who kidnapped women and children. However, he angrily shouted, “Did I agree to that old man taking my daughter away? I thought she got lost!”

“Young Master, I understand your feelings, but there were Old Master’s orders…” The butler was helpless.

He and the Old Master had returned to the capital first. After finding out the flight Young Master and Little Miss were on, the two of them waited at the airport. When the plane landed, the Old Master asked the butler to think of a way to bring over Little Miss. The butler knew this was not a good method, but what else could he do?

His young master would definitely refuse to meet Old Master, so he could only bring Little Miss away in secret.

Su Shengjing was furious. “Cut the crap! Where is he now?”

“Just outside the airport. Young Master, Old Master wants to see you—”

Before the butler could finish his sentence, Su Shengjing hung up the phone. Dragging his luggage along, he squeezed through the crowd and rushed out.

When he walked out of the airport, he saw the Su family’s car. Su Shengjing quickly walked to the car with a cold expression.

Inside the car, a little girl sat in the back seat. Blinking, she looked at the old man beside her with an innocent expression.

Gazing into her clear eyes, Su Guobang felt a little satisfied. Indeed, watching from afar is not as good as watching up close.

“Why did you bring me here?” The little girl pouted. “Daddy will get anxious if he can’t find me.”

When the butler had forcefully taken away Su Jiu, he had closed her mouth. Su Jiu thought that she had met a bad person and was terrified. However, when she took a closer look, she realized that the man taking her away was the butler. She had immediately guessed that this was Old Master Su’s idea.

This old man is always so unpredictable!

Su Guobang thought that Su Jiu was going to cry, but he was not good at coaxing children. So, he kicked the driver’s seat in front of him and signaled the butler to speak.

The butler immediately comforted her. “Little Miss, don’t be afraid. I called your father just now. He will be here soon.”

The little girl looked at him and then at Su Guobang. She sadly said, “I want my Daddy.”

Su Guobang frowned. “Aren’t you tired of staying with him every day? Little girl, I’m your grandfather. Come, call me grandpa.”

Su Jiu refused to call him that. Instead, she merely looked at him. This made Su Guobang anxious.

He wanted to hear the little girl call him grandpa before Su Shengjing arrived, but she was refusing to do so.

He continued, “Be good and call me grandpa. I’ll buy you anything you want!”

The little girl was still refusing to call him that.

Su Jiu secretly snorted. Old man, you are too much. Have you forgotten what you did to me before? Don’t expect me to call you grandpa so easily!

You think you can do whatever you want, right? In that case, I’ll let you have a taste of what it feels like to not get something.

Su Guobang got a headache because he could not handle this little girl. At that moment, the car door suddenly opened.


The moment Su Shengjing appeared, Su Guobang clearly saw the little girl’s eyes light up. She immediately reached out her arms for him to carry her. Su Shengjing grabbed her and held her in his arms.

Su Guobang felt a little upset. He also wanted to hug the little girl, but she didn’t even want to call him grandpa.

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