Gun and Grenade Training

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“Thank you, master,” He Gan and Xi Fang had accepted Feng Yu Heng as their master long ago. Placing the banknotes into their pockets, tears appeared in their eyes. Xi Fang wiped away the tears and said: “Before the new year, the family sent a letter to the communication point in the capital. They said that my younger brother will be getting married, and I was thinking of sending all of the money that I had saved up to have the people at the communication post send it back. I never thought that master would give so much.”

“Alright, now’s not the time to get emotional. I came over this time with a mission to entrust to you.” Feng Yu Heng looked at their nearly-crying appearances and helplessly said: “He Gan, go and gather up all of the members of the Divine Intent Army. Remember to have them gather at the entrance to the mountain pass. Xi Fang,” She pointed to the two carriages behind her, “We will each drive one over.”

Feng Yu Heng personally led a carriage over, leaving the military camp for the entrance to the mountain pass. During this time, she ran into some more patrolling soldiers and threw them some pouches of chocolate. Either way, her space had plenty, and they were easy to get.

The Divine Intent Army gathered very quickly. When they saw Feng Yu Heng arrive, they were all very excited; however, Feng Yu Heng did not say too much. First, she led the group to an open area behind the mountains. Xuan Tian Ming had told her that this place was very hidden. It was between two mountains, and the area was spacious. He would also make sure to greet the other soldiers and tell them not to head over in this direction, regardless of what they heard.

What Feng Yu Heng needed was a quiet place. After arriving, she first handed out the money pouches that had been prepared ahead of time then told everyone that the contents of the pouches were the same for everyone. Everyone was given a banknote worth 100 taels of silver. It was a gift to celebrate the new year. The soldiers happily cheered, and this caused Feng Yu Heng to feel a bit embarrassed. After she had founded the Divine Intent Army, she had been busy with other things the entire time. She had gone to fight in the North, and after she returned to the capital, there was a pile of matters waiting for her attention. It was such that she did not have time to concern herself with the soldiers over here.

Fortunately, this place was not the border, and there was no danger of the soldiers needing to go onto the battlefield at any time. This place was also close to the capital. There was no shortage in terms of food and supplies, nor was there much hardship. She thought about it, and everyone would soon be setting foot on the battlefield. From this day forward, she would need to be a little more serious toward these soldiers. At the very least, little day-to-day favors and the military supplies needed to be taken care of fully. Also, the soldiers that had died or were injured in Qian Zhou, although Xuan Tian Ming had already sent their families some financial benefits, that should not be the end of it. Follow-up care needed to be able to keep up.

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As she was thinking carelessly, the soldiers had already placed the banknotes inside their pockets. He Gan stood at her side and said: “Master, what are we going to be doing next?”

Only then did Feng Yu Heng regain her senses and let out a faint smile. Using her internal strength, she loudly said: “Today, everyone will be given a new type of weapon. This will be our Divine Intent Army’s secret weapon, and it will be used in our future battles. I only prepared enough for everyone present. Listen up, no matter what you are about to see or how shocked you feel, you can express it immediately, but once you leave the back of the mountain and return to the camp, you must keep it a secret. You must not mention it in the slightest. Do you understand?”

“Understood!” Everyone replied in unison. At the same time, they began to speculate what sort of secret weapon could make their master want to try and keep it a secret from the military camp?

This continued until Feng Yu Heng lifted the curtain from the two carriages and removed a machine gun from inside along with a grenade and demonstrated their power. The people watched on in a daze, as they saw just how destructive they were.

Shocking, indeed very shocking, and the method in which they chose to express it was to squat on the ground while covering their heads and trembling.

Someone asked with a trembling voice: “Is this an earthquake? With these things, can an earthquake be caused?”

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They were able to accept the machine gun, but the grenade had not just caused a large amount of damage in a large area. It had also caused the earth to tremble slightly. These people were ancient peoples, and they were facing something that was created thousands of years in the future. Feng Yu Heng expressed that she was able to accept it, thus she loudly said to everyone: “This is not an earthquake. The earth is just trembling slightly, but I can tell you that the people inside the blast radius of the grenade will definitely not be able to survive if they are hit.”

He Gan stared wide-eyed at the area. Xi Fang even ran over to investigate the area. When he returned, his eyes were filled with horror: “Master, at the very least, ten people would be hit. The kill range is too large!” Though he said this, his eyes were filled with an unparalleled shock, “If this sort of thing is used on the battlefield, our people won’t even need to move. They will just need to stand in place and throw these forward.”

He Gan also said: “Also, the thing in master’s hands seems to have a similar function to arrows. It’s just too strong. It’s definitely comparable to arrows.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and tossed the machine gun to He Gan then fetched another one from the carriage. She said: “This sort of thing is called a machine gun. It was something that I prepared for the Divine Archery Group. The thing that was just tossed out was called a grenade, and they will be used with the Support Group.” She looked toward Xi Fang and said: “I did not bring many grenades over. There are only ten for you to try out. It’s possible that you will be going South after the first month. The countries in the desert have formed a coalition and want to attack the southern border of Da Shun. I want you to learn how to use a grenade then find a way to put this thing to use in the formations in order to get twice the reward for half the effort.”

While she spoke, she returned to the carriage and pulled out a type of mine. The mines that Feng Yu Heng had pulled out were not the landmines that had been used many decades earlier in the second world war. Instead, it was one that had been developed later on. It was very small, roughly the size of a palm; however, its damage potential was far greater than those of the past. She told Xi Fang: “This has roughly the same killing power as the grenade, but it is buried under the ground. Dig a small hole, put it inside then bury it with dirt. As long as someone walks over it or something of a similar weight presses down on it, it will immediately explode. Take it and run far away then bury it to try it out.”

Xi Fang did as Feng Yu Heng said with a look of shock. The soldiers also watched wide-eyed as Xi Fang tested it. They saw Xi Fang run to a distance that Feng Yu Heng considered a safe distance then dig a hole with his sword. Carefully placing the mine in the hole, he gently covered it with dirt. After looking at it for a while, he ran back to ask Feng Yu Heng: “But how will it be tested? We can’t have a person run over to step on it, right?”

Feng Yu Heng laughed then said to He Gan: “Shoot an arrow and take care with the force. Have it land with the weight of a grown man.”

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He Gan nodded and handed the machine gun to Feng Yu Heng. He then retrieved the bow that he carried on his back. Without aiming too much, an arrow was shot over.

The people subconsciously covered their ears and watched the arrow land. A deafening sound filled the air. It was as though lightning had struck. It was that frightening.

They were dazed once more. Between the grenade and the landmine, the concepts of a small group of ancient people had been washed over. It left an impression that would be difficult to erase. Later on, there were even people that said that Imperial Daughter Ji An was not a person from this world. She was a deity that had descended from the heavens. What grenade or landmine, they were just heaven’s lightning in a different form. A deity using heaven’s lightning to punish the evil and rid the world of harmful things.

Later on, when Feng Yu Heng heard these rumors, she would just smile. In truth, what the people were saying was true. She was indeed not from this world. She came from a different time and place that was running in parallel with this world. They continued at the same speed, but they would never intersect.

The appearance of grenades and landmines caused the soldiers of the Support Group to feel eager to give it a try. Feng Yu Heng gave Xi Fang some instructions then handed him the remaining grenades and landmines, having him bring the 500 soldiers of the Support Group to the other side to try them. As for her, she still needed to teach the main points of the machine gun to the Divine Archery Group.

Comparatively speaking, the use of grenades and landmines did not require much skill. They just needed to be thrown or buried. The important part was for the Support Group to find a way to make use of those two things in their formations. That was her main goal. As for the use of the machine gun, the technical requirements were relatively high. This was also the reason she had chosen the Divine Archery Group. Only her divine archers could get a firm grasp on the aim. After some training, they would be able to hit above 80 percent of their shots.

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500 machine guns had been brought over. She opened the curtain of the carriage then had the soldiers line up to receive one. Very quickly, they were all distributed. Looking at the soldiers hold their machine guns, the feeling of confusion about the time period once again began to tug at Feng Yu Heng’s nerves. She could only get rid of the feeling by forcefully shaking her head, and He Gan asked in a worried tone: “Master, what’s wrong?”

She only replied: “It’s fine. I didn’t sleep well last night, and my head hurts a bit.” He Gan just assumed that she had been working hard in preparing these things and felt very uncomfortable. He became even more determined to become proficient with guns to be a capable assistant for Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng used her internal strength to loudly tell them how to use a machine gun to ensure that everyone could hear her clearly. She then had them set up targets very far away to allow everyone to do some target practice.

The bullets in the magazines were quickly exhausted, and she distributed more. She then taught everyone how to use them. She then began another round of target practice.

The members of the Divine Archery Group were very talented in this regard. After just practicing a bit, they were already able to grasp the main points. After a few more times, there were already some that were able to hit the targets ahead. Since machine guns were capable of repeatedly firing automatically, the small targets that had been set up could not stay standing. She did not have anyone go and set them back up. Setting up targets at the beginning was just to allow everyone to get a bit of a grasp on them. In truth, because machine guns could shoot on full auto, its kill range was rather random. People could run around with them, and they could be put on bipods to stabilize them. This was something that needed to be decided by the user.

She did not continue to watch them practice, as she called He Gan over. She then thoroughly told He Gan about the main points of using the machine guns. She had to make sure that He Gan understood completely. Only then could she feel at ease with leaving He Gan to train with the soldiers. After all, she could not remain in the military camp the entire time. She would need to be going back the next day.

At the same time, she also told He Gan about how to maintain the guns and gave him a whole slew of orders.

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