Chapter 205: My Tears Are Disobedient!

Han Xiao’s heart immediately skipped a beat. He squatted down and coaxed her. “Go back and sleep. When you wake up, you’ll be able to see your daddy.”


“Of course! I won’t lie to you.”

The little girl hesitated for a moment, then pitifully agreed. “Alright, I’ll go back with you.”

Just then, Su Shengjing walked over toward her. Su Jiu immediately ran to him and stretched her arms out for him to carry her. “Daddy!”

Su Shengjing suppressed the reluctance in his heart and carried her up. He seriously said to her, “Don’t cry! I promise you that you’ll be able to see me when you open your eyes tomorrow.”

Su Jiu’s eyes lit up, and she happily said, “Then I’ll go back and sleep. When I wake up, I’ll be able to see Daddy!”

Her cheerful and expectant look made the audience members’ hearts ache. They again scolded Yang Fangping for being so cruel.

“Alright, go back with Uncle Han. Be good.” Su Shengjing handed Su Jiu to Han Xiao.

Han Xiao carried her, and she lay on his shoulder. As Su Jiu stared at Su Shengjing, she suddenly felt upset. Her eyes reddened.

She pouted and said while sobbing, “Goodbye, Daddy. You must let me see you when I wake up!”

Hearing her childish voice, Su Shengjing felt a lump in his throat. “Alright, it’s a promise.”

“Okay!” Su Jiu pretended to be happy and lowered her head. She rubbed her face against Han Xiao’s shoulder as if she were wiping her tears. Then, she continued to lie on his shoulder and never looked up again. It was like she did not want Su Shengjing to see her crying.

Su Shengjing watched her leave. Perhaps because he had realized that she was crying, his eyes turned slightly red.

The caption appeared on the broadcast. “Darling, even if Daddy isn’t by your side, you have to learn to be strong.”

“Don’t cry, Little Jiu. Whether it’s in Daddy’s eyes or ours, you’re the best. We love you.”

The more the audience members watched the show, the sadder they felt. Some even cried.

“When I saw Su Jiu holding back her tears and pretending to be strong, my heart ached.”

“D*mn it! I’m crying too! What kind of a lousy program is this? I cry every episode!”

“Why is my saliva coming out of my eyes?”

“Su Shengjing seems to be crying too. Ah, I can’t take it anymore. My tears are disobedient!”


Han Xiao brought Su Jiu back to the house. He carefully squeezed her toothpaste for her and wrung a towel for her to wash up.

After washing up, Su Jiu obediently climbed onto the bed and prepared to sleep.

She had seen this trope of swapping fathers on parent-child variety shows before. The production crew would not really let the temporary father sleep with the children, especially those who took care of the girls. Therefore, after the children fell asleep, the biological father would definitely come over.

This was a surprise prepared by the production crew for the children.

As expected, after she pretended to be asleep, she heard someone enter the room. Then, Han Xiao’s voice rang out. “I really don’t want to return Little Jiu to you. Let her be my daughter.”

Su Shengjing scoffed. “You wish.”

“I’ll let you be the male lead for a movie.”

“Get lost.” Su Shengjing was not polite at all.

“If she can’t become my daughter, why doesn’t she become my daughter-in-law? Can I make a reservation?”

“…” Veins throbbed on Su Shengjing’s forehead. “No!”

What’s wrong with these people? All of them are planning to go after my daughter! That’s enough!

Han Xiao could only reluctantly look back at the girl before walking out.

Su Shengjing walked over to the bed. As he looked at Su Jiu, whom he had really missed, he felt like his empty heart had been filled.

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