Chapter 202: The Little Princess Sits In The Middle

Song Wanqiu was sitting beside Rong Si, peeling an apple. When she saw that her son’s mood kept changing as he watched the variety show, she couldn’t help but laugh. She asked, “Why are you unhappy again?”

Rong Si’s gaze turned slightly grim. He pursed his lips and said, “Little Jiu gave someone else a present.”

Song Wanqiu had naturally seen that scene as well. She smiled and said, “Didn’t she give you a gift too? Think about it. Little Jiu gave you candies and a gift she personally crafted. Don’t you like it a lot? Oh right, her father gave you your school bag too. It’s equivalent to Little Jiu giving it to you.”

Rong Si was speechless.

I see.

“Also, you’ve gone to Little Jiu’s house for a meal. The other children haven’t even been there yet. Most importantly, Little Jiu helped us a lot. If not for her, the matters regarding my illness and your school might not have been settled.”

Song Wanqiu was grateful to Su Jiu from the bottom of her heart. She truly felt that everything in her life was progressing well after she met Su Jiu.

Su Jiu had really been a big help to her family, both directly and indirectly.

In short, Little Jiu was like a lucky charm that had turned their hopeless life around. Now, they could live in such a clean and bright apartment, sit here, and leisurely watch television. Now, this little fellow could be in the mood to feel jealous.

Rong Si thought about his mother’s words and felt that she had a point.

In that case, I should be the happiest one. After all, Little Jiu treats me the best!

Rong Si’s face lit up. He was no longer jealous. On the contrary, he looked at Han Siye in disdain.

Hmph, so what if Little Jiu gave him a gift? He has never been to her house before.


In the evening, the fathers and the children gathered in the dining room. When they saw a feast spread out on the table, they were stunned.

T-this… Are we seeing things?

Does the production crew want to reward us or something? They actually prepared such a sumptuous meal!

Earlier in the afternoon, Yang Fangping had received news from the staff that the owner of the Su Corporation, the biggest investor of his television station, had high hopes for this show. The old master felt that the guests and staff had worked hard, so he was treating them to a meal.

As a result, the Su Corporation gave the production crew a large sum of money to supplement the meals.

At that time, Yang Fangping had exclaimed in awe at the Su Corporation’s generosity and wealth. He had not expected his show to be approved by Old Master Su as well. It was like the old master had acknowledged his capabilities!

If news about this spread, Yang Fangping could raise his head high up anywhere.

Xiao Yang stared at the delicacies on the dining table and asked, “Director Yang, what’s the meaning of this? Are you plotting something?”

His reaction was natural. After all, the rules of the show always instructed the participants to complete missions in exchange for ingredients. As the fathers’ culinary skills were average and they only knew how to make simple dishes, they mostly ate simple, bland food.

The staff also had to eat bland set lunches.

Hence, they were extremely surprised to see this sumptuous feast.

However, Su Jiu knew very well that this was definitely Su Guobang’s intention.

Actually, that old man still cares about me and my father, right?

If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have come personally.

Faced with such a sumptuous meal, the famished children eagerly sat at the dining table.

Han Siye deliberately sat beside Su Jiu, and Xiao Wei quickly sat on the other side of her.

The two of them were like little knights protecting the little princess, who was sitting in the middle. This was a very pretty and affectionate scene.

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