Chapter 199: She’s the Su Family’s Child

The task instructed every father to bring their temporary child to town to play. They had to think of ways to make the child happy and forget their real father for the moment.

Han Xiao and Su Jiu got along very well. The little girl obediently followed the man to the market in town.

Han Xiao carried her all the way. When they reached the market, he wanted to buy everything he found cute. He kept asking Su Jiu if she liked anything. Su Jiu had to remind him, “Uncle, you don’t have money!”

Han Xiao then remembered that the production crew had taken away his wallet and that he was penniless now.

That was awkward.

Knowing that a show was being recorded, the owner of the toy shop smiled and said, “Why don’t you sing a song for me, and I’ll give you a toy?”

Su Jiu picked up a doll half the height of an average person. The doll was a cute little yellow duck wearing a cap and suspenders.

Su Jiu’s eyes lit up. Han Xiao saw that Su Jiu liked the doll, so he immediately agreed to the shop owner. “Sure!”

As he spoke, he lowered his head and gently said to Su Jiu, “Little Jiu, shall we sing the theme song for her?”

The little girl cutely nodded. “Okay!”

As the two of them started singing, many people gathered to watch the scene.

This scene where a handsome man sang together with an adorable child looked pretty. Furthermore, their singing was good too!

At that moment, a low-key but luxurious black car stopped on the street outside the market. The black car stood out among the crowd of motorcycles and rickshaws, attracting many people’s attention. They wondered if a rich person had come to town to travel.

The butler was sitting in the driver’s seat in the car. He turned his head and said to Su Guobang, who was behind him, “Old Master, did you see Little Miss? She’s singing right now. She’s so cute!”

Since many onlookers had gathered at the site, Su Guobang could not see Su Jiu from his angle. He unhappily glanced around. “Where the hell is this place?!”

The butler replied, “Old Master, this is the market in town.”

Su Guobang got even more displeased. Even if Su Jiu is an illegitimate child, she is still a child of the Su family. Why does she have to show her face in such a rundown place and please these unclassy people?

If she and Su Shengjing are willing to return to the Su family, they can enjoy endless wealth and glory. Yet, Su Shengjing keeps refusing to return!

It was true that I did something wrong a few years ago. However, it has been so long since then. Why is Su Shengjing still holding a grudge?

Su Guobang narrowed his eyes and fell into deep thought.

By then, Su Jiu and Han Xiao had finished singing the song. The crowd started to clap, and the shop owner praised Su Jiu. “You sang really well. I’ll give you this little yellow duck then.”

The shop owner was about to pass the little yellow duck to Su Jiu. However, Su Jiu shook her head and innocently asked, “Can I get something else?”

The shop owner looked at Su Jiu’s fair and cute little face. Her tone became gentler as she asked, “Sure, what do you want?”

She thought that Su Jiu would choose an even more expensive toy. However, she did not mind that. The production crew would pay her back anyway. Thus, she just let Su Jiu choose.

Unexpectedly, Su Jiu pointed at something. “I want this. Can you give me a few more? I want to give them to my Daddy, the other children, and the uncles.”

The shop owner glanced in the direction Su Jiu was pointing at and saw a small souvenir. It was a tasseled red bookmark.

Although the bookmark was not worth much, it still looked exquisite with the town’s picture printed on it.

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