Chapter 197: Addicted To Little Jiu

Song Wanqiu looked at her son and then back at Han Siye, who was on the television. Looks like my son has met a formidable opponent.

Is he unhappy to see other boys getting along with Little Jiu?

Song Wanqiu pretended to be unaware as she walked over to pat Rong Si’s head. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Rong Si looked away, not wanting to see Han Siye’s face. That face was an eyesore no matter how he looked at it!

His sulking expression amused Song Wanqiu, who said, “Why do you say that it’s nothing when you’re so angry? Are you afraid that other boys will snatch Little Jiu away from you?”

“…” Rong Si pursed his lips and did not comment on that. However, just by looking at his furrowed brows, Song Wanqiu could tell that she was right.

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Don’t worry, he won’t. He’s still young. How could he snatch Little Jiu away? Even if he wants to, he can only do so when he’s older.”

To her, such a young child would not know anything about love. Making friends was purely out of goodwill. However, her silly son was very serious. His reaction now looked as if his girlfriend had been snatched away.

“He gave Little Jiu a present,” Rong Si sullenly said. “And she seems to like it.”

“Pfft!” Song Wanqiu laughed out loud. “Isn’t it normal for children to give each other gifts? Besides, everyone likes to receive gifts. Other children have the freedom to give each other gifts, right? You can’t possibly stop them from giving Little Jiu gifts.”

“…” Rong Si pursed his lips again.

He wanted to.

Of course, he knew he couldn’t stop them, but he really didn’t like it.

“Alright, if you don’t like to see other boys giving gifts to Little Jiu, stop watching the television, okay?” Song Wanqiu said.

She was about to pick up the remote control and turn off the television when Rong Si stopped her. “No.”

Although he didn’t like looking at other boys, he wanted to see Little Jiu.

He would feel happy whenever he saw her smiling on TV.

Whenever Han Siye appeared, Rong Si would glare at the television. However, when he saw Little Jiu, his tense expression would be instantly relaxed. Song Qiu helplessly smiled. “Oh boy, you are really addicted to Little Jiu now.”

If this continues, Ah Si and Little Jiu might really get together in the future. After all, Little Jiu seems to quite like Ah Si, right?

If there’s really such a possibility, I hope that my son will continue being so handsome after he grows up. Otherwise, with so many hot guys around Little Jiu, he would be overshadowed.

Actually, his face looks somewhat similar to his father’s when he was younger. When Song Wanqiu thought of Rong Cheng, her heart sank.

Recently, Rong Cheng had discovered her number and sent ambiguous messages to harass her. He kept implying that he wanted her to be his mistress.

She had immediately blocked a terrible man like him. It would be best if they never met again.

However, would he and that woman let me and Rong Si off the hook?

Hopefully, he will not force us anymore and will just let us live a peaceful life like now.

Song Qiu ruffled Rong Si’s hair and jokingly said, “Ah Si, you can do it. I trust you. I’m waiting for you to marry Little Jiu and make her my daughter-in-law.”

Song Qiu had only said it casually, but Rong Si silently remembered it in his heart.

If I marry Little Jiu, will the other boys stop pestering her? But I don’t really know how to marry her. I’ll ask Mommy after watching the show.


After waking up in the afternoon, the fathers and the children were instructed by the production crew to gather at a certain spot.

When they saw Han Xiao carrying Little Jiu and walking over to the spot, all the other fathers, except for Chen Ke who had a daughter himself, became envious.

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