Lian Residence’s Play

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The Lian Residence was putting on a play. Feng Zhao Lian had invited a play troupe to the residence to put on a show, as he had invited the madams and young misses from the influential families of the capital. There was no shortage of people from the eighth prince’s faction, and even the girls that were very intent on pursuing the eighth prince were invited. The high-pitched chatter was very lively, and there were even some madams and young misses that that wanted to feel Feng Zhao Lian’s body. Those that succeeded would blush and secretly smile. Their little red faces made it look as if they had seen their idol.

But Feng Zhao Lian was very much so a girl in their eyes; however, it was because he was too beautiful that even girls would be interested. Even the madams that were quite a bit older had forgotten about their relationships. Even if their families had just been robbed and their accessories had just been taken by the Wen Xuan Palace’s prayer for good fortune banquet, they still forgot themselves when the invitation came from the Lian Residence.

The play of the day was about brothers that fought over their family fortune. The brothers were all eager to get their hands on the family’s wealth, and they all aspired to be the one to be the recipient of the family’s wealth after the head of the household died.

At first, it was a fair competition with everyone relying on their own abilities, but during this time, one of the brothers became fierce. Instead of walking the proper path, he took a shady path. He did not want to compete with power to obtain it. He just spent his days with his father’s good friends and building up good relationships to have those good friends speak into his father’s ears about how his other brothers were lacking in different ways while he was the only good one. If it was not that, he would think of ways to harm his other brothers. It was best if he killed them off one by one. Like this, it would naturally belong to him.

It also happened that those good friends gave him face, as they also believed that this person could become something. In the future, he would provide them with help once he became the head. They wholeheartedly helped this person smooth out any troubles. They were even willing when that brother brought up having them provide a large sum of money. But it was not everyone that was willing. Among them, there were a few that expressed that they felt a little hesitant, thus that brother simply carried on, as he used his own power to steal all of what their families had. All of the riches that he had obtained were moved to his own room and did not care for the misery of those that he had stolen from.

Who knew where this troupe had been brought in from, as the story was recounted beautifully. The one that acted as the evil brother was so hated by the people watching the play that their teeth itched. There were even some madams that were so entranced by the play that they began to call him a bastard, and there was even one that picked up her teacup from the table and threw it at the actor. The teacup hit the actor, but he did not cry out in pain.

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The head of the troupe saw that everyone below was completely entranced by the play, and he could not help but admire the beautiful girl, Miss Lian, who had given him this play. He had been planning to put on an older play, but Miss Lian said that the old play had been seen hundreds of times, and it was not very fresh. He was then given a play to rehearse. As long as they performed well, there would be a great reward. At first, he did not have much faith in this play. He had just been thinking that this was the boss’ request, and as people being paid to put on a play, they could just perform anything! However, who knew that it would entrance so many people. This was truly an unexpected result! He turned around to discuss the purchase of this play. With such a good play, he needed to ensure that they could perform it when they went somewhere else.

However, the leader of the troupe only knew a bit but did not know the full story. Why were these madams and young misses so emotional? The play was not truly that entrancing. The reason that it created such a response was that it matched with what they had experienced.

Of course, it was not everyone that was emotional. Those that got angry were from the eighth prince’s faction. Whether they were from the families of officials or merchants, they had been robbed quite thoroughly in the past few days. Their manors were completely penniless. As noble madams and sheltered young misses, they did not understand the true situation. They only understood that their manors had truly been robbed, and they cursed that thief for being so heartless as to completely empty out the manor without leaving a single banknote.

But to be able to survive in this sort of manor and even survive to this moment, how many could be good people? With the family home being robbed, their husbands went to file a report, but in the end, the matter was left unsettled. After returning home, they just holed themselves up in their studies with their advisors. After coming out, they could not get a clear explanation no matter what. This left them feeling in a daze. Just as they were feeling unclear as to what had happened, very well, today’s play let them understand clearly! After everything that had happened, it was all perpetrated by that bastard the eighth prince, huh?

Who knew if it was deliberate or a coincidence. Although they understood clearly in their minds that Miss Lian had a good relationship with Imperial Daughter Ji An, Feng Yu Heng, with Feng Zhao Lian’s looks, just any pitiful appearance that he put on would melt the hearts of those madams and young misses. Forget it, they did not dare curse the eighth prince, but they could curse at the actor, right? Using the play to vent their feelings, they cursed quite happily!

The Lian Residence became lively for a period, as it was not enough for the madams and young misses to just curse with their mouths. They also needed to throw the peels and pits of fruit, and a number of the teacups that cost a few hundred taels of silver had also been thrown. Hearing this sound, Wu Li Sheng rushed over and felt quite distressed. She just wanted to have Feng Zhao Lian chase these people out, but Feng Zhao Lian secretly told her that all of this was to collaborate with Feng Yu Heng, thus Wu Li Sheng fell silent.

After causing a fuss for an hour, they finally began to fall quiet. Feng Zhao Lian quickly had the play troupe depart then had the servants tidy up the stage. Setting the stage once more and pouring everyone some wine, this finally allowed everyone to calm down.

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Looking at the madams and young misses, Feng Zhao Lian also felt bitter on the inside! The muddied waters of the capital really were quite muddy. Back when he was in Qian Zhou, he had felt that Qian Zhou’s imperial family was extremely fierce. In any case, Da Shun was in the central region, and the people would be a bit gentler. However, he never thought that each and every one of them had bad intentions. The degree of their darkness was not much less than that of Qian Zhou’s imperial family. Also, when they came up with their wicked tricks, they would have smiles on their faces. It was really disgusting.

These days, he had secretly met with Feng Yu Heng. Apparently, that damn girl was doing some “morning exercises?” After the exercises, she would go to his residence and sit for a while. Fuck, the sky was still dark. What was there to train? He did not understand, but he felt very tangled after hearing that Feng Yu Heng would be going to her fief. In truth, he really wanted to go to the fief with Feng Yu Heng. He even prepared himself to voice this decision, but when he thought of the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, staying in the capital, he shut his mouth once more.

Forget it, between a beautiful lady and a beautiful man, he would still choose the latter.

“Miss Lian.” A young miss from an official’s family pitifully slunk to Feng Zhao Lian’s side. Moving her butt, she pushed Wu Li Sheng to the side. “In the end, it’s your place that is best. It’s as if it’s a holy land, and it has a beautiful girl like you living in it. I really envy the grass and trees of this manor.”

Wu Li Sheng frowned upon hearing this. Where would there be any grass during the Winter?

“Miss Lian.” Another young miss from a merchant’s family moved over with tears in her eyes. Moving her hand, she wrapped her arm around Feng Zhao Lian’s shoulder, which attracted many sets of sharp looks. “I can only feel safe at your side. You don’t know this, but our families were robbed, and our warehouses were emptied. Every night, I find it hard to sleep soundly, fearing that the robber will barge in. Unable to find any riches, would they not go for our lives? Wuwu! Miss Lian, I’m really scared.”

“Miss Lian.” When the young miss finished her piece, a madam made her appearance. Feng Zhao Lian looked over. It seemed to be the head wife of a third rank official’s family. She was fat and had a hideous appearance. “Hah, as a beautiful girl, you must ensure that your doors are closed properly at night. You must not allow for a criminal to get inside your room!”

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With her saying this, everyone expressed their concern for Feng Zhao Lian. There were even some that expressed that it would be better if they moved in to protect Miss Lian? This angered Wu Li Sheng into loudly shouting for them all to scram.

But who would listen to Wu Li Sheng’s words? Everyone simply thought of Wu Li Sheng as a basketcase, as she spent her days referring to her elder sister as husband. What could a person like this possibly have to say to them. Thus the people decided to ignore her and continued to stick to Feng Zhao Lian’s side; however, Feng Zhao Lian then said: “I’m not afraid. I’m just a commoner, and I don’t have much money in my residence. This residence is also a small one. Notorious thieves could not possibly take an interest in my place. To speak of places with money, that would be the palaces. Hah, I heard that His Highness the eighth prince’s palace was quite well-off. It seemed that they sent a jade Buddha into the imperial palace just yesterday. It was sent to Noble Lady Li as a gift. Hah, apparently that jade Buddha is a rare item. Thinking about it, I wonder how much money was spent to get it.”

It would have been better if he had not mentioned the eighth prince. Once he was brought up, these madams and young misses all gnashed their teeth, hating that they could not tear up the eighth prince. There were people that began quietly discussing: “I heard there isn’t. Sheng Yuan Bank is still open. There are also quite a few people that heard that the bank was robbed. Fearing that their money was not safe, they took their banknotes to retrieve their money. Sheng Yuan Bank was not afraid in the slightest, giving out however much was withdrawn. How does it have any air of having been robbed?”

“That day in court, did they not say that they only lost the amount corresponding to the amount in our banknotes? Banks have other items. That bit of money of ours is not enough to empty out a bank. It would cause any disturbance to the others that withdraw their money.”

“Do you believe everything that he says? I don’t know what your manor is like, but I will reveal to you some truths. Our manor’s warehouse was completely emptied. Not even a single hair was left behind.”

“Our manor was the same.”

“Ours too.”

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“Then isn’t that enough?! All of us have been completely robbed. What is it, only the bank was given face and not emptied out? Is there such a thief?”

“You mean to say…”

“Hmph, the boss of Sheng Yuan Bank is a relative of Noble Lady Li…”

These words gave everyone even more clarity.

There were some that could no longer sit still, as they stood up and bid farewell. They were preparing to go home to properly analyze the situation with their husbands. With one taking the lead, the others also stood up. Although they were reluctant to leave Feng Zhao Lian, they felt that today’s analysis was even more shocking, thus they hastily returned home and left a table covered in unfinished food.

Feng Zhao Lian waved his hand and ordered the servants: “Take it away!” His lips then curled into a sly smile, as he thought to himself, little girl, I have helped you out with this. We will keep this debt in mind!

Inside an embroidery shop in the East of the city, Feng Xiang Rong packed up two sacks to bring along and also brought along some banknotes that she had saved and that she had “swindled” from the fourth prince, as she said to An shi: “Mother, I want to go with second sister to her fief…”

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