Chapter 194: I’m Shipping Them So Hard!

Su Jiu nodded. “I like them!”

Han Siye heaved a sigh of relief. His mood became better, and he picked up the hair clip. “Shall I put it on for you?”


Su Jiu was stunned again. He knows how to do that?

While she thought about it, Han Siye had already walked to her side. As if he were going to do something important, he carefully clipped the two hair clips on her twin ponytails.

The afternoon sun shone through the windows of the house, enshrouding the two pretty children in a faint golden glow. The scene was so beautiful that it instantly reminded the audience of two childhood sweethearts.

This scene made the audience, who were already shipping the two children, boil with excitement.

“Damn, Little Ye is good!”

“He knows how to use the hair clips! Did he learn it from his mother?”

“Ah! I’m shipping them so hard! I love them!”

“I can’t take it anymore! How are they so sweet? I can’t wait to see them grow up! Little Ye, do your best! You said that you want to marry Little Jiu!”

Su Jiu approached the smart speaker in front of her and saw her face on the screen.

The two strawberry hair cards were perfectly clipped on her hair. They were not crooked at all!

Han Siye looked at her in a daze. Little Jiu is cuter than all the girls in kindergarten!

When Han Xiao saw his son helping Su Jiu wear the hair clips, he was stunned.

This arrogant brat barely plays with other kids in kindergarten, let alone girls.

Little Jiu is the only exception. Furthermore, he keeps giving her presents. He gave her gifts the previous time, this time, and probably the next time too!

Is he trying to please her?

This annoying rascal can’t do anything right and always angers me. Yet, surprisingly, he’s quite skilled at flirting with girls. The problem is that he’s only six! However, since he’s flirting with Little Jiu, it doesn’t matter.

But if Su Shengjing finds out about this, he’ll definitely get annoyed. I can understand his feelings. If a little boy keeps trying to win my daughter’s favor, I’ll also be wary.

“You have to wear them! At least, you have to wear them for today,” Han Siye said in a domineering tone as if he were ordering her.

Since this was a kind gesture from Han Siye, Su Jiu could not do anything about it either. “Okay, I understand.”

Han Siye left in satisfaction. When he left, he didn’t even look at Han Xiao. All he could think about was how cute Little Jiu looked when she wore those hair clips. Han Xiao did not mind either and continued to cook his lunch.

The audience laughed again. “Is this what they call a fake father-son relationship?”

“Han Xiao must be lamenting how his son no longer loves him!”

“They’re so different compared to Little Jiu and Su Shengjing!”

Meanwhile, Su Shengjing realized that Han Siye had disappeared when he was preparing lunch. Although he knew that people would be monitoring and following the kid, he still quickly asked a staff member for his whereabouts. He found out that the kid had gone to Han Xiao’s place. After thinking about it for a while, Su Shengjing felt that it was a good thing. After all, the boy had such a strong personality that Su Shengjing did not know how to get along with him well.

However, Su Shengjing still had to abide by the rules of the show. He had no choice but to look for Han Siye. Yet, on the way there, all he could think of was Su Jiu.

He missed her greatly after being an hour away from her.

He wanted to visit her, but he was afraid that she would cry if she saw him. Just imagining that scene made Su Shengjing’s heart ache.

Before he could decide whether to visit his daughter, he bumped into Han Siye.

When Han Siye saw him, he quickened his steps and even greeted him. “Hello, Uncle.”

Su Shengjing was speechless.

Why did this brat suddenly become so polite?

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