Soldiers Severely Injured

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Feng Yu Heng felt that she might have chosen an incorrect time to meet Xuan Tian Ming. In that sort of environment, she was throwing stones at people, while he was in a precarious situation with his injured legs and completely soaked with blood. Their meeting was not sufficiently peaceful, thus their future meetings would never be peaceful. The present moment was an example. She would be leaving the capital the next day, and he would be heading toward the South to quell the chaos in the South not long after that. The two found a moment of peace in the chaos, and they finally managed to find a few moments of calm; however, this was suddenly shattered.

She helplessly lifted the curtain and exited the tent. Furrowing her brow, she urgently asked: “What happened behind the mountain?”

The soldier had a worried expression and said: “A comrade from the Divine Intent Army ran over with his face covered in blood. He said that something happened over there, and someone was injured. The doctor accompanying the army has been called over; however, that doctor said… that he was powerless to help.”

Xuan Tian Ming, who had come out after, felt his heart chill upon hearing this. He knew what Feng Yu Heng had arranged for the Divine Intent Army to train with in secret. He also knew just how dangerous those things were. The fear and damage that it could cause to the enemy could practically tilt an entire battle in one direction and lead to victory. With that sort of divine weapon, one side would not need too much manpower to defeat an opposing army numbering in the tens of thousands. also, that sort of victory would be decisive and from a distance. The enemy would be unable to defend against it, and they could not even understand it. He had once worried about that sort of explosive being quickly copied by the enemy, but Feng Yu Heng told him that he did not need to worry. That sort of thing was not something that could be easily copied because there were many things that were her own secrets. There were no other people that knew about it, and they could not even learn about it.

In truth, Xuan Tian Ming did not know what Feng Yu Heng truly meant. That was to say that there were many things that did not belong in this era. Even if this era used similar ratios for their explosives, they were completely unable to make firearms and ammunition that were comparable to the ones that she had.

He had personally seen the power of that sort of thing. It was very frightening. Now that a soldier of the Divine Intent Army had been injured, that meant that something had gone wrong during the training. Was it possible for someone that had been exploded to live? Grabbing Feng Yu Heng, they quickly headed toward the back of the mountain. At the same time, he asked the reporting soldier: “How many people were injured in total?” All of the members of the Divine Intent Army were handpicked by Feng Yu Heng. Not to mention a group of them being lost, but even a single one being lost was enough to cause some distress.

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The soldier was also anxious to the point of tearing up, as he quickly replied: “Listening to the doctor, there should be no fewer than ten.”

No fewer than ten! Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming exchanged a glance, and the two could see the sorrow and distress in the other’s eyes. But they did not say anything else. They just increased their pace until they left the center of the military camp. Xuan Tian Ming then retrieved a fast horse and rode with her, quickly heading toward the back of the mountain.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan, who had been following behind them had also gone to fetch horses to continue chasing; however, they fell a short distance behind the two.

The two began to pull away from the people following them, as Feng Yu Heng pulled out her medicine kit from inside her space. She felt that she had some responsibility for the injuries suffered by the Divine Intent Army. After all, since taking out the modern weapons for use, she had only trained with them for under a day before leaving them to train on their own. This was truly a bit of forcing them to do something they were unwilling to do. But for it to happen at this critical moment when she was about to leave the capital for her fief, thinking about it, if she had remained in the military camp to provide them with additional instruction the soldiers would not have gotten injured with practicing on their own. For their faces to be covered in blood, it was definitely not damage done by a gun. Was it a grenade or landmine? Precisely how many people were nearby when the blast went off? The army’s doctor said that he could not treat it, so precisely what was the severity of the injuries?

A heavy feeling of self-blame began to form. This sort of mood also affected Xuan Tian Ming, as he held her tightly from behind, saying to her: “Don’t be like this. It can’t be blamed on you. People that train to be soldiers and fight in battles have prepared themselves for this. Their lives were handed over to the military.”

“But if I could have taught them a few more times, it would not have seen this sort of failure.”

As the two spoke, they had already reached the back of the mountain. Upon seeing them arrive, some people immediately gathered around. Xi Fang quickly kneeled in front of the horse and accepted their guilt: “My Lord, Princess, it was all this subordinate’s failure. This subordinate wishes to receive punishment!”

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The two dismounted the horse, and Feng Yu Heng personally helped him up while telling him: “This matter cannot be blamed on anyone. That sort of thing was extremely dangerous, to begin with. Thinking back to when I first interacted with it, I was not much better than you are now.” Her words were very vague. In reality, she was saying that when this sort of thing first appeared, more than just a few lives were lost in the testing of these things. “Where are they?” She quickly stepped forward and saw a crowd of people gathered in a circle.

Xi Fang pointed ahead, “Just over there.” At this time, there was a soldier that had already run over to the crowd and called for them to disperse to allow Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming to enter. As for the doctors that were accompanying the army, they were currently taking care of the wounded, but they just continued to shake their heads while trying to save them.

The injuries were truly too severe. Some of them had legs that were about to fall off from the explosion. All that remained connected was a bit of muscle tissue, and it was a very frightening scene. There were also people who had lost half of their face from the explosion. It was as though they were wearing a mask that was a blurry mixture of flesh and blood. Even those that were lightly wounded had their flesh cut open. Fortunately, their bones did not suffer any damage.

Feng Yu Heng stepped closer to take a look, and her heart dropped with a “thunk.” There were some soldiers that were already on the brink of death. They were in a daze and could stop breathing at any moment. She carefully looked them over, and they were all members of the Divine Archery Squad, and none were from the Support Group.

But regardless of which side, these were soldiers that she had raised herself! How could she not feel distressed?! Xi Fang kneeled to the side while speaking about what had happened. It turned out that the Support Group had finished researching a new battle formation the previous night, and they had buried a few of the landmines that Feng Yu Heng had left behind for an experiment. The experiment was a great success, but they never thought that one of the buried landmines had not exploded. The person that had been keeping a tally on them miscounted. They believed that all of them had been exploded, which caused them to not pay more attention to it. However, who knew that the people of the Divine Archery Squad would be doing battle training in small groups, and there just so happened to be small group of ten that walked over the area with the landmine. None of the people stepped on the landmine; however, who knew that a rock rolling down from the mountain would happen to land on that landmine. With a “boom,” those ten people from the small group were blown up.

Xi Fang said: “This was all caused by this subordinate’s failure. The lives of these comrades should be repaid by this subordinate. Would my Lord and Princess hand down punishment. This subordinate does not have a single complaint.”

On the other side, He Gan also kneeled but did not know what he should say. His soldiers were lying on the ground in pain while waiting for death, yet he was completely powerless as their deputy general. He did not have any ability to save them. How could he not feel heartbroken? Everyone said that men should not cry easily, but he was presently unable to hold these hot tears. No matter how he tried to wipe them away, his face would not remain dry. Although all soldiers had a certain awareness of death, and if this had happened on the battlefield, it was not unexpected; however, this had happened in their own territory. What sort of situation was this?

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Between the two people, one was crying and the other was acknowledging their guilt. This commotion caused Feng Yu Heng to feel irritated, and she simply decided to ignore the two while heading toward the wounded. Someone saw her, and some hope appeared in their eyes. There were even some that reached out their hands toward her while murmuring something; however, their voices could not be heard.

Feng Yu Heng’s heart tightened, and she immediately ordered the surrounding soldiers: “Don’t just stand around and watch. Go and bring tents over. Bring at least two, with each one being able to fit five people.” The soldiers heard this and immediately went to carry out this order. Feng Yu Heng then began to give orders to the doctors: “Use scissors to cut open their clothes and remove them. No matter how cold it is, just take them off first.” After saying this, she did not continue to pay attention to this side. Instead, she turned around and faced He Gan and Xi Fang, loudly saying: “There is a time for acknowledging your guilt and crying. It would be better to think of how to save them and how to preserve the lives of these comrades!”

He Gan’s eyes lit up, “Can their lives be saved?”

Feng Yu Heng did not reply, only saying: “I will do my best.” She then slightly looked up and shouted: “Ban Zou! Come out!” Once these words came out, a dark shadow appeared in a blur, as Ban Zou came out. She then said: “Immediately return to the capital and bring my grandfather, Yao Xian, over here. Quickly!”

Ban Zou knew that the situation was urgent and immediately vanished.

Xuan Tian Ming also stepped forward and patted her shoulder, quietly saying: “Don’t panic. Maintaining your composure is most important. I am unable to provide you with any assistance in saving them, but with something happening over here, things in the main force will also go bad. I need to go over there. Is it fine if you stay here?”

She nodded, “Don’t worry. All that remains is treatment. I can manage. When grandfather also gets here, I will have a helper, and things will be easier to manage. I will definitely preserve the lives of these soldiers. As for him-” She pointed at Xi Fang, “Although he has made mistakes, I also cannot avoid blame. Your military rules…”

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“It’s the Divine Intent Army. What you say goes.” Xuan Tian Ming waved his hand and had no intention of interfering with the internal affairs of the Divine Intent Army. As a whole, Xi Fang would bear the responsibility for this incident, but now was the time to make use of people. He was very clear on the importance of the Support Group, and he did not want for another incident to occur at this time.

Feng Yu Heng let out a sigh of relief and quietly said: “Thank you.” She then turned around and did not continue to look at him. She dove into the treatment of the injured.

Xuan Tian Ming knew that his wife had to hurry and steal these people back from the King of Hell, thus he did not continue to remain. Right before leaving, he said to Xi Fang: “Redeeming yourself through good service is what you should be doing now rather than acknowledging your crimes. Even if you are to be put to death, die on the battlefield for this prince. Don’t do it in our military camp. Do you understand?”

Xi Fang did not say anything. He just kowtowed three times to Xuan Tian Ming. After Xuan Tian Ming left, he kowtowed once more toward He Gan. The two exchanged a glance, and a resolute look appeared in He Gan’s eyes. He took the initiative to say to Xi Fang: “His Highness is right. We cannot get dispirited in the military camp. Instead, we should get revenge for our comrades on the battlefield!”

The two stood up and happened to see the soldiers bringing over the tools for setting up a tent. Thus everyone began to participate in the setting up of the tents. Very quickly, two large tents were erected, and they began to help the military doctors move the wounded into the tents.

Feng Yu Heng ordered: “The lightly wounded will be carried into the tent on the left. The severely injured will be moved into the tent on the right.” Seeing that her orders were completed, she then ordered the military doctors- “Wait outside. I will go inside and make the appropriate preparations before calling you inside.” After saying this, she turned around and entered the tent, leaving all of the soldiers outside.

Everyone knew that Feng Yu Heng abstained from having people disturb her when she was seeing a patient, thus they could only stand outside the tent and stand guard. Nobody said too much. Only after Feng Yu Heng had finished with her preparations for the two tents did she call for the people to enter the tent on the right that contained the severely wounded. as for those military doctors, when they entered the tent, they were all dazed. When did so many medical tools appear?

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