Chapter 192: The Arrogant Little Kid

Xiao Yang, who was standing at the side, felt extremely jealous. Why is Han Xiao so lucky to get picked by Little Jiu? I wonder which child I’ll have to take care of. I hope that it isn’t Han Siye!

I can’t handle that little tyrant.

Fortunately for Xiao Yang, Chen Xixi picked him.

Chen Xixi hugged her father and cried. Chen Ke coaxed her, then she walked toward Xiao Yang with teary eyes.

Next, Xiao Wei picked Li Kaiwen, while Li Nuo Er pierced Chen Ke. This meant that Han Siye was left with Su Shengjing!

Han Xiao sympathetically patted Su Shnegjing’s shoulder. “Buddy, good luck.”

The corner of Su Shengjing’s mouth twitched as he looked at the arrogant kid walking toward him. No matter how he looked at Han Siye, the kid was not even half as likable as his daughter.

When Han Siye reached Su Shengjing, he glanced at him and snorted.

When Su Shengjing saw how arrogant he was, he got the urge to beat him up. He was suddenly glad that he hadn’t fathered a son, especially a brat like Han Siye. Otherwise, he would lose his temper every day. In fact, his life span might be even shorter due to his anger.

This scene made the audience burst out laughing.

“Hahahahaha! Su Shengjing’s expression looks like he has nothing to live for.”

“Han Siye is such an arrogant kid. Su Shengjing has met his match! Most importantly, he can’t possibly hit or scold Han Siye!”

“Ahhh, I’m suddenly looking forward to it!”

After the kids chose their temporary fathers, the next segment on the show was to choose the houses. Luckily, this time, the production team was kind enough to prepare decent houses for the fathers and children. All of the houses had a garden and a courtyard.

Before they went to look for their house, Su Shengjing squatted in front of Little Jiu and reminded her, “Be good and don’t run around. Just follow Uncle Han, okay?”

The little girl cast her gaze downward and nodded. Suddenly, she felt upset, and her eyes turned red. She whispered, “Daddy, can I be with you tomorrow?”

Su Shengjing patted her head. “Of course! Uncle Han will just be your father for a day. You can come back to my side tomorrow.”

“Okay, then… Daddy, hug me.” Su Jiu softly requested and stretched out her arms.

Su Shengjing immediately pulled the little girl into his arms and tightly hugged her. After a while, he let go of her and reluctantly said, “Alright, go and look for your house with Uncle Han.”

“Okay! Bye, Daddy!” After waving at Su Shengjing, Su Jiu ran to Han Xiao’s side and held his hand.

Watching his daughter leave with another father, Su Shengjing suddenly felt very upset.

As Su Jiu walked ahead, she kept turning around to glance at him. Her reluctant expression and her teary eyes left the audience heartbroken.

“Little Jiu can’t bear to part with her Daddy, right? She’s going to cry.”

“Don’t cry, Little Jiu. If you do, I’ll feel like crying too!”

“Come out, Yang Fangping! How can you think of such a cruel idea? I’ve already taken out my 40m long knife. I’ll let you run 39m away first!”

“I’ve always felt that Little Jiu and Su Shengjing are the most loving father-daughter pair, but they are also the most tear-jerking. Everyone agrees, right?”

Su Shengjing only averted his gaze when Su Jiu disappeared from his sight. He then adjusted his emotions and returned to Yang Fangping’s side to look for Han Siye.

The brat arrogantly walked in front of him while leading him to find their house. This made Su Shengjing feel like he were an eunuch accompanying the little prince on a trip. This scene amused the audience once again.a

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