Grandparent and Grandchild Saving People

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Feng Yu Heng did not give everyone a chance to feel shocked. Xuan Tian Ming’s military doctors were all people that she had sent over from Hundred Herb Hall. They were very clear on the medical methods that she often used. Now, they were able to immediately understand what their most important job was without needing Feng Yu Heng to say anything. They understood that they needed to clean up the soldiers while making sure that the wounds were exposed more cleanly.

There were a total of eight military doctors, and they rushed forward; however, there were priorities. There were a total of four severely injured soldiers, and three were taken care of by the most-skilled doctors. The one that had been injured the worst was left to Feng Yu Heng. The remaining five military doctors very naturally went to the tent on the left to take care of the lightly wounded.

Feng Yu Heng began taking care of the one that had nearly had his leg blown off while saying to the other three: “Use alcohol to clean the wounds first. Be careful not to actually touch the wound. It’s likely that the wounded won’t be able to handle the pain and will struggle. From there, the wounds will get even worse. After cleaning the body, I will come and administer an anesthetic. After the wounded have been partially anesthetized, begin cleaning up the affected areas. At the same time, you must pay attention to any small pieces that might have buried themselves into their flesh. They need to be carefully extracted using tweezers. Be thorough in your examination. There cannot be any left over.”

The pre-treatment care sounded simple, but it required extreme caution when handled. The bodies of the soldiers were practically completely covered in injuries. To make sure that the alcohol did not touch the wounds directly was too difficult. The doctors could only choose to avoid the areas that had been affected the most. As for the areas that had fewer wounds, they took care of cleaning those first.

These soldiers were also brave men. Knowing that their master was saving their lives, even if the pain was excruciating, everyone stopped screaming out in pain. They just gritted their teeth and endured. No matter what, they would not let out a single sound.

Once Feng Yu Heng began working, she immediately set aside all of her emotions. After all, in her previous life, she had been a military doctor. She was very familiar with the work to be done after this sort of battle. These were soldiers that she had trained, thus she had some feelings about it. In her previous life on the battlefield in the Middle East, most injured people that she had saved were in even worse condition. There were even some people who had their bellies cut open, and they themselves had to keep their innards from falling out.

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She calmly took care of the preparation work while diving completely into the mindset of saving lives. She would just remind the military doctors from time to time about what would be done next. She also found some time to say to the soldiers: “Endure for a little bit right now. It will hurt a bit, but you must not lose consciousness. In a moment, when I administer the anesthetic to the wound, you will no longer feel the pain.”

The rescue work continued with great intensity, as a soldier, to try and divert their attention, took the initiative to ask: “Will master be leaving the capital tomorrow?”

Feng Yu Heng replied: “That’s right, but there’s no need to worry. When my grandfather arrives in a little bit, the two of us will definitely take care of your surgeries today. Even if I leave tomorrow, grandfather will still be here to keep an eye out. Nothing will happen.”

The soldier said: “With divine doctor Yao taking care of us, we will naturally be at ease. It’s just that master must be careful after leaving the capital. You must stay on guard.”

“I will.” Feng Yu Heng chatted with the soldiers, and it really did help divert their attention. After an hour, their bodies had been cleaned, and the original appearance of their skin had been exposed. This left the soldiers feeling a bit embarrassed.

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At present, they were lying there naked, and it was in front of their master. Although their master was intrepid, she was still a young girl. This was the equivalent of them being completely seen! Especially for the soldier that was being treated by Feng Yu Heng personally, he was too embarrassed to even keep his eyes open. They were all men, so it was fine, but how could it be fine for their master’s eyes to be tainted? Normally speaking, this would be something that ruined a girl’s reputation. If this was among the commoners, that girl could no longer get married. But the one before them, she was an imperial daughter, and she was the future princess of a prince. How many heads would they need to dare to think in the direction of “responsibility?”

After cleaning, Feng Yu Heng began to give them anesthetics. Seeing the young men close their eyes tightly with red faces, she suddenly came to understand something and helplessly shook her head. The thoughts of the people from this ancient world really left her feeling helpless when it came to this area. She was a doctor. In her previous life, the existence of a doctor did not differentiate between the sexes. You could not refuse to see a male patient because you were a female doctor and vice versa. How many andrologists were female, and how many gynecologists were male? When a patient needed to see a doctor, did they not still need to see a doctor?

After she came to this world, she had not just said this to patients. She had also explained this logic to the doctors and nurses of Hundred Herb Hall. Of course, even if the doctors and nurses were able to understand, the patients could not accept it. For example, the madams and young misses of large families, even if they saw a male doctor, it was strictly limited to having their pulse checked. Also, it had to be done through a thin layer of gauze. Otherwise, it would be said that there was a lack of restraint. She had tried many times, but she later decided that it would be impossible to change the thinking of the people from this era, thus she gave up. From there, she trained more female doctors, which resolved the problem of treating female patients.

At present, she had to repeat her point of view: “I am a doctor. In regards to your current selves, I am not a girl. There’s also no need for you to feel embarrassed because I am a girl. What I am treating is an illness and an injury, not yourselves. Do you understand?”

They nodded wildly then heard Feng Yu Heng continue: “Since you understand, open up your eyes. It’s something that I do not mind, so what are you being contentious for?”

When they heard this, that was also true. They were all grown men. This was a little too contentious. Thus they all began to open their eyes and gradually accepted Feng Yu Heng’s explanation of “doctors don’t worry about the sexes.” In the other tent, the injuries were rather light. The majority only had a few cuts. At the time of the explosion, they were further away. Although they had also been hit, their injuries were not very serious. The most severe was someone whose buttock had been split open. Taking care of it simply, it was then handled with some medicine that Feng Yu Heng had left over there. They then began to set them up with infusions, using the bottles that Feng Yu Heng had already prepared. One person was then left behind to keep an eye on them, as the rest went into the tent with the severely injured. They then began to help with tweezers to pull out the shrapnel that had pierced the flesh.

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Only after all of the preliminary work had been done was Yao Xian delivered by Ban Zou. His arrival allowed Feng Yu Heng to let out a sigh of relief. The military doctors had already finished their work. She then had everyone exit the tent to rest. She then arranged for the soldiers to erect another two tents for rest. She then ordered Wang Chuan, Huang Quan and Ban Zou to stand guard outside. Nobody aside from Xuan Tian Ming was permitted to enter.

After taking care of all of the arrangements, she closed the door to the tent. Yao Xian had already begun examining the wounded. While looking, he frowned and shook his head. While shaking his head, he gave each of them an anesthetic shot. Only after ensuring that all of the soldiers had been completely sedated could he no longer hold back and scold Feng Yu Heng: “On the way here, I heard all about it. You wanting to teach them about modern weapons is whatever, but why did you not spend a few more days teaching them and allow them to train wildly on their own?”

Feng Yu Heng also sighed, saying: “Hasn’t everything happened all at the same time? I also never thought that this sort of thing would happen. This time was a result of my negligence. Grandfather, you can lecture me however you want later on. Right now, we need to handle these important matters and finish with the surgeries.”

Yao Xian also knew that now was not the time to pursue responsibility and waved his hand: “Forget it, leave when you need to tomorrow. I will keep an eye on this side. Regardless of whether it’s treatment or those modern weapons, I will just teach them.”

Having Yao Xian help, Feng Yu Heng would be able to conserve a great deal of energy. The two did not continue to speak, as the injured were carried into the operating room. As a result, upon entering the space, Yao Xian, who had decided to stop scolding his granddaughter, was no longer able to hold back- “Look here, what is this room filled with, huh? Don’t think that I don’t know about the rumors that are swirling around about some divine thief of the shadows. To be able to empty out someone’s storage without making a sound, aside from you, I figure there isn’t any other person that can do it. The other manor’s are fine, but you also dare to go to the Sheng Palace. Do you no longer want your head?”

Feng Yu Heng quickly put on a pitiful expression and begged for forgiveness. She made guarantee after guarantee to her grandfather that she would no longer dare to do it in the future. Through coaxing and pleading, she finally managed to suppress Yao Xian’s anger, and the two finally entered the operating room. One by one, they began the surgeries for the soldiers.

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Performing a surgery inside the space was far better than performing one on the outside. First, the tools were modern, and they were all of the best things from the 21st century. Second, the things inside this space could not be exhausted. Even the trash that fell to the ground would automatically be cleaned up. Also, the inside of the space did not decompose. There was no need to worry about the wounds that were not treated properly getting worse.

Even if this was the case, and even if this space existed, and even with Yao Xian’s help, the two were still busy for an entire night. During this time, Xuan Tian Ming had entered the tent and found the tent completely empty, thus he understood that Feng Yu Heng and Yao Xian had entered the space. He did not say anything and turned around to exit the tent; however, he grabbed a chair and personally stood guard outside. He felt uneasy no matter who else stood guard.

Only when the sky began to light up the next day did Feng Yu Heng come out from her space. Just after she came out, Xuan Tian Ming entered the tent. Only seeing Feng Yu Heng, he did not ask anything. Stepping forward, he hugged the person and patted his wife’s hair. Lowering his voice, he said: “I’ve troubled you.” Her hair had just been washed. It was clear that she had already taken a shower inside her space, and it still had the smell of the shampoo from the 21st century.

Feng Yu Heng, however, shook her head: “I am young, and my stamina is good. It wasn’t difficult. As for grandfather, he’s older. After a few surgeries, he was on the verge of collapse from exhaustion. He is currently bathing. With you here, we can go in and carry out the wounded.”

Thus the dignified prince and general of three armies followed his wife and began working hard in carrying the wounded.

Xuan Tian Ming had to admire Feng Yu Heng’s medical ability. The degree to which these people had been injured was something that he had personally seen. One of them had an entire leg broken at the thigh and was only connected by a bit of flesh and skin; however, it was now reconnected. At the very least, it looked connected.

Feng Yu Heng told him: “It was connected, but whether or not it will survive will depend on fate. I will leave some more medicine here. Grandfather will also stay in the military camp to take care of the injured. At the same time, he will help me train the Divine Intent Army in the use of the new weapons. I still need to leave today. Delaying it by one day will see another day of trouble. There’s no need to worry about their lives. Don’t worry. All that remains now is recovery.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded and suddenly remembered something…

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