Chapter 191: Kiss and Hug

“You’ll exchange fathers! In other words, the children will get new fathers and have to spend a day with them!”

Yang Fangping felt that he was really a genius to actually think of such an interesting segment. The audience definitely hadn’t seen it before. He believed that this episode would prove to be a huge hit!

All the children, excluding Su Jiu, became nervous when they heard that.

They had barely spent enough time with their fathers when they were forced to switch them. Naturally, the kids were unwilling.

The most unwilling of them all was the introverted and timid Chen Xixi. She had always stuck to her father on the show. She was extremely reluctant. With red eyes, she tugged on Chen Ke’s sleeve and pleaded with him. “Daddy, don’t go. I don’t want others to be my Daddy…”

The fathers didn’t want to exchange their children too, but they had no choice other than to follow the rules.

Su Shengjing glanced down at Su Jiu and curiously asked, “Darling, who do you want to be your temporary father?”

Su Jiu glanced at the other fathers and cutely said, “All of them are fine.”

No matter whose father it was, she was confident that she could get along well with them.

Han Xiao, who was closest to her, immediately said, “Little Jiu, can you let me be your father? I’ve always wanted a daughter. Can you fulfill my wish?”

When the audience saw this scene, they burst out laughing. “What’s wrong with you, Han Xiao? Can’t you act more like a top actor?”

“He really likes Little Jiu, huh? I hope that Little Jiu can become his temporary daughter!”

“Awww, I want to see Han Xiao with a daughter! He’ll definitely be amazing!”

Xiao Yang also wanted to take care of Su Jiu. It would definitely be easy for him to take care of this cute little girl. In addition, he could experience the feeling of raising a daughter.

In contrast to Su Jiu, no father wanted to take care of Han Siye. He seemed like a troublesome kid who would not listen to anyone. This made it obvious that it would be difficult to take care of him.

Yang Fangping didn’t give them a chance to choose. As usual, he made them draw lots.

As the youngest child, Su Jiu went first. The five fruit cards in Yang Fangping’s hands represented the five different fathers. Based on her preferences, Su Jiu picked the strawberry card.

When she saw the name written on the back of the card, she was delighted.

It’s really Han Xiao?

When Han Xiao found out that he was going to be Su Jiu’s temporary father, he instantly became excited. He proudly glanced at the other jealous fathers and extended his arms toward Su Jiu. “Little Jiu, come to me!”

Holding the card in her hands, Su Jiu dashed toward Han Xiao.

When she reached him, she looked up and seriously said, “Uncle Han, you’re my father today. Please take care of me!”

Damn, she’s so cute!

Han Xiao really wanted to kiss and hug Su Jiu. However, as she was someone else’s daughter, he merely carried her.

He was so happy that he could be Su Jiu’s father for a day.

Seeing his smug expression, Su Shengjing felt a little upset. “Take good care of my daughter.”

“Of course!” Han Xiao replied without any hesitation. “I’ll definitely treat Little Jiu as my own daughter!”

Yang Fangping was also very happy that Su Jiu had drawn Han Xiao.

Han Xiao was very popular to begin with, so the audience would pay more attention to him. Besides, when he took care of Han Siye, he often joked and teased the kid. Would he still tease a little girl?

Hence, it was a great highlight of the show to see how Han Xiao would take care of a daughter!

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