Chapter 190: The Most Adorable Girl in the World!

On the way to the airport, Su Jiu took out a bunch of candies from her bag. She picked a strawberry-flavored one, unwrapped it, and put it into her mouth.

How sweet!

She then took out another sweet and passed it to Su Shengjing while sweetly asking, “Daddy, do you want some candy?”

Su Shengjing looked at her. “Where did the candy come from? Did that little rascal give it to you again?”

Little rascal?

Is he prejudiced against the little villain?

Rong Si’s clearly such a handsome and kind child!

Rong Si had secretly given Su Jiu this bag of candies when he had visited their house the previous day. He had told her to eat it on the plane. Su Jiu remembered being so moved by his kind gesture.

She defended the little villain. “Daddy, he’s a good person, not a little rascal.”

Su Shengjing scoffed. I don’t care. Any little boys who are interested in my daughter are little rascals!


The third episode of the show was going to be filmed in a seaside town. When Su Shengjing and Su Jiu arrived, Yang Fangping and a group of staff were already waiting there for them.

When Yang Fangping saw Su Jiu, his eyes lit up. He extended his hand toward her and said with a smile, “Little Jiu, it’s been a few days since we last met. I miss you so much.”

Su Shengjing eyed him from the corner of his eyes. He snapped in disdain, “Move aside.”

Yang Fangping immediately glanced at Su Jiu pitifully. “Little Jiu, do you miss me?”

Su Jiu blinked and seriously shook her head. “Uncle Yang, I’m very busy. I don’t have time to think about you.”

Yang Fangping was speechless.

He clutched his chest, looking hurt. “Has love disappeared from this world?”

When this scene was broadcasted, the audience burst out laughing.

“Hahaha! When Little Jiu said that she didn’t have time to think about him, I could already sense how heartbroken he was!”

“Yang Fangping is the most pitiful person on the entire show. There’s no other.”

“Little Jiu is still so cute! She’s the most adorable girl in the entire world!”

Soon, the other fathers and children on the show arrived one after another. After arriving at the venue, Han Siye went straight to Su Jiu and pulled her ponytails. “Hey!”

Su Jiu turned around and looked at him. She slapped his hand away and angrily said, “I said that my name is not ‘Hey’!”

“Okay!” Han Siye still looked arrogant. He did not show any intention of apologizing.

Su Jiu was speechless.

This little brat really deserves a beating.

Han Siye continued, “Form a team with me for the games later.”

He knew about the rules of this show. After finding a house, they would definitely have to do missions. He did not want to form a team with the other kids. All he wanted was to be together with this little girl, who looked so weak and vulnerable.

Su Jiu snorted. “What if I refuse?”

“No, you must follow me!”

When Su Shengjing heard this, he really wanted to punch that little brat and send him flying away.

Who do you think you are? Why must my daughter listen to you?

Han Xiao helplessly walked over and gently pinched Han Siye’s ear. “I think your grandparents have really spoiled you. You’re so domineering! Why should Little Jiu listen to you?”

“Because, because…” Han Siye’s voice became softer. He could not bring himself to say the words “I like to be with her.”

Han Xiao pinched his ear again. “Be more polite to Little Jiu, or I’ll beat you up.”

Yang Fangping smiled at this scene and said to the others, “Alright, welcome! Before we choose our houses, let’s do something interesting. That is—”

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