The Eighth Prince’s Suggestion

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Xu shi’s sudden loud shout gave quite a fright to the Yao family’s two other madams and six sons. Even Yao Jing Jun, who was standing at her side, trembled then furrowed his brow, asking: “What are you doing?”

Xu shi stomped her foot: “I’ve decided! After the first month, I will set out for the fief to take care of A-Heng!”

“What?” Everyone was extremely shocked, “You’re going to the fief?”

“Correct!” Xu shi nodded very resolutely, “When A-Heng was in the capital, she was always busy with all sorts of things, and it was rare for us to be intimate, and it was mostly considered taking care of her. Now that she is going back to her fief, there won’t be as many eyes watching her. That’s why I must go over. As expected, keeping an eye on your own daughter is the only way to feel at ease. Leaving it to the maidservants and grannies is no good. I just feel uneasy.” While speaking, she said to the maidservant at her side: “Quickly go and pack up my belongings. We will set out immediately after the first month.”

The maidservant was on the verge of crying: “Madam, it still hasn’t passed the 15th. Even if you really leave after the first month, things do not need to be packed so soon! Also-” She glanced at Yao Jing Jun, “With you leaving, what would happen in the manor? Who will take care of master and the two young masters?”

“They’re already so grown. What is it, will they not be able to live if I leave?” At this very moment, Xu shi, who loved that girl as if she was her life, was only thinking of Feng Yu Heng. She was completely incapable of thinking about anyone else. The male line of the Yao family flourished, especially in this current generation, as all of the children born were sons. This had truly been something that caused the wives to feel the most distraught. What was good about having a son? They spent all of their time going out. How could they be as intimate as a daughter? Unfortunately, all three had given birth to six, with all six being boys. They had all given up hope. “I don’t care. Either way, my mind has been made. Nobody should think of stopping me!”

Yao Jing Jun angrily stomped his foot: “Are you not going to cause trouble for her? There are still many things to do over there. A-Heng went over there to build it up. Do you think she went over there to play?”

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“It’s because she will be enduring hardship that I need to go and take care of her!” Xu shi spoke with conviction: “How bitter is A-Heng’s life! Being sent to suffer in the mountains from a young age, she finally managed to come back. The Feng family does not have a conscience and has tried to harm her with every step. From beginning to end, they never hoped for her to survive. That child finally managed to use her own abilities to obtain a bright future, but who could have expected that Qian Rou would…” Upon bringing up Yao Qian Rou, the members of the Yao family fell silent. Even Yao Jing Jun lost his bearing. Xu shi began crying once more. While sobbing, she continued: “That child is currently living without a father or mother, but she had a future husband. But in the end, they have not yet gotten married. Also, His Highness the ninth prince is busy with his military duties and cannot possibly accompany her. No matter how great her abilities, she is still just a girl. Just going over to the fief with a group of people, she does not have a single relative at her side. When I think of this, my heart feels uncomfortable!”

The eldest son, Yao Shu, interjected: “It’s not like she doesn’t have a single relative. Didn’t she bring along her younger sister? The Feng family’s third young miss should have also gone along.”

“What good is that third young miss?” Xu shi fought back, “Who doesn’t know about the personality of the Feng family’s third young miss. It’s not me talking about her poorly behind her back as her aunt. It’s the truth that she relies on our A-Heng to protect her. It’s good enough if she does not cause trouble. Can she be relied upon to take care of A-Heng?” As she spoke, she looked at her eldest son, Yao Shu, and second son, Yao Sen, “You two are the family’s eldest grandchildren. When mother has departed, you need to take good care of your younger brothers and be filial to your grandfather. You also need to take good care of your father. Do you understand?”

Yao Shu frowned from hearing this. No matter how it was said, why did it sound like the last will of the deceased? Even saying after departing, where would she go? “Mother!” Yao Shu did his best to make an appeal, “The situation in court is also chaotic and busy. How could I do much about the matters at home? You are the head wife of the family, and you are the one that manages the communal funds. How can you leave just like that?”

“Hah?” Xu shi was puzzled, “Are you or are you not a child of the Yao family? How did our Yao family produce scum like you?”

Yao Shu nearly choked upon hearing this. Was this a mother? Was this any way to speak to a son?

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“The Yao family’s general rule is selflessness! Being harmonious! Treating family with kindness! A-Heng is your cousin and has been bullied into leaving the capital for a barren land. Do you not know how to feel sympathy? I have wasted my years raising you. Who have you learned to be so hard-hearted from?”

Once these words came out of Xu shi’s mouth, Yao Shu was frozen. Following Xu shi’s criticism, he reflected a bit. That was right, how could he think like this? Mother going to take care of a younger cousin, was this not something that ought to be done? With younger cousin going to endure hardship on her own, he was already quite conflicted about not being able to help. How could he drag his mother back from going to take care of her?

Yao Shu lowered his head and began to feel bitterly remorseful about his actions. Even Yao Sen felt that his mother was right and did not dare to speak up. Yao Jing Jun watched from the side. Hearing Xu shi’s repeated sobs, especially when Yao Qian Rou’s actions were brought up, he also felt uncomfortable. As an uncle, he had failed to control his younger sister properly, which caused his niece to need to deal with so much trouble. he should allow his wife to go and take care of that child. A-Heng had it too hard!

In an instant, the fierce opposition to Xu shi’s decision by the Yao family was quickly turned into support. Even Qin shi and Miao shi requested to go along. The three going together to take care of her would be more fitting.

The third son, Yao Xuan, muttered: “But if you all go, there won’t be any women left at home!”

Xu shi wiped away her tears and began to lecture the sons- “You finally know that the family won’t have any women? Then why don’t you quickly begin looking for a wife! Not a single one of you knows to worry about your life’s important matters, yet you have the nerve to say that there won’t be any women in the family?”

The six sons were lectured quite a bit and did not dare to make a sound, thus the three men of the family began to research what was needed to be brought along to the fief. They paid absolutely no mind to anyone else.

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It was not that Yao Jing Jun did not want his wife to take care of Feng Yu Heng. In truth, as the eldest uncle, he really doted on that niece, but he also felt that the family might descend into chaos if all three women went. Thus he secretly thought to himself that he would send a letter to the military camp to ask the old man how this matter should be handled.

After Feng Yu Heng left the capital, it was not just the Yao manor that saw turbulent times. At this time, the Ping Palace was also in a state of chaos. It was all because Xuan Tian Yi had spoken up and said that he wanted to go out, but he was someone that was under house arrest. The Emperor had shown him grace and allowed him to participate in the palace banquet, but he did not allow him to go out freely on a daily basis. There were people keeping a watchful eye on the Ping Palace at all times, and there were soldiers standing guard outside. No matter how much of a fuss he kicked up, unless he forcefully broke out, he could not get out of this palace.

But he did not have the ability to forcefully break out. His martial arts were never as good as old seventh and old ninth. Also, he had been locked up in his palace for two years, and he had only been focusing on embroidery. Without focusing much on martial arts, the muscle on his arms had become fat. Even if he forcefully broke out, he did not have the same force as he did back then.

Xuan Tian Qi angrily smashed things around his palace, from the study to the main hall, then from the main hall to the main entrance. Pointing at the entrance, he loudly cursed at the guards outside, calling them bastards and called for them to open the door. Unfortunately, the people outside were like wooden soldiers. No matter how he cursed, they acted as if they could not hear him. They did not even pay any attention to him.

Xuan Tian Yi got tired of cursing and returned to the main hall to sit down and drink tea. The servants brought up a total of four types of tea, but not a single one entered his mouth. He just could not understand. Staying in the capital was perfectly fine. Why had that girl, Feng Xiang Rong, suddenly left? And she had gone to such a far place. He was no fool. Feng Yu Heng going to her fief, was it to seek refuge? It was clearly to build it up. Not only would she be building up her fief to convert it into a paradise, but it would be a paradise for her. Also, she would be paying attention to the battle conditions in the South. She would not be returning for quite some time.

His master! She had been led away just like that. She was not even willing to say anything to the disciple. Was this not angering him on purpose? He had put in a great deal of effort to cultivate Xiang Rong as a master! The girl that had once been emaciated was now beginning to develop after the use of many valuable medicines that he had provided her. She had even grown in height by quite a bit. Now, she was growing to be more and more beautiful, and she was just about ready. As a result, she ended up being led away. Had he not wasted his time over these years?

Xuan Tian Yi’s liver hurt from the anger. His little master! She had been snatched away by a monster!

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On the 14th of the first month, the Emperor figured that there would be many people going to send Imperial Daughter Ji An off, thus he found an excuse to push the morning court session into an afternoon court session. They would rest in the morning. After lunch, all of the officials would enter the palace. Even Xuan Tian Ming was in no rush to return to the military camp, as he entered the palace to participate in the court session.

Court had been unsealed on the eighth of the first month, and some things that had been piled up during the new year’s celebrations were resolved. The reports from each territory were also sent over, as they reported the situation in each province.

The Emperor was not a foolish ruler. He had always handled the matters of the court in an appropriate manner. Although he did not have many achievements in his later years, he was wise and resolute about the handling of day-to-day matters. He definitely would not allow for anyone to pick out a mistake. But today, it was fated that someone would come up with a wicked idea, for example, the eighth prince, Xuan Tian Mo.

He stepped forward and saluted the Emperor then loudly said: “Father Emperor, Da Shun has already been producing steel for over a year, but the steel weapons still remain in the hands of the Northwest Army alone. The soldiers in the other regions have not seen any distributed. Son feels that the steel weapons should be spread to the troops in the other regions in the event that they might be needed.”

After she said this, he looked up at the Emperor but found that the Emperor’s eyes were closed. He looked as though he was completely listless, and it seemed as though he had not taken a single word to heart. He waited quietly for a while and saw that he did not get a response, thus he could not help but repeat his words once more. At the same time, he cast a gaze toward the officials in his faction.

The officials saw this and immediately said in unison: “This official agrees with that suggestion!”

The Emperor finally seemed to have regained some spirit but only said: “Oh?” He then looked toward Xuan Tian Ming.

Xuan Tian Ming actually gave quite a bit of face, not giving these people the cold shoulder, as he quickly gave an answer that nearly caused the eighth prince, Xuan Tian Mo to cough up blood: “There aren’t any!”

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