Chapter 178: The Most Popular Celebrity

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Although the staff from the Li Corporation could sense Qin Feng’s displeasure, they were not in the mood to listen to his complaints. “Mr. Qin, if you’re unwilling, forget it.”

“…” Qin Feng ground his teeth.

Naturally, he did not want to be Su Shengjing’s foil. However, many A-listers and celebrities were dying to shoot the Li Corporation’s advertisement. How could he give up on such a great opportunity?

Therefore, he could only endure it. “No, I’m willing. Let’s arrange a time to talk.”

“Sure, we’ll meet up with Su Shengjing to discuss it. We want to finish this advertisement as soon as possible.”

After hanging up, Qin Feng stared at the phone screen and narrowed his eyes.

Hah! Su Shengjing is just relying on his daughter to make a comeback. At his very core, he’s still a useless piece of trash. Does he really think that he can make a comeback?



The Li Corporation acted quickly. The next day, they invited Su Shengjing and Qin Feng to their headquarters building.

Security guards stood outside the building. When they saw Su Shengjing carrying Su Jiu over, they could not shift their gazes away.

All their attention was focused on the cute little girl in Su Shengjing’s arms. Despite them being masculine men, their hearts melted. Each of them got an urge to play with her.

At this moment, Qin Feng arrived as well. He alighted from the minivan with two assistants beside him. The assistants handed him water and diligently fanned him, acting in a very respectful manner.

Qin Feng was tall, and his looks and aura were outstanding. He was dressed exceptionally handsome today. His hair was dyed grey, and he was clad in a black jacket and a pair of Martin boots. Silver chains hung around his neck and wrists, making him look cool and stylish.

Top stylists had done his styling. For the longest time, he had been the benchmark for other popular celebrities, with many young men imitating his dressing style.

In comparison, Su Shengjing was dressed much simpler. He had only worn a white shirt, khaki pants, and a pair of white sneakers. If he weren’t carrying his child, others would think he was just a college student.

When Su Jiu first saw Qin Feng, she was stunned.

She had seen this person on some of the billboards on the streets. He was currently the most popular celebrity. Despite having debuted only a few years ago, he had already become an A-lister. That was a really impressive feat.

However, for some reason, although he was very handsome, Su Jiu did not have a good impression of him. She felt that there was an evil look in his charming eyes.

Qin Feng grabbed the bottle of water from his assistant’s hands and drank a few gulps. His gaze was fixed on Su Shengjing and Su Jiu. After drinking the water, he handed the bottle back and walked toward them.

He stopped in front of Su Shengjing and smiled. “Su Shengjing, long time no see. Do you still remember me?”

Su Shengjing expressionlessly looked at him. “I do.”

“Is that so? I thought you wouldn’t recognize me anymore. After all, you were so popular back then, and I was just a nameless little celebrity. However, there’s a saying: ‘What goes around comes around.’ We’re actually on the opposite side now. I didn’t expect you to suddenly revive after disappearing from the entertainment industry for so many years. Moreover, we’ll even be cooperating soon.”

Qin Feng smirked and continued, “You’re pretty good. Good luck.”

Su Jiu was speechless.


Is this person mocking my father?

Instantly upset, she glared at him.

Qin Feng shifted his gaze to her and continued, “Is she your daughter? She’s already so big. Who’s her mother? Is she from the entertainment industry too?”

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