Chapter 177: Daddy’s Little Lucky Star

He had not been with Su Jiu from the moment she was born. Not only had he failed to give her a good life, but he had also made her wait for him at an orphanage for such a long time.

Now, he still had to rely on her for his career. That was why Su Shengjing felt incredibly guilty. All he could do was seize the opportunity and work extremely hard, so that he would not let her expectations and love down.

Therefore, he decided to return to the peak of his career and give Su Jiu the best life possible!

Su Shengjing made up his mind. He adjusted Su Jiu’s ponytails and softly asked, “Darling, did you ask that boy with the surname Li to let me shoot an advertisement?”

Su Jiu shook her head. “He asked me instead.”

He asked for it?

How can there be such a good thing?

Is he another annoying brat who has taken a fancy to my daughter?

Su Shengjing suddenly felt a headache coming. She’s still young, yet has already attracted so many admirers. Is this really a good thing?

He couldn’t imagine how many boys would like her after she grew up.

Su Shengjing asked, “Are you sure he said it himself? Why would he help me?”

Su Jiu cutely replied, “He made Big Sister unhappy and was too embarrassed to apologize, so he asked me to help him.”

Su Shengjing was speechless.

No way. It’s just because of this?

Just because of this minor matter, he gave away a million-dollar advertisement. Su Jiu has really done such a good job!

Su Shengjing silently, exclaimed. Then, he reached out to carry her and placed her onto his lap. Facing her, he pinched her little face and said, “Darling, you’re really my little lucky star. How lucky am I to have met you?”

Su Jiu also reached out her hand and cupped Su Shengjing’s face. Her small face was filled with seriousness. “I’m very lucky to have met you too, Daddy.”

At the very least, she could now write her own destiny. Besides, her father doted on her a lot and gave her a fatherly love that she had never experienced before. This was the most worthwhile thing she had ever done since she arrived in this world.

Her words touched Su Shengjing.

He tightly hugged her.


A while after Su Shengjing agreed to shoot Li Corporation’s advertisement, Qin Feng also received a call from the advertising department.

“Mr. Qin, I’m sorry. Although we previously decided on you as our main spokesperson, I’m afraid that we might have to take it back.”

Qin Feng sharply sensed that something was wrong. He frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Our young master personally requested us to let Su Shengjing film the advertisement, so…”

“Su Shengjing?!” Qin Feng was filming something at the studio. When he heard this name, he almost jumped off his chair. Furious, he demanded an answer. “Why?”

“Just because it’s Young Master’s order. Our CEO has instructed us that Young Master’s words hold as much weight as his, so none of us dare to object. Since Young Master requested that Su Shengjing shoot the advertisement, we have to let him do it. We can’t do anything about it.”

“…” Qin Feng’s face clouded over. He had an urge to loudly curse, but he was in public. He could only hold it in. However, he was so furious that he felt like exploding.

Gritted his teeth, he asked, “So, I’m no longer part of the advertisement, right?”

“Mr. Qin, if you’re willing, we can shoot a two-person advertisement. Of course, since Su Shengjing was chosen by Young Master, you’ll have less screen time than him. If you can accept it, we can still negotiate.”

“Less than him? Does that mean that I’ll only act as a foil for him?” Qin Feng almost flew into a rage on the spot. A popular celebrity like him was being reduced to acting as a foil for a nameless and unknown celebrity!

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