Chapter 174: Is He So Domineering?

At the same time, Song Jiye suddenly became jealous of Su Shengjing.

It was such a blessing to have a daughter who relied on him and greatly loved him.

Song Xinyan, on the other hand, became a little disappointed. Su Jiu keenly sensed it and reassured her. “I don’t want another father, but I do want an elder sister. Can I be your little sister?”

When Song Xinyan heard this, she immediately cheered up. “Sure!”

She grabbed Su Jiu’s hand and seriously said, “Little Jiu, from now on, you are my little sister!”

Song Xinyan then looked at the boy opposite her and snorted. “Li Mohan, did you hear that? Little Jiu is my sister now. You’re not allowed to bully her, and you must treat her well. Otherwise, I won’t let you come to my house to play anymore.”

Li Mohan did not say anything. He just glanced at Su Jiu from the corners of his eyes. It seemed like he still did not take her seriously.

Su Jiu pouted. Hmph, very good! I won’t try to bring you and the female lead together anymore! I refuse to do so!

Despite her thoughts, Li Mohan had already made her his next target.

After lunch, Su Jiu sat on the sofa in the living room and continued watching cartoons with Song Xinyan.

While the two adults went to the garden outside and Song Xinyan went to the kitchen to ask the chef for another snack, Li Mohan appeared in the living room.

He saw the little girl obediently sitting on the sofa. She was holding a glass of milk and drinking it. Her little face was very fair, and her eyes were big and round. As she drank the milk, her cheeks became puffed up. At this moment, to him, she looked… not that ugly.

In the novel, the male lead would find any other woman except for the female lead ugly; he would not even spare another glance at others. However, he actually found Su Jiu a little cute.

Li Mohan uncomfortably walked over and arrogantly stared at Su Jiu. “Hey.”

Su Jiu looked at him and snapped. “My name is not ‘hey.’ You’re so rude!”

“…” Li Mohan was embarrassed. “Then, what’s your name?”

“You didn’t even tell me yours, so why should I?”

Li Mohan was speechless.

She’s got such a strong personality, huh?

He had no choice but to say, “My name is Li Mohan.”

Su Jiu replied, “My name is Su Jiu.”

Su Jiu?

Li Mohan frowned. Why does it sound so familiar?

He carefully thought about it and suddenly remembered something. A few days ago, when his parents came back, Li Mohan had heard his mother excitedly tell his father that she had watched a parent-child variety show that featured a girl named Su Jiu. She kept saying that she wanted an adorable daughter like Su Jiu, who brought out her motherly love.

Could the Su Jiu my mother was talking about be the one in front of me?

Regardless of whether it was true or not, Li Mohan’s priority was something else. He took out a piece of chocolate from his pocket and passed it to Su Jiu. “Here.”

The male lead spoke as concisely as usual.

Since Li Mohan did not specify his intentions, Su Jiu did not probe further and just took the chocolate. “Thank you.”

Li Mohan said, “After you accept my things, you have to help me with something.”

Su Jiu had the illusion that he was negotiating with her. Has the male lead been so domineering since he was young?

She subconsciously asked, “What is it?”

“Apologize to Xinyan for me. Tell her that I was just joking with her.”

Su Jiu did not expect that the male lead would ask her for help. As she was already determined not to be a tool, she refused him. “You said that I was stupid and ugly. I will not help you.”

Ever since he was young, Li Mohan had gotten everything he wanted. No one dared to reject him. Many girls even fought to please him. However, Song Xinyan and this little girl did not!

Nevertheless, he had plenty of ways to make her compromise.

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