Chapter 173: Foolish Little Girl

Su Jiu immediately looked at Song Xinyan with a pitiful expression. “Big Sister, he called me stupid and ugly.”

Li Mohan was speechless.

This little girl complained about me?

Song Xinyan genuinely treated Su Jiu as her good friend and thought of her as her little sister. Therefore, Li Mohan’s words made her even angrier. “Li Mohan! You’re even bullying a little girl! You’re too evil! Don’t come to my house to play in the future. Leave now!”

Li Mohan was at a loss for words.

Where did this little girl come from? I’m seeing her for the first time, and I probably know Song Xinyan longer than she does, yet why is Xinyan so protective over the little girl?

“Hah!” Li Mohan coldly laughed and turned to leave.

Tsk! Why are you acting so smugly?

Don’t think that I’m afraid of you just because you’re the male lead.

The satisfied Su Jiu gazed at his back as he left. Then, she sweetly thanked Song Xinyan. “Thank you!”

Song Xinyan reached out to pat Su Jiu’s head and reassured her. “Good girl. I won’t let anyone bully you.”

When Su Jiu flashed a smile at her, Song Xinyan was instantly smitten.

Ah! She’s so cute, even more so than my dolls. I want to be a good older sister who loves and protects her!

During lunch, Song Xinyan specifically asked Su Jiu to sit beside her. As she looked at the table full of dishes, she eagerly asked, “What do you want to eat? If you can’t reach it, I can help you get it.”

Su Jiu truly liked this little female lead. Although Song Xinyan was a silly and sweet girl, she had a good heart.

She was barely five years old and belonged to a wealthy family. Yet, she was neither arrogant nor mean. In fact, she even took care of children younger than her. It was hard to dislike her.

Su Jiu cutely said, “You’re so nice!”

Song Xinyan was delighted to hear praise from Su Jiu.

Li Mohan sat opposite her. He did not seem to be in a good mood. When he saw Song Xinyan take a huge prawn, peel it, and place it in Su Jiu’s bowl, his eyes gleamed.

Is this idiot really angry at me and won’t play with me again?

When Li Mohan noticed that Song Xinyan really liked Su Jiu, he had an idea.

Perhaps, this silly-looking girl can help ease the tension between me and Song Xinyan.

Song Jiye saw the scene at the table, laughed, and said, “Shengjing, it looks like Xinyan really likes Little Jiu. Why don’t we let the two of them be sisters? Little Jiu can be my goddaughter.”

Naturally, Su Shengjing did not want that to happen. His daughter only belonged to him. Plus, why did she need an extra father?

Not even a godfather.

Hence, he did not say anything in response. He just looked at Su Jiu. “That depends on whether she is willing or not.”

Song Jiye thought that the little girl would definitely be willing. He smiled at her and said in a coaxing tone, “Little Jiu, are you willing to be my goddaughter? If I become your godfather, I’ll treat you as my biological daughter. I’ll buy you anything you want. How about that?”

Unexpectedly, Su Jiu decisively shook her head. “No.”

Su Shengjing smirked. I knew it.

He was confident in his daughter.

Su Jiu’s response greatly hurt Song Jiye. He hurriedly asked, “Why?”

Su Jiu seriously replied, “Because if I call someone else ‘Daddy,’ my Daddy will be unhappy. If it were me, I also wouldn’t want to see Daddy treat another child as his daughter.”

Song Jiye was stunned.

You’re impressive, little girl. I can’t believe that you know how to think from someone else’s perspective!

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