Chapter 172: Remaining Chaste For The Female Lead

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Song Xinyan immediately glared at him. “Li Mohan, you’re the childish one! You’re the most childish, you big idiot!”

What, Li Mohan?

Su Jiu widened her eyes in shock.

This, this name… Could he be the male lead of the novel?

She observed the little boy at the door. He looked quite handsome and exquisite, with a chiseled face and rosy cheeks. Even though he was young, he had long legs and a strong aura. It was easy to imagine how handsome he would be when he grew up.

This was the only little boy Su Jiu had seen in this world who could match up to the little villain’s looks.

As expected of the male lead, he was an extremely handsome boy with a great figure.

In the novel, Li Mohan and Song Xinyan were neighbors and childhood friends.

Li Mohan’s parents were often absent from home. From time to time, they would leave the country for ten days to half a month. During that period, they would ask the Song family next door to help take care of their child. That was why Li Mohan spent a lot of time with Song Xinyan.

Li Mohan’s IQ was extremely high, but his personality was arrogant and cold. He was the only son of the Li family and the only heir, so he was a classic example of a young master from a wealthy family. Just like the male leads in novels, no matter how many women he had around him, he only loved the female lead and doted on her alone. Even when he turned twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, he remained chaste for the female lead, waiting for her to realize his feelings.

If she really could not realize it, he would do it the forceful way.

However, Song Xinyan was really a silly and sweet girl. She had never known that Li Mohan liked her since she was young. In addition, Su Jiu, the vicious supporting female character, and the villain Rong Si kept manipulating the scenes. Hence, Li Mohan’s pursuit of his future wife had become exceptionally difficult.

When Su Jiu had read the novel, she had felt that this female lead was really silly. Su Jiu wished she could enter the novel and beat her up.

Li Mohan had made it so obvious, yet she was still unable to realize his feelings! It had been infuriating for Su Jiu!

However, many male protagonists in novels had a common flaw; they were often vicious with their words and arrogant. They would constantly attack the female lead.

Just like now, Li Mohan ruthlessly insulted Song Xinyan, making her so angry that she turned red in fury.

Serves him right for being single for so many years!

In novels, the supporting female characters always served as the catalyst for the male and female leads to get together.

Determined to fulfill her responsibility as a tool, Su Jiu cutely said, “You aren’t childish at all, and he probably doesn’t think so too. He’s just teasing you!”

Song Xinyan was still angry. “Li Mohan, you’re so bad! You keep making me angry. I’m not going to play with you anymore!”

When Song Xinyan said this, an unnatural expression appeared on Li Mohan’s face. However, he tried hard to maintain his composure.

Su Jiu looked at him and seriously said, “Big Brother, what you said just now made her unhappy. You have to apologize to her.”

Li Mohan’s gaze landed on Su Jiu’s face, and he frowned.

Who is this little girl?

She’s so young, yet she’s actually trying to teach me? 

His eyes narrowed. “Who are you?”

It had to be admitted that even at such a young age, the male lead was intimidating. He stood there as overbearing as an adult, which would definitely terrify other children.

However, in Su Jiu’s eyes, he was just a brat. Hence, she defiantly said, “I’m her friend.”

“Ha.” Li Mohan observed this little girl, who had two ponytails tied behind her head. He did not take her seriously and scoffed. “You look so silly and ugly.”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Is he always that annoying? 

It’s even more than Han Siye!

Su Jiu suddenly did not want to matchmake him with the female lead anymore. I’ll just let him suffer while trying to pursue her in the future! 

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