Chapter 168: Selling My Son Away

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When they were in ‘Daddy, Let’s Go,’ these two kids already seemed like a couple! Now, they are actually going to film a movie together?

Wow! From now on, I have someone to base childhood sweethearts in those novels on! 

Han Xiao shared the post and added, “I can’t take it anymore! @Su Shengjing, I have a secret to tell you! My son likes your daughter. Why don’t we let them get engaged?”

When the post went online, it attracted the attention of many fans and onlookers.

“What? Do child engagements still exist in this modern age? But I’ll give my support if it’s these kids!”

“Just get together! I’ve said it so many times that I’ve gotten tired!”

“Hahaha! Han Xiao, aren’t you scared that your company might have something against this post?”

“Get engaged! I want to ship these little children together so badly!”

Many netizens kept tagging Su Shengjing, prompting him to say something about that matter.

When Su Shengjing logged into Weibo, he realized that countless people had tagged him. Then, he saw Han Xiao’s post.

Snorting coldly, he replied in a rather elegant and cold manner. “No way!”

Don’t think you’re so great just because you won the Best Actor Award. I won’t agree to this engagement!

Su Shengjing did not have a good impression of Han Siye. More accurately, he did not have a good impression of any boys who were eyeing his daughter, especially Han Siye. How could a domineering child like him become a virtuous and gentle husband in the future? 

His reply sent everyone into a frenzy.

“Hahaha! Su Shengjing actually rejected it. I bet you didn’t expect this, Han Xiao!”

“Han Xiao’s life has always been smooth sailing. I’m sure he didn’t expect to meet an obstacle due to Su Shengjing!”

“Amazing, Su Shengjing. You actually rejected Han Xiao!”

Han Xiao’s fans could not take it anymore. They claimed that Su Shengjing was too arrogant. My handsome, talented, and rich idol wants to be in-laws with you, but you rejected him so ruthlessly. This must not be forgiven!

On the other hand, Su Jiu’s fans thought that Su Shengjing did a great job!

Why should they get engaged? Did they ask for Little Jiu’s opinion? 

Han Siye is such a fierce kid. Xiao Wei’s much better. He’s gentle and polite like a little gentleman, so he’s certainly to Little Jiu’s liking! 

Things were getting heated up on Weibo. Xiao Yang joined in the fun as well. “Does that mean that my son stands a chance now? @SuShengjing, bring Little Jiu over to our house. Let’s play the piano together!”

Li Kaiwen, who usually did not appear on Weibo, also emerged. Mimicking the others, he fought for an opportunity for his son. “I strongly recommend my son, Nuo Er. Why doesn’t he become Little Jiu’s husband? @SuShengjing.”

Han Xiao refused to be outdone. “I’ll let my son move in with you! We can do that too! @SuShengjing.”

Even Yang Fangping posted on Weibo. “Um… I have a son too. May I ask if he has the right to participate in this? If Little Jiu likes him, I’ll send him to your doorstep right away! @ SuShengjing.”

With these people taking the lead, all the fans with sons posted on Weibo, trying to sign their sons up. It made Su Jiu look like an emperor who was going to choose her concubines, like in ancient times.

When the rest of the netizens saw everyone ‘selling’ their sons away, they were astonished. What’s wrong with this world? 

Su Shengjing couldn’t even be bothered to reply. He merely replied with a smiley emoji, letting them decipher the meaning themselves.

Rong Si was browsing Weibo on Song Wanqiu’s phone at the same time. He had developed this habit after Su Shengjing and his daughter became popular.

On Weibo, he could learn a lot of new things about Su Jiu.

For example, she had just filmed an advertisement and was about to act in a movie soon…

Then, he saw everyone recommending their sons to Su Shengjing and asking Little Jiu to pick a child husband. Therefore, he quickly walked to the kitchen and asked Song Wanqiu, “Mommy, what’s a child husband?”

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