Chapter 163: She Doesn’t Want You To Hug Her

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Su Guobang became a little upset. He stopped arguing with Su Shengjing, and instead, stretched his arms out toward the little girl. “You’re Little Jiu, right? Come, let Grandpa hug you.”

Suddenly, Su Shengjing tightly hugged his daughter and defensively glared at the old man. He then coldly said, “She doesn’t want you to hug her.”

Su Guobang ignored him. He took out a white rabbit doll from somewhere and passed it to Su Jiu. “Little Jiu, look at this. Do you like it? It’s for you.”

The butler glanced back and felt relieved.

Excellent! Although I’m the one who reminded Old Master to prepare this doll, he at least took it out! 

Su Shengjing refused the doll for Su Jiu. “I will buy toys for her. You don’t have to give one to her.”

Su Guobang’s eyes widened in anger. “I want to give something to my granddaughter. What has it got to do with you? Why are you stopping me from doing this?”

Not backing down, Su Shengjing continued glaring at Su Guobang. “No matter what you do, I will not return to the Su family. Neither will my daughter.”

“Nonsense!” Su Guobang’s face turned grim. “Let me tell you this. It’s fine if you don’t want to return, but Little Jiu must. She is a part of the Su family’s bloodline. She has to return even if she doesn’t want to!”

“She has nothing to do with the Su family. She’s just my daughter.”


“Anything else? If not, I’m leaving.”

Upon hearing this, Su Guobang became even more furious. He pointed outside and snapped. “Fine! Go… Get lost! I’ll never help you again! I want to see how you’re going to survive without the Su family supporting you!”

“You don’t have to worry about me.” As Su Shengjing spoke, he opened the car door and to take Su Jiu out of the car.

Su Guobang glared at him, then his gaze returned to Su Jiu’s face. He stuffed the rabbit into her arms. “Little Jiu, take this. This is a gift from Grandpa!”

“But…” Su Jiu glanced at Su Shengjing.

“Take it!” Su Guobang domineeringly insisted.

Su Shengjing placed the rabbit back and said to Su Jiu, “Let’s not take his rabbit. I’ll buy one for you.”

Su Guobang’s expression turned solemn.

Su Shengjing quickly got out of the car while Su Jiu rested her head on his shoulder. She was curious about what had happened between Su Shengjing and his father that turned them into enemies.

The butler carefully turned around to look at Su Guobang. When he saw that the old man was furious, he hurriedly assured him. “Old Master, don’t be angry. This is only your second time meeting Little Miss. It’s normal for her to feel distant from you. You’ll get closer the next time you meet.”

Su Guobang snapped again. “Would her father allow me to meet her? Didn’t you see that I can’t even give her a toy?”

“Ahem, Old Master! If you really want to give Little Miss a toy, we can give it to her privately instead of giving it before Young Master.”

Give it to her privately?

Su Guobang thought that this was a good idea.

“Alright, help me contact the kindergarten teacher and give her the toy. Tell her to pass it to Little Jiu.” As little kids loved toys the most, the old man was sure that he could win Su Jiu’s favor through it.

At this thought, Su Guobang’s mood improved a lot. Perhaps, I will soon be able to hear the little girl cutely calling me grandpa.

The butler respectfully answered, “Yes, Old Master”


When Su Shengjing got back into the car, Sheng Tianci curiously asked, “What’s wrong? Why do you look so solemn? Did you argue with your grandfather again?”

Su Shengjing raised his eyebrows. “When have I not argued with him?”

Sheng Tianci felt somewhat helpless. The conflict between Su Shengjing and Su Guobang could not be resolved in a short period. However, the old man’s objective in this visit was to meet Little Jiu, right?

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