Chapter 161: So Cute

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It’s the Su family’s car.

And the old man’s at that.

Su Shengjing narrowed his eyes. Pretending that he had not seen anything, he walked into the kindergarten and quickly brought Su Jiu out.

When the butler, who was in the car, saw the pretty little girl clothed in a pink dress and a little yellow hat, he exclaimed, “Old Master, it’s Little Miss!”

How cute!

The moment Su Guobang spotted Su Shengjing and Su Jiu, he stared at them and angrily said, “I’m not blind. I can see them!”

The butler asked, “Then, do you want me to get out of the car and invite them over?”

“You’d better succeed.” Su Guobang sounded unfriendly. “I’ve helped that kid so much. He should come and thank me.”

The butler was speechless.

Old Master, you want to see your son and granddaughter. Can’t you just admit it? Why must you say this? If Young Master hears this, he will get angry again.

This will do nothing to improve your relationship with him. 

After getting out of the car, the butler walked up to Su Shengjing and respectfully invited him, “Young Master, Old Master invites you to the car.”

Su Shengjing glanced at the car again. Its windows were rolled up, so he could not see the person sitting inside.

With an unhappy expression, he replied, “Tell him I don’t want to see him.”

The last time, the old man had despised Little Jiu and even attacked her. That scene had made Su Shengjing break out in a cold sweat. Even now, he had not forgotten that terrible feeling.

“But Old Master really wants to see you and Little Miss.” The butler glanced at the car, then lowered his voice. “Young Master, you probably don’t know this, but Old Master has been recently watching the show you and Little Miss participated in. He laughed as watched it. I think… he actually likes Little Miss.”

Su Jiu was a little surprised. No way, that cold-blooded old man actually watched my and Daddy’s show?


Su Shengjing did not believe either. He chuckled and scoffed. “He likes her? I wonder who was the one who said that he wouldn’t acknowledge Little Jiu? Stop putting on an act. It’s meaningless.”

After saying that, he carried Su Jiu and got into Sheng Tianci’s car.

“Young Master…” Before the butler could convince him to stay, the car had already driven away right in front of his and Su Guobang’s eyes.

As Sheng Tianci drove, he said, “I didn’t expect that old man to personally come. This doesn’t seem like his style.”

“Hah! It’s just an act. Does he think that he can make me return to the Su family through this method? Forget it. The Su family is a damned place to me. I don’t want to go back.”

Su Shengjing glanced at Little Jiu in his arms and stroked her soft hair. “Instead of going back, I’d rather stay in that small apartment with my daughter. Although it’s not as big as the Su family’s residence, I’m happy.”

Sheng Tianci sighed. “Alright, as long as you’re happy! But, to be honest, we can’t rule out the possibility that your father was really there to see you and Little Jiu. After all, she’s his granddaughter.”

Su Shengjing turned his head and looked out of the window. The scenery constantly raced past the window, making him a little dazed. He muttered to himself, “He doesn’t even care about his son, let alone his granddaughter.”


Su Jiu sharply sensed that something was amiss.

She looked up at Su Shengjing’s sharp chin and reached out to stroke it. “Daddy, are you unhappy?”

Su Shengjing came back to his senses and assured Su Jiu with a smile. “No, why would I be unhappy with you by my side?”

Since he did not say anything, Su Jiu did not probe further. Instead, she feigned ignorance and asked, “Then, who is that old man? Does he want to see us?”

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