Chapter 159: What an Impressive Existence

Su Guobang was an old man who was not very familiar with Weibo. Therefore, it took him some effort to log in. When he entered “Su Shengjing” into the Weibo search box, many hashtags and Weibo posts about his son popped up. Some praised Su Shengjing, while others criticized him.

Su Guobang immediately saw those who were scolding him.

“Su Shengjing is such a materialistic person. So, the highest bidder wins, huh?”

“How disgusting! Su Shengjing, leave the entertainment industry and stop using your daughter to clear your name! She’s innocent. Why are you using her like that? It’s so despicable of you!”

“Yang Fangping is so pitiful. He was just Su Shengjing’s stepping stone. Can Su Shengjing please just die?”

“You don’t deserve the fame, Su Shengjing! Let’s boycott him together!”

With every negative comment Su Guobang read, his face turned even more solemn.

He recalled the time when Su Shengjing was just born. Everyone in the Su family was overjoyed. Ever since Su Shengjing was young, they pampered him and treated him like a treasure. No one dared to be fierce to him. When outsiders met him, they had to treat him with the utmost respect, unlike now.

Su Guobang really did not know why Su Shengjing insisted on entering the entertainment industry. Is he so eager to get criticized?

The more comments Su Guobang read, the angrier he became. When he read the comments insulting Su Jiu for being an illegitimate child and an orphan without a mother, he could not take it anymore. He furiously yelled, “Butler! Where’s the butler? Come here right now!”

The butler immediately scurried into the study room after hearing his master’s enraged yell.

When he came in, he noticed the furious and gloomy expression on Su Guobang’s face. Clueless about what had happened, he fearfully asked, “Old Master, what made you so angry?”

Su Guobang pointed at the computer screen and angrily said, “Why didn’t you tell me about such a major thing happening online?”

The butler was dumbfounded. “Old Master, I don’t know what happens on the Internet. I’m old, so the most I do is watch the news on the television. I don’t even pay attention to celebrities. Why would I know what’s happening on the Internet?”

“I don’t care. Find someone to settle this chaos on Weibo, immediately. That brat is still a member of the Su family. I can scold him however I want, but others must not!”

Only he could say that Su Jiu was an illegitimate child. The others had no right!

Su Guobang angrily instructed the butler. “Dig out all the people who scolded Su Shengjing and instruct the legal department to get to work! Sue their pants off!”

The butler was stunned. The brat he’s referring to is probably Young Master, right?

“Yes, Old Master,” replied the butler. He was about to leave when Su Guobang suddenly thought of something. With an unnatural expression, he added, “Oh right, tell the legal department to keep a low profile and not reveal their identity.”

The butler was speechless.

Old Master, since when do you remain anonymous after doing a kind deed? You want to help Young Master, but don’t want him to know, right?

However, Su Guobang wanting to keep this matter a secret from Su Shengjing was only expected. After all, the two of them had been at odds for a long time. Su Shengjing, who disliked everything about the Su family, even wanted to sever ties with them. Hence, the butler nodded again. “Understood.”

The challenge was that the Su Group’s legal department had an impressive existence. Usually, they dealt with contracts worth hundreds of millions or even tens of billions. They never had to deal with this bunch of insignificant online haters. It was beneath them to engage in such work.

However, if those haters got involved with Su Group’s legal department, they would certainly face the most severe consequences. It was not something that could be brushed off with a simple apology.

Following Su Guobang’s orders, the butler immediately called the director of the legal department.

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