The Strange Teng Family

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The two easily snuck inside, as one used qinggong, and the other relied on her space to make her advance. The ten hidden guards outside the prefecture guard’s manor were like idiots. They did not notice that two living people had already entered the manor with an unconscious person.

Feng Yu Heng and Ban Zou regrouped in the front yard. Just as the two were about to discuss which direction they would be going in, at that time, they saw two family retainers come out with lanterns in their hands. Coming around the small pond in the front yard, they began to speak. One of them weighed the silver ingot that was in their hand and said with a smile: “The madam gave a full ten taels today.”

The other clearly had an envious look in their eyes: “Ten taels! Madam really is generous. But you gave your body away, right?”

That person nodded: “Naturally.”

“Then saying it like this, ten taels is not much. A trip to the brothels costs more than ten taels. She benefited from this.”

That person then said: “It can’t be said like this. Although the madam is a bit older, she has taken very good care of herself. Also, once the lights are out and the eyes are closed, it’s all the same. Look at the master, whether it’s a man or woman, it doesn’t matter. We even made some money. How great.”

The partner nodded, “It is good, and it’s just you that looks good. The madam isn’t even interested in me.” After the two finished speaking and laughed for a bit, they continued to patrol in another direction.

Feng Yu Heng wiped away some sweat from her brow that was never there then very helplessly said: “Why is it that everyone in the Teng family is like this? What was it that person just said? Teng Ping enjoys both men and women?”

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Ban Zou nodded, “It was said like that. Tsk tsk, the madam also has such loose morals. It really is a strange family.”

Feng Yu Heng’s eyes lit up, and she looked at the nephew being carried on Ban Zou’s back. An idea had come to mind: “Come, let’s go and meet with that madam. Let’s take care of the one you’re carrying first.”

The two entered the inner courtyard and did not need to expend much effort to find the room belonging to the madam of the prefecture guard. It was for no other reason than that this was the manor’s largest courtyard. It should be evident that this was the madam’s residence.

The prefecture guard’s madam had already gone to sleep. Her clothes were untidy, and the bed was messy. It was clear that she had not done anything savory. Feng Yu Heng stepped forward with disdain. Injecting her with an anesthetic, she knocked the madam unconscious. She then removed the madam’s clothes and threw them on the ground. She then gestured for Ban Zou to remove the nephew’s clothes and stick them both under the blankets. The scene looked very harmonious.

She had a criminal smile on her face, and even Ban Zou’s frigid expression revealed a bit of a smile, as he said: “If the prefecture guard saw this, he would definitely faint from the anger, right? But he must not die from the anger. Things won’t be as entertaining.”

“He won’t.” Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, “This woman frequently seeks others. It’s impossible for the prefecture guard to not know about it. The two are simply married in name only. They’re just living their own lives while vaguely ignoring the other. But in the past, perhaps it was not too overboard. This time, sleeping with his nephew, I want to see the expression on the prefecture guard’s face after seeing this. Say, will it resemble an eggplant?” Feng Yu Heng laughed until her belly began to hurt. While speaking, she leaped out of the window. She still wanted to go and take a look at what the situation was with Teng Ping. She felt that she had not come to this prefecture guard’s manor for nothing. She would most likely get to see quite a few fun plays!

“Just based on the prefecture guard’s madam, the prefecture guard himself will not be anything good.” While Ban Zou leaped along the rooftops, he said: “Enjoying both men and women, I really didn’t know that the world would have this sort of pervert. This residence really is larger than the ones in the capital. Thinking about it, the Teng family really has not held back with its corruption over the years.”

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“Naturally.” Feng Yu Heng did not find it strange in the slightest. With such a large family being stationed in one place for so many generations, it would be strange if there were not some family possessions. Would that not have made for a waste of time? She was happy that with her having come, no matter how much wealth the Teng family had accumulated over the years, she was preparing to take it all. Nobody would feel as though they had too much money!

The inner courtyard was very large. It was as Ban Zou had said. This entire prefecture guard’s manor was around twice the size of the imperial daughter’s manor in the capital. At this time, who knew what sort of place Teng Ping was in, and this left the two to search for him.

But before the two could find Teng Ping’s whereabouts, they found a strange scene in one of the courtyards. In the middle of the night, there were actually six or seven women gathered in one place. They sat around a flower bed in the yard while sipping tea and chatting. All of them were extremely pretty. Because Yu Zhou was in the Southwest, the temperature was already warmer; otherwise, exposing the neck and chest in this sort of season would really be quite cold.

Feng Yu Heng stopped with Ban Zou. Without the nephew holding them down, it was much easier on Ban Zou. He was also happy to sit on the rooftop to watch them gossip.

To say that it was gossip was indeed the truth. It turned out that these women were all Prefecture Guard Teng Ping’s concubines. They lived in one large courtyard, and anyone that Teng Ping thought of would be called. Servants would send them to the designated room. It was roughly the same treatment as in the imperial palace. Who knew whether or not it was something that had been deliberately copied. The concubines were unable to sleep at night, thus they gathered in the courtyard to idly chat. One of them complained: “Over the past few days, my waistline has gotten thicker. I don’t know if I ate too much, but I will need to pay attention to it. Husband doesn’t like fat ones.”

“But of course! Ever since the madam became fat, husband has never visited her room. I heard that the madam was so lonely that nearly all of the male servants in the manor have slept with her?” While the woman spoke, she covered her mouth with a handkerchief and giggled.

Thinking about it, the madam’s affairs were no longer a secret. Even the concubines could ridicule her. Another concubine also said: “You said that your waistline has grown, but it shouldn’t be that you’re pregnant, right? I remember that husband called for you three times last month. It was far more often than the rest of us sisters.”

The one from earlier that had said she had grown fat helplessly shook her head: “How could that be possible? It’s not like you don’t understand. Which one of us has the fortune of getting pregnant? Ever since coming to the prefecture guard’s manor, we were forced to drink those soups to prevent pregnancy. Those that were unwilling to drink them were killed by the madam in secret. We were able to live because we obeyed.”

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With her saying this, the others also sighed: “That’s right, in this manor, aside from the madam, who could possibly give birth to husband’s child? The prefecture guard is a hereditary position. The madam wants to ensure that her own child will obtain this position. We were only sent into this manor to be his playthings. Whether we live or die, nobody cares.”

“But even if we are just playthings, doing this sort of thing is not steady!” Someone complained, “Sisters, what sort of morals are being followed? Women are inferior to men? Now, master would rather favor men and no longer calls for us. During this month, we haven’t even seen husband’s face once, right?”

With her bringing this up, the faces of the other concubines became dark. But of course, Teng Ping spent his night with men. These concubines were just like decorations. They were supplied with food and drink, but they could not see their husband, and they felt uneasy.

“Forget it.” One of them was rather optimistic and said: “Either way, we have food and clothing. It’s just more trouble for the doctors in the outer courtyards. They need to concentrate on making better medicine for husband to ensure that husband remains sharp in old age. They really are quite troubled.”

“Right, did you hear? Apparently Imperial Daughter Ji An has come from the capital. She has already reached Yu Zhou and is living there. Say, with her coming here, does she want to take back Ji An Prefecture? If it really is taken back, can husband’s position still be kept? If it isn’t, what will happen with us?”

Once this was brought up, everyone fell silent. Although they were just women of the manor, where there were women, there would be gossip. The male servants might not have heard about this, but the women had received this information long ago. One of them probed: “Can it really be taken back? The Teng family has painstakingly managed it for many generations. How could it be taken back so easily? Also, we have so many troops here.”

“I heard that the mission given to husband was to delay Imperial Daughter Ji An in Yu Zhou and leave her with no energy to worry about the situation in the South.” Someone quietly said, “This was some news that I worked hard to obtain. Apparently, the person above is the current eighth prince.”

Once these words came out, the people realized the severity of the situation; however, they did not dare to continue chatting. After exchanging a few glances, they returned to their own rooms, leaving only a number of empty teacups in the yard.

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Feng Yu Heng listened from the rooftop and did not have any thoughts. She already suspected that Teng Ping was aligned with the eighth prince. No matter how great the Teng family’s influence, to maintain the family’s brilliance with each generation, they needed to find a pillar of support. It seemed that in this generation, the one that they had sought out was Xuan Tian Mo.

“Let’s go. Let’s go and see the head of the residence.” Feng Yu Heng spoke then stood up first. She then continued to head deeper into the manor. After many turns, they finally found Teng Ping in a small courtyard. At this time, Teng Ping was currently in bed with two favored men. The scene was very passionate, and there was no argument over who should be on top and who should be on the bottom. The two favored men did not look old and were around 15 or 16 years of age at most. They were fair-faced young men, and they were very skilled at this sort of thing.

Ban Zou frowned upon seeing this, especially when he found that his master was earnestly staring at this scene. All that was missing was for her to begin drooling. In his mind, he wanted to vent but had no place to do it. He raised his hand and covered Feng Yu Heng’s eyes then quietly asked her: “How about just killing them directly? Keeping this sort of person around is also a disaster.”

“How could that do?” Feng Yu Heng pulled his hand down. How could she possibly miss such a glorious display? This was three men! It was too wonderful.

“What are you doing?” Ban Zou was speechless. Did such a woman exist?

“Killing them now would be too easy for him. We also came tonight without an invitation, and it’s not too proper. How about we provide some gifts!” She blinked and flipped through her space. Remembering that she had once obtained some strong aphrodisiacs. Feeling that they were novel, she left quite a large amount inside her space. They were all powder types, and she quickly took out three large bundles. She handed it over to Ban Zou: “Go and give them some more firewood. Allow the lord prefecture guard to happily enjoy this battle for three days and three nights.”

The corners of Ban Zou’s lips twitched. He was happy to do this sort of thing.

Very quickly, after the aphrodisiac was applied, Feng Yu Heng came up with an idea: “How could only two men be enough. With that much medicine being dumped in, eight to ten people might not even be enough. Go, go, go, let’s get all of the favored men and concubines over here. Let’s allow old Teng enjoy himself a bit.”

On this moonless night, Feng Yu Heng and Ban Zou dressed up as a family retainer and maidservant to wake up all of the favored men and concubines. They then had them all head to that small courtyard to find Teng Ping. None of these people were suspicious. Thinking about it, Teng Ping must have often done this sort of thing, thus it was not uncommon.

But who knew that when they left the manor, there would be a bit of a small incident…

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