Chapter 158: All Celebrities Use This

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Su Shengjing’s lips twitched. “I didn’t collaborate with Li Yang. I’ll make a clarification now.”

Hearing this, Yang Fangping became overjoyed. “Really? That’s great! You scared me to death. I thought the show was going to get ruined. This show really can’t do without you guys. I’ll request the television station to increase your remuneration!

“In short, no matter what, please finish filming this season. After that, I will respect any choice you make. I will not have any objections to you joining anyone’s show.”

“Okay,” Su Shengjing replied.

After ending the call, Su Shengjing logged into Weibo. Sure enough, he saw scandals about him all over the Internet.

If these people wanted to defame him, so be it. Yet, it was simply unforgivable that they had photoshopped his past photos, which he had taken immense pride in, in such an ugly manner.

Su Jiu came over and saw the trending searches on Weibo.




What the hell is this?

Su Jiu took a closer look. It turned out that someone had taken a photo of her father talking to Li Yang at the cafe and posted it online. Then, they had made up a bunch of nonsense and said that Su Shengjing wanted to abandon Yang Fangping and side with Li Yang.

Did these people not check if it’s true before defaming my father? 

How can they just write nonsense like this? 

However, since so many media accounts and fake commentators were mobilized, a mastermind must be behind this, controlling everything. However, I don’t know who’s spending so much money and effort in trying to defame my father. 

I must admit that the mastermind is really scheming. Even if Daddy clarifies that he will continue filming “Daddy, Let’s Go,” the haters can still criticize him for not actually meaning it. They would say that due to pressure from the netizens, Su Shengjing had no choice but to renew his contract with Yang Fangping and that he was just a materialistic and opportunistic man. 

In any case, it’s up to the netizens who they are willing to believe. 

She looked up at Su Shengjing and sadly asked, “Daddy, are you being scolded again?”

Su Shengjing was stunned. He quickly denied it. “Of course not! Why would I be scolded?”

Su Jiu pointed at his phone. “I saw your name just now!”

Su Shengjing was speechless.

This girl actually knows how to read my name?

Feeling touched, he stroked her head and lied, “They’re not scolding me, but praising. They are praising my handsome looks, hot body, and myself for having a cute daughter like you. Everyone envies me a lot.”

The little girl puffed her cheeks. “You’re lying.”

Su Shengjing raised his eyebrows. “Why do you think so?”

“Because you’re not smiling, Daddy. They’re not complimenting you.”

Su Shengjing was stunned.

The little girl is so observant.

What a smart child!

Su Jiu hugged his arm and rubbed her head on it. Blinking her big clear eyes, she said, “Daddy, if people are scolding you, it must be because they have misunderstood you. A good person like you won’t do anything bad. You have to make things clear to them!”

Su Shengjing felt extremely touched. He pulled her into his embrace and replied, “Okay.”

Even if the entire world misunderstood him, refused to believe him, and thought that he was a bad person, everything was fine as long as Su Jiu trusted in his goodness.

Su Shengjing shared a post from a media account that accused him of abandoning Yang Fangping and joining Li Yang. Then, he wrote, “If you spread rumors just to earn money, you’ll eventually pay the price.”

He was saying that it was a rumor while hinting that a mastermind was paying money and orchestrating this entire spectacle.

The netizens were paying close attention to Su Shengjing’s actions. When his fans saw his post, they believed him even more firmly.

I knew that it was a rumor. I hope that the haters will rot and die! 

On the other hand, the public was still skeptical. After all, without any evidence, no one knew who was telling the truth and who was lying.


Back in the study room, Su Guobang had just finished watching the second episode of the show again, but he was still not satisfied. Just when he was about to close the webpage for the show, he got a sudden urge to check Su Shengjing’s Weibo.

I heard that all celebrities use this. That kid probably uses it too, right?

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