Beg Imperial Daughter to Support Us!

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The incident was a result of the troops that had been stationed outside of the young woman’s house. They were responsible for the prefecture guard’s nephew, but after standing guard outside, they found that there was not a single sound that came from inside. This was not the nephew’s usual style. Fearing that something had happened, they went inside to investigate; however, they found that the inside of the room only had an unconscious young woman. There was not a single sight of the man in brocade.

These people were extremely frightened, but the young woman would not wake up no matter how they shook her. It was clear that she had been given a drug. They quickly went into the streets to search, but they ended up back in front of the prefecture guard’s manor.

But Feng Yu Heng did not bother paying any attention to them. Either way, this would just be one night. The prefecture guard’s manor would be extremely lively the next morning. When that time came, perhaps there would not be a single person left that cared whether the nephew was alive or dead. Everyone’s focus would be placed on Teng Ping’s side. If Teng Ping wished to live, he could only go to look for her.

The night was spent investigating Ji An Prefecture. When they returned to their residence in Yu Zhou, the sky was starting to lighten up. Feng Yu Heng quickly washed up then climbed in bed to catch up on sleep. Xiang Rong was still in a deep sleep, and she did not even realize that her second sister had returned.

Feng Yu Heng got out of bed after noon. She washed up and ate before acting, bringing her younger sister and their three maidservants, along with the head of the soldiers that they had found, Li Zhu, out to wander the streets. The busiest street in Yu Zhou had a Hundred Herb Hall that belonged to her. Early in the morning, Wang Lin had already brought two of the doctors from the capital to this side, and they very quickly dove into the management of Yu Zhou’s Hundred Herb Hall.

All Hundred Herb Halls only recognized one master, and that master was Imperial Daughter Ji An, Feng Yu Heng. As for Wang Lin, he was the shopkeeper of the capital. At the same time, he also managed the accounts for the other provinces. Of course, Qing Yu would also do some investigating, but she did not pay as close attention as Wang Lin did.

The citizens of Yu Zhou heard that doctors had come from the capital, and everyone was very happy. They were also very intrigued. Everyone said that the doctors in the capital were famed for their medicine, especially the capital’s Hundred Herb Hall. The abilities that the doctors had were all personally taught to them by Imperial Daughter Ji An and her grandfather, Divine Doctor Yao Xian. If they could have this sort of doctor examining them in Yu Zhou, it would be an extremely great thing for the people of Yu Zhou.

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Many people came to admire these people. Starting in the morning, a long line began to form. The people were not even willing to leave when noon came around. The people that sold snacks and similar things were very good at running their businesses, as they began to move around the line. Those that were unwilling to leave would buy some food from them to fill their bellies.

Every era was the same. Medical clinics and hospitals were the best businesses. People could choose to not eat well, but when people got sick, they needed medicine. No matter how poor the person, they would need to save some money for medicine. They could not just watch as their relatives died. Feng Yu Heng thought of the hospitals from the 21st century, and the entrance to the hospital would always have a traffic problem. No matter how many parking spots were opened up by the hospital, they would always be filled. No matter how many overnight care facilities were built, they would always be nearing capacity. Those that needed to visit the hospital to be examined would get up very early to line up and claim a number. It might be that some examinations could not even be done on the same day. Everyone said that opening a hospital would result in a huge profit, and this was totally true. It was indeed a huge profit.

The ones that came today also included some servants from large families. They had not come to seek treatment for their own illnesses. Instead, they wanted to invite the doctors from the capital to their manors to treat their masters’ illnesses. The large families paid attention to a number of things. Regardless of whether it was for the madam, a young miss or the master, they could not just openly go to the medical clinic. If they fell ill, they would invite the doctor to the manor. There were even some people that would take in a doctor. In the old Feng manor, there was such an existence.

But only two doctors from the capital had come. First, they were not familiar with the situation over here. Second, the Hundred Herb Hall here was not large and could not even be compared to the one in the capital. With so many doctors coming at one time, they would not have any place to stay. Instead, it would cause the doctors that were already in Yu Zhou to have some thoughts. Wang Lin was preparing to secretly influence them. But the servants from the large families did not return home disappointed. Wang Lin made arrangements based on the people that he had in hand. Starting the next day, he could distribute the doctors to the various manors to stay and take care of the masters.

Hundred Herb Hall making a profit was one aspect, but the most important thing was to expand its influence. They had just arrived and needed to quickly spread the word about Hundred Herb Hall and Imperial Daughter Ji An. They had to create a certain positive impact on the hearts of the people.

When Feng Yu Heng arrived, what she saw was a very magnificent scene, and she was very satisfied.

She did not put on any airs and simply had the people bring out a couple chairs from inside. She and Xiang Rong sat at the entrance of Hundred Herb Hall and began to chat with the people. She told the citizens: “Normally speaking, patients that have chronic problems should remain in a hospital for treatment. This will make things easier for the doctors to observe you for the entire day. But right now, the Hundred Herb Hall that is opened in Yu Zhou is a bit small. It’s not enough to fill this sort of request, but everyone can rest assured. This problem will definitely be resolved. We will do our best to expand it to allow all citizens to be able to seek treatment. In the future, we will also build a Hundred Herb Hall the same size as the one in the capital in Ji An Prefecture. Regardless of whether it’s medical personnel or medicine, everything will be the same as in the capital. At that time, Ji An Prefecture’s relationship with Yu Zhou will become even more intimate. Regardless of whether everyone goes over there to buy things, visit relatives or seek treatment, it will all be very convenient.”

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She spoke with a bright smile and gave everyone a feeling of intimacy. Although there were some things that normal commoners could not understand, they were able to understand the overarching message. Originally, she was just an imperial daughter, and the people of Yu Zhou had never met such a high-ranking person before. They were still nervous and did not know whether or not they should kneel and kowtow. It was Feng Yu Heng taking the initiative to chat with them that made them relax. They felt that this imperial daughter was different from what they had in mind. There was not any feeling of her being high above them at all. Instead, she was very close and would think about the people. She was even more harmonious than Lord Qian, the paternal official of Yu Zhou.

Thus everyone put aside their nervousness and began to speak, with someone saying: “Speaking of Ji An Prefecture, there are quite a few people moving over there now. Who knows why they moved away in such a hurry. I heard that they needed to build their own houses over there. But Ji An Prefecture does not let us in, and the people that moved in can’t come out.”

“Hah!” There was an older person over 50 that knew a bit about the inner workings that said: “I heard that those people were not willing to move out, but they had been threatened by the Teng family. They had no choice but to move. Imperial Daughter might not know, but the Teng family’s soldiers will frequently come to our Yu Zhou and bully the citizens. When they take things, they never pay. When they buy many things and are asked to sign a contract, we will get beaten and cursed at. Hah, we citizens in Yu Zhou can be said to live in the shadow of Ji An Prefecture. We really spend our days on edge!”

While he was voicing his complaints, there just happened to be a group of troops from Ji An Prefecture walking past, and they heard all of it. The leader became angry and shouted: “What fucking nonsense are you spouting!” He then rushed over to begin beating the old man.

The old man was extremely frightened. He never thought that would speak too much and coincidentally be heard by these people. He felt regretful, and he was also worried for his own life. When the troops from Ji An Prefecture beat people, the government had no way of doing anything about it. Just how much could his old bones endure? He was originally tasked with coming to get medicine for his boss; however, who knew that his life would also get thrown in.

He closed his eyes in despair; however, that life-taking punch never came. Instead, the hand that had grabbed his was loosened. The old man was puzzled and summoned some courage to open his eyes to look. He found that the strong man that was standing behind Imperial Daughter Ji An had grabbed the soldier’s wrist. The other hand did not hold back and had the other hand let go of him. When the grip was released, it was clear that it had been done very forcefully, as he could hear the sound of bones breaking.

The old man trembled with fear and subconsciously retreated a couple steps, as he heard the soldier cry out in pain. Li Zhu, however, had no intention of loosening his grip.

The other troops that had also come along saw their leader suffer, thus they also needed to come forward to help. Before they could take a step, Ban Zou had suddenly appeared from the shadows and knocked those people to the ground in the blink of an eye. After this was done, he disappeared once more in a blur. It was as though he had never appeared, and those people had injured themselves.

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Li Zhu asked Feng Yu Heng: “Imperial Daughter, how should this person be dealt with?”

Feng Yu Heng glanced at that person and did not rush to respond. Instead, she asked: “Hitting people openly in the streets. In your eyes, does Da Shun not have any laws? Is Yu Zhou’s government just a decoration?”

Who knew that this person would loudly say: “We are Ji An Prefecture’s soldiers! Ji An Prefecture has its own laws. What do your Da Shun’s laws have anything to do with me? This great one just likes beating people in the street! This great one likes beating your Da Shun’s people in the street.”

With him speaking, the citizens subconsciously shuddered. It was clear that these people had suffered under oppression from these people. They had already become accustomed to it as if it was natural.

“Saying it like this, you are saying that you aren’t one of Da Shun’s people?” Feng Yu Heng, however, was pondering over the person’s words. She had come up with an idea and nodded her head, saying: “It seems that Ji An Prefecture has already considered itself another country. That’s fine. Since you aren’t one of Da Shun’s citizens, this imperial daughter does not need to hold back. Li Zhu, beat him to death!”

Li Zhu was a born soldier. In his essence, there was a complex that compelled him to “obey.” In regards to the things said by his general, unless it was directly in conflict with his own morals, such as the ones given by the eighth prince, he would always obey.

Feng Yu Heng’s order to kill was not one that Li Zhu hesitated over. Pulling out his sword, he cut off the person’s head.

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In an instant, blood sprayed everywhere, and this blood sprayed onto a number of people; however, the people did not avoid it. Instead, their eyes were filled with an angry, vengeful look that was directed at the already-fallen corpse.

How many years had it been? Yu Zhou had been suppressed by Ji An Prefecture, and they needed to live carefully. Successive generations of Yu Zhou’s prefects could do nothing about that unique area. There were people that had thought of fighting back; however, they did not have any examples of success. Those that fought back were killed or injured. Gradually, there were no longer any people that dared to oppose Ji An Prefecture.

Now, Imperial Daughter Ji An had come. The proper owner of Ji An Prefecture had come. This was the imperial family’s imperial daughter. She was the god of war, the ninth prince’s future wife, and she had been personally conferred this fief by the Emperor. This was the only person in Da Shun that had a fief.

The people suddenly remembered the rumors regarding Imperial Daughter Ji An. They remembered that she helped the people, and they remembered that she helped produce steel for Da Shun. They remembered that she had gone with the ninth prince to conquer Qian Zhou…

The people finally realized that this imperial daughter was also a god of war. She was also someone that could not be overlooked. Now that she had come, the people of Yu Zhou would no longer be bullied by the Teng family!

Who knew who it was the started it, as someone kneeled and loudly shouted: “We beg Imperial Daughter Ji An support us!”

Everyone kneeled on the ground and loudly said in unison: “We beg Imperial Daughter Ji An support us!”

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