Chapter 157: Do You Know You’re Laughing Out Loud?

His childhood friend had taken a very difficult journey to improve his circumstances, yet an unknown bastard kept defaming him. Sheng Tianci couldn’t help but ask, “Did you make enemies with someone in the entertainment, and that person is trying to slander you now?”

Su Shengjing scoffed. “Who can I possibly become enemies with? The only person who has a grudge against me is that old man.”

Su Jiu blinked. Is he talking about his father?

As she thought of Su Guobang, a chill ran down her spine.

The last time, he had kidnapped her. He had shown his contempt for her since she was a girl and an illegitimate child. Moreover, he had even acted as if he wanted to strangle her!

Unbeknown to her and Su Shengjing, this so-called old man was currently sitting in the study room and watching “Daddy, Let’s Go!” on his computer. While watching the adorable Su Jiu, he did not even realize that he was happily laughing out loud.

When the butler knocked on the door, the old man immediately returned to his senses. He paused the video and regained his composure before letting the butler in.

The butler came in with a glass of warm milk. He silently sighed when he saw Su Guobang pretending to review the documents on the table.

Old Master, do you know that you were laughing out loud?

I’ve already heard it, so stop pretending!

However, the butler did not expose the old man. He placed the milk in front of Su Guobang and pretended to casually mention, “Old Master, Young Master has sent Little Miss to the international bilingual kindergarten. If you’re free, you can go and visit her.”

Su Guobang raised his head and glared at him. “Who’s Young Master? Who’s Little Miss? Who are those two? Watch your tongue!”

The butler was speechless.

Forget it! Pretend that I didn’t say anything.

After the butler left, Su Guobang immediately resumed watching the show. Even though he had already watched it three or four times, he was not sick of it.

Logically speaking, he did not need to pay so much attention to an illegitimate daughter. Perhaps, he had been too bored recently.

Wait, what did the butler say just now? The international bilingual kindergarten?

When Su Guobang looked at the cute little girl, who was sweetly smiling and saying ‘Daddy,’ an idea surfaced in his mind.


Back in the apartment, Su Shenjing heard Sheng Tianci continue. “I think you need a public relations team. Looking at your current circumstances, I can say that you will always get criticized. You need a team to help you solve such problems as soon as possible. If you miss the perfect timing to clarify, you’ll be in trouble. If things drag on, you won’t even be able to prove your innocence.

“Why don’t I ask Second Brother and see if his entertainment company will allow you to join them? Now that you’re so popular, there’s a high chance that you can get in. It’ll be much better if a company helps you deal with such matters.”

Su Shengjing laughed. “Your second brother’s entertainment company is one of the best in the country. If they sign a contract with me, they’ll have to deal with a bunch of my scandals immediately.”

Which company would be willing to take on more trouble?

“I’ll give my second brother a call. Meanwhile, you should publish a statement first to clarify. Also, please remember that you’re a celebrity. You shouldn’t be checking Weibo only after I remind you.” Sheng Tianci hung up after saying that.

Su Shengjing was about to log into Weibo when Yang Fangping called again.

As he answered the call, he heard Yang Fangping’s devastated cry. “Shengjing! No, I’ll call you my big brother, okay? Are you really going over to Li Yang’s side? What about my show?

“I’m ready to start filming the third episode. I even plan to rig the game and let Little Jiu live in the best house, while giving both of you more screen time! Why are you leaving now? If you leave, what am I going to do?”

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