Chapter 156: Arrogant Right After Rising To Popularity

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That night, a media account published an article with the headlines: “Su Shengjing cruelly abandons ‘Daddy, Let’s Go’ and joins another show!”.

“Has Su Shengjing gotten arrogant right after rising to popularity? Does he owe ‘Daddy, Let’s Go’ an explanation?”

“Su Shengjing never changes. Here’s a detailed account of the bad deeds he has done after becoming popular!”

The article included a photo taken by the paparazzi. It claimed that Li Yang and Yang Fangping were competitors from the same television station and did not get along well with each other. Su Shengjing was planning to abandon Yang Fangping, who had single-handedly made him popular again, and join Li Yang’s show. The article ended with a searing condemnation of Su Shengjing for being disloyal and ungrateful.

Su Shengjing’s face was clearly depicted in the photo.

The photo of him shaking hands with Li Yang did seem like they had finished negotiating a collaboration.

Some media accounts took the opportunity to uncover Su Shengjing’s past scandals and even photoshopped some ugly photos of him. With the fake commentators influencing the discussion, the netizens were quickly led astray.

“Are you serious? Why is he so unprofessional? He joins whichever show pays him more money. Why is Su Shengjing so materialistic?”

“How disgusting! These photos of Su Shengjing in the past are so ugly. And he was even the nation’s crush? Ugh!”

“Su Shengjing, be a better man, okay? Do you think that this is fair to Director Yang?”

“Don’t forget that you’re a father. You’ll lead your daughter astray!”

“Oh my god! He only filmed two episodes, and he’s already become so arrogant and ungrateful. Who will still invite him to a show in the future? We should just blacklist immoral celebrities like him!”

Su Shengjing’s fans quickly forwarded these posts to the group chat. When ‘Moderator Flower’ saw them, she got so angry that she was at a loss for words.

Su Shengjing has just become popular, but why are there so many people trying to defame him? Who did he offend? 

Anyway, I don’t believe that Su Shengjing is that kind of person. What can these photos of them shaking hands prove? They could’ve been discussing other projects, right? 

Before the matter is even clarified, these media accounts and haters are trying to influence the discussion. How shameless! 

Hence, she immediately mobilized her fellow fans to defend Su Shengjing on Weibo. They knew that they must not let these haters slander their idol!

Su Jiu’s fans also quickly appeared and started arguing with the haters and the fake commentators.

If you insult Little Jiu’s father, aren’t you insulting her too? 

We won’t allow this!

Due to this, Weibo instantly became flooded with comments, attracting the attention of other netizens. As expected, Su Shengjing appeared on the trending searches again.

“What the heck? An unpopular celebrity like Su Shengjing has appeared on the trending searches so many times! He practically lives there!”

Su Shengjing had yet to realize what had happened on Weibo. After he returned from the café, he cooked dinner and guided Su Jiu in doing her arts and craft homework.

Su Jiu did not even have to use her brain when doing such homework. However, as she was still a four-year-old kid, she needed to act like her age. Hence, she had to feign ignorance and ask Su Shengjing for help.

This greatly boosted Su Shengjing’s self-esteem as a father. It made him feel like his daughter needed him. In fact, he felt prouder than he had been when he got the Best Rookie Award in the past.

As he helped Su Jiu glue a paper butterfly to the paper, Sheng Tianci called him.

“What are you doing? Did you see Weibo? You’re trending again. Quickly post something to clarify it!”

Su Shengjing frowned. “What happened again?”

“You’ll know when you take a look. F*ck, someone stalked you today! I don’t know which bastard is so despicable. If I catch him, I will never forgive him!” Sheng Tianci felt extremely indignant.

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