Chapter 150: An Emotionless Machine

Su Shengjing was worried that his daughter would get bullied because of her soft personality. Surprisingly, the moment she entered the classroom, many children recognized her.

“Wow! It’s Little Jiu! I’ve seen her on television!”

“I… I’ve especially watched that show. My parents praised her for being cute!”

These three- or four-year-old kids were not so manipulative. They all thought that if someone had appeared on television before, that person was very impressive. On top of that, this new student was as pretty as a doll. Therefore, all of them wanted to make friends with her.

The little boys were stunned by her beauty.

When she saw so many adorable kids at once, Su Jiu became overwhelmed by cuteness. She warmly greeted them. The moment their lessons ended, she shared her experiences in the village with them.

She captured the attention of all the kids. Proud that they had made such an incredible friend, these kids could not wait to go home and brag.

Su Jiu had done a marvelous job on her first day of school. Every kid in her class liked her. Su Shengjing’s fear was unfounded.

As the school ended, Su Jiu’s new school bag became filled with sweets and snacks the kids gave to her.

Some boys even surrounded her and offered to send her home in their fathers’ cars. However, before Su Jiu could answer, Sheng Zhiyan rushed over and pulled her toward him. He aggressively warned them. “I will send Little Jiu home. All of you, stand aside!”

When the kindergarten teachers saw this scene, they secretly chuckled. Meanwhile, Su Shengjing, who was standing outside and waiting for Su Jiu, was extremely displeased.

Does this shameless brat think my daughter is his?

Su Shengjing immediately walked over, carried his precious daughter, and left Sheng Zhiyan behind.

As Su Jiu got carried away from him, Sheng Zhiyan finally realized that he was no longer holding her hand. He hurriedly followed after Su Shengjing. “Uncle, wait for me!”

Su Shengjing ignored him and entered the car.

Sheng Tianci sat at the front and watched as his nephew climbed into the car while foolishly smiling at Little Jiu. Tsk! He’s such a disappointing child.

He’s acting like a silly boy. Against all the boys who like Little Jiu, he doesn’t have an advantage.

Sheng Tianci ignored his nephew. He flashed a friendly smile at Su Jiu and asked, “Little Jiu, today was your first day in kindergarten. How do you feel? Are you happy? No one bullied you, right?”

“No! All the children were very nice to me.” Su Jiu said as she opened her bag, “Look! They gave all this to me!”

When Su Shengjing saw Su Jiu’s bag full of snacks, he knew that he had been worrying unnecessarily.

As expected, everyone liked Su Jiu.

Su Jiu shared the snacks and candies with Sheng Zhiyan, which made the kid overjoyed. Little Jiu only shared these yummy snacks with me because she likes me!

As the car drove along, Su Jiu casually looked out of the window and immediately froze.

She had spotted the little villain.

He was wearing a brand new school uniform and carrying his school bag over one shoulder. Standing on the street opposite the kindergarten, he watched as the car drove away.

The school that the little villain attended was just a street away from this kindergarten. Did he especially come here to see me?

Su Jiu suddenly felt touched.

The little villain was actually a meticulous and thoughtful person, but he never showed it. He always suppressed his emotions as if he were a cold and emotionless machine.

Despite knowing him for quite some time, Su Jiu had seen him smile only once.

Furthermore, that smile had been extremely brief.

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