Chapter 146: What Flavor Do You Like?

Rong Si could never forget the rainy night when that man chased him and his mother out of their house like stray dogs, then married another woman the next day.

Rong Si swore to force that man to kneel before him and his mother like a dog and beg for forgiveness!

He wanted to torture that man, and…

As countless dark thoughts surfaced in his mind, a cute voice rang out behind him. “Big Brother!”

Rong Si froze. He then subconsciously turned around.

When his eyes fell on the little girl excitedly running toward him, his hostile aura instantly vanished.

All those vicious thoughts were thrown to the back of his mind. A sense of astonishment replaced them.

Why is she here? Has she been following me all along?

Did she discover anything?

Rong Si clenched his fists, feeling a little flustered.

Little Jiu was his only friend. Naturally, he did not want her to discover this dark side of him.

He did not want to experience the feeling of being looked down upon and abandoned by her.

“Big Brother, the sun is so hot. You’ll get a heat stroke if you stand like this for too long. Let’s go to the park opposite this building, okay?” Su Jiu grabbed his hand.

Rong Si did not move. Instead, he stared at her and asked, “Did you follow me here?”

Su Jiu stuck out her tongue in embarrassment. Grabbing his hands, she cutely said, “I’m sorry, Big Brother. When I saw you unhappily sneak out of your home, I was worried that you might meet some bad guys. So, I followed you along with Daddy. Don’t be angry, okay?”

Rong Si was speechless.

He suddenly realized that he did not know what to do with her. All his fury had disappeared.

He awkwardly said, “I’m not angry.”

“Really?” Su Jiu instantly grinned. “Then, you shouldn’t stay in the sun here anymore. Let’s sit under the shade of the trees, okay? My daddy bought ice cream. Shall we eat together?”

Rong Si pursed his lips and turned to look at the entrance of the building. Even now, no one came out. Left with no other choice, he followed Su Jiu to the park across the street and found a shady spot to sit down.

Just then, Su Shengjing returned to them with two ice creams in his hands. One was a strawberry ice cream and the other was a vanilla one.

Instead of immediately taking the ice cream, Su Jiu asked Rong Si, “Big Brother, what flavor do you like?”

Rong Si liked the strawberry-flavored ice cream. However, thinking that she might like it too, he said, “Anything is fine. You should choose first.”

And indeed, as he thought, Su Jiu picked the strawberry-flavored ice cream and passed the vanilla one to him. “Why don’t you eat this, Big Brother?”

“Okay.” Rong Si took the ice cream. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome!”

When Su Shengjing saw this, he suddenly felt unhappy.


Why is my daughter treating another boy so well? She even smiled so sweetly and brightly at him. This brat is becoming an eyesore!

Rong Si took a bite of the ice cream and turned to look at the little girl beside him. He watched her happily eat the ice cream and lick the corner of her lips.

How adorable!

Su Jiu pretended to casually ask, “Big Brother, why are you here?”

“I was just roaming around.” Rong Si gave her a vague answer, afraid that she would discover something. Suddenly, he stood up. “I should go back.”

Su Jiu stood up as well. “Then, let’s go back together. Big Brother, don’t sneak out anymore. What if you meet a bad person?”

“Okay, I won’t sneak out anymore. I’ll stay at home and wait for Mommy to come back.”

“That’s more like it!” Su Jiu stood on her tiptoes and stroked his head like she were petting a puppy.

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