Chapter 145: A Beast in Human Clothing

He leaned closer to her and gently sniffed her. “It’s been so long since we got divorced… I still remember what you taste like. How nostalgic!”

Song Wanqiu’s hair stood on end. She became afraid and felt as if a venomous snake had wrapped itself around her neck. Quickly retreating a step, she glared at him. “Shameless!”

Rong Cheng sneered and returned to his desk. “It’s not impossible if you want your son to go to school. Since you’ve found your way here, I’ll give you a good suggestion.”


Rong Cheng slowly said, “As long as you’re willing to accompany me, I’ll let him attend the best primary school.”

Accompany him…

Song Wanqiu shuddered. She had not expected Rong Cheng to make such a shameless request.

He had already divorced her and married another woman. Yet, he was still demanding her to accompany him.

“Rong Cheng, how can you be so shameless?!”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to. Think of another way, then.” Rong Cheng lowered his head and nonchalantly flipped through the documents.

This man is simply a beast dressed in human clothing.

Song Wanqiu trembled and her face became ashen. She remained silent for a long time.

Rong Cheng leaned against the leather chair and gazed at her with a serious expression. “Why? Isn’t this a very simple thing? Do you need to think for so long? As a mother, you should be willing to do anything for your child, right?”

Song Wanqiu was so furious that she laughed. “I’m willing to do many things, but if Ah Si finds out that I have to sell myself to a piece of trash like you, he’ll definitely be furious.

“I once told him to be a responsible and respectable man. As his mother, if I have no dignity or backbone, how can I teach him how to lead his life?”

“Ha, so you’re unwilling? I’ll see what you can do! You’re at your wits’ end now, aren’t you? Don’t come begging me again. It won’t be as simple as just accompanying me once. I’ll make you unable to get out of bed…”

Before Rong Cheng could finish his sentence, Song Qiu suddenly grabbed the cup of coffee on the table.


She ruthlessly splashed the coffee onto his face.

As the coffee had just been brewed, it was still hot. This caught Rong Cheng off guard. The hot coffee splashing all over his face and dripping down made him look pathetic.

He flew into a rage. “Song Wanqiu, do you have a death wish?”

Song Wanqiu put down the coffee cup. Her hand was slightly trembling, yet her gaze was firm. “Rong Cheng, I was foolish and ignorant for thinking that you were a good man back then. Now, I have finally come to my senses. You like to sleep with multiple women and enjoy life, right? One day, you’ll meet your doom, you bastard!”

After saying that, she spun around and left.

Song Wanqiu already had a plan. If she could not stay in the capital, she would just leave with her child.

It was a big world, so there would always be a place for her and Ah Si.

She did not believe that Rong Cheng’s influence could be so widespread!

Right at this moment, the office door to the building suddenly opened. As Song Wanqiu almost bumped into someone, she subconsciously apologized. Suddenly, she heard a surprised voice.

“It’s you?”

Song Wanqiu looked up. She was similarly surprised when she saw Sheng Tianci.

Immediately afterward, she averted her gaze and mumbled in embarrassment, “I’ll take my leave first.”

Sheng Tianci looked at her, then back at Rong Cheng, who was furiously wiping his face with a tissue. Having understood something, he said to the secretary behind him, “CEO Rong isn’t in the right state to talk about the collaboration, right? Let’s meet another time.”

With that said, he turned around and chased after Song Qiu without waiting for the secretary to respond.


Rong Si was still waiting downstairs. It was so hot that his face had started to become red.

No one came out even after he waited for so long. However, he was certain that his mother had come to find that man.

That person was rich and powerful. If his mother wanted help, she could only look for him.

As Rong Si stared at the eye-catching logo above his head, a hint of ruthlessness surfaced in his eyes.

When I grow up, I will destroy everything this man owns!

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