Chapter 141: Cute Sisters

That won’t do! It wasn’t easy to get a chance to live again with a good father. I don’t want to die!

Su Jiu mulled over the problem. The reason the original character had died was that she had gone against the undefeatable female lead, who was born with a halo. The original character had even offended the villain and ended up in a miserable state.

Won’t it be fine if I didn’t become enemies with the female lead and the villain?

I don’t believe that a side character like me will still die if I become a good person at a young age. If I still die, there must be something wrong with this world!

As long as the little villain doesn’t become evil, he should be fine. Now, I just have to build a good relationship with the female lead.

Why do we have to become enemies? Can’t we just be cute and close sisters?

Right! Let’s do that.

Su Shengjing was clueless that so many thoughts had gone through Su Jiu’s mind in such a short period. Blinking, Su Jiu shot a shy glance at Song Xinyan, then said, “Daddy, she’s so pretty like a princess!”

The compliment delighted Song Xinyan. She tugged at Song Jiye’s sleeve and whispered, “Daddy, I want to invite her home to play.”

“Sure!” Song Jiye immediately agreed. Since the plane they were on would be landing at the capital’s airport, he asked, “Little Jiu, you live in the capital, right? Me too! If you’re free, why don’t you come over to my house with your daddy?”

Su Jiu thought about it and said, “Oh, if that big sister is at home, I’ll go. If not, I won’t.”

Song Jiye laughed when he saw Little Jiu staring at his daughter as if she liked her a lot. “Hahaha, sure! Xinyan will definitely be waiting for you to visit her home.”

Song Xinyan eagerly invited Su Jiu too. “Little Sister, why don’t you come over to my house this weekend? I’ll treat you to candy, and you can play with my toys too.”

Su Jiu grinned, and her eyes lit up. Happiness and anticipation took over her face as she exclaimed, “Really? Thank you, Big Sister!”

Then, the two fathers exchanged their phone numbers and home addresses.

Su Shengjing couldn’t help but exclaim how good Su Jiu was at socializing. Within such a short period, she had already made so many friends. Even the adults were fond of her. And now, she had even made friends with the Song Corporation’s chairman and his daughter.

Su Shengjing sincerely believed that as long as Su Jiu was willing, she could make friends with everyone.


After more than an hour, the plane slowly landed at the capital airport. The two children reluctantly bade farewell to each other.

Song Xinyan kept inviting Little Jiu to her house to play. Afraid that Su Jiu would forget, she reminded her a couple of times more.

On the way back to their house, Su Shengjing noticed that Su Jiu was very quiet as she snuggled in his arms. With a frown on her face, she leaned her little head against his chest. Seeing that she looked extremely troubled, he wondered what had happened to her.

She should’ve been happy since she had made a new friend.

Su Shengjing pinched her chubby cheeks. “What’s wrong, darling?”

Su Jiu looked up at him and softly said, “Daddy, I’m thinking of something.”


“What if… what if I die one day?” As Su Jiu spoke, her voice became softer.

Although she had become friends with the female lead, she was still worried that this would only change the process but not the ending.

Upon hearing his daughter’s strange question, Su Shengjing was stunned. His heart skipped a beat.

I have never thought of this question before, so why did Little Jiu think of it?

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