Chapter 134: Buy A Freezer For Little Jiu

Su Shengjing helped her open the packaging of the ice cream. The ice cream had already melted a little, so he quickly passed it to Su Jiu. “Darling, eat it quickly, or it will melt.”

After Su Jiu took a bite, he hurriedly asked, “Is it sweet?”

Su Jiu licked her lips and flashed a bright grin at him. “It’s super sweet!”

Su Shengjing smiled as well. He moved a small stool to sit by the door and placed Su Jiu on his lap.

Under the moonlight, he lowered his head and watched Su Jiu eat her ice cream. His gaze was filled with deep affection as if he could look at her for the rest of his life just like this.

Both the background music and the captions on the show were touching. “Darling, I really hope that you can grow up slowly. Just a little slower.

“That way, I can still buy you ice cream, and you can still stay in my arms for a while longer.”

As expected, the audience was touched again.


When it was time to sleep at night, Su Shengjing got some water for Su Jiu to brush her teeth and wash up. It was only then that Su Jiu noticed the wound on his arm.

It was obvious that something rough, like asphalt, had scraped his skin. Did he fall from his bicycle?

Su Jiu worriedly asked, “Daddy, does it hurt?”

Su Shengjing instinctively hid his hand behind his back and stroked her little head with his other hand. “It doesn’t hurt.”

“You’re lying. It must be very painful!” The little girl glared at him.

“It really isn’t. I’m old. So unlike a little kid, I’m not afraid of pain. This injury is nothing to me.”

Despite his words, Su Jiu did not feel comforted at all. Her eyes reddened, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. As she snuggled against him, she sobbed and whimpered, “Even if it isn’t painful, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Feeling heartbroken, Su Shengjing softly coaxed her. “Don’t cry, don’t cry. I promise you that I won’t get hurt anymore, okay?”

Su Jiu raised her head and sniffed while she looked at him. “You’re not allowed to lie to me anymore, Daddy.”

Su Shengjing reached out to wipe the tears on her face. His eyes had also become a little red, but he tried his best to force out a smile. “I won’t lie to you. Alright, brush your teeth and wash up. Let’s go to bed early. When you wake up tomorrow, my injury will be better.”

“Then, I’ll brush my teeth, wash up, and sleep right now so that your injury can become better!”

When the audience saw this scene, they found it heartwarming. Their tears streamed down their cheeks again.

Perhaps, this is the purest love that exists between a father and a daughter.

The father loves his daughter, and she also loves him. Both of them have each other’s best interests at heart. How nice!


When the show was aired, Rong Si turned on the television in the apartment on time. He sat on the sofa and intently watched the show.

He had seen how Su Jiu wanted to buy ice cream but had to return empty-handed as she did not have enough money. At that moment, he got an urge to rush into the television and buy ice cream for her with the money he had saved up for a long time.

However, he could not do that. Therefore, he had no choice but to silently memorize the ice cream she wanted to buy.

After I become rich, I’ll buy a huge freezer for Little Jiu and fill it up with her favorite ice cream. That way, she can eat to her heart’s content.

The viewership ratings for the second episode skyrocketed. It became more popular than ever and constantly appeared on trending searches.

Other than the usual audience, there were still a lot of haters criticizing Su Shengjing. They kept repeating the same things, that he was merely putting on an act and exploiting his daughter. However, Su Jiu’s fans rebuked all their claims.

An act?

Haha! In that case, Su Shengjing’s acting skills are simply excellent. Why does he still need to film a variety show? He should aim for the Oscars instead and make our country proud!

Although the haters were at a disadvantage, they had to continue hurling accusations at Su Shengjing because they had been paid.

Soon, they dug out Su Shengjing’s academic qualifications and started to criticize him for having a low education background. They claimed that a person who had only graduated high school knew nothing and was unworthy of standing alongside Han Xiao and Xiao Yang. In fact, they said that he did not even deserve to work in the entertainment industry!

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