Chapter 133: Please Be Kinder!

Su Jiu did not know what her father was planning to do. However, she did not mull over it or ask any questions. Instead, she obediently replied, “Alright!”

Su Shengjing walked out of the courtyard and looked for Yang Fangping. He wanted to borrow five dollars.

He tried his best to persuade Yang Fangping for a long while. In the end, the director reluctantly agreed. The audience members who understood Su Shengjing’s intentions felt exasperated.

“Yang Fangping, please be kinder! Su Shengjing just wants to buy ice cream for Little Jiu. Can’t you fulfill his wish?”

“D*mn it! He doesn’t even want to give up five dollars. I really want to barge into the television screen and beat him up.”

“I’m so angry! It’s so tough on Su Shengjing and Little Jiu. Yang Fangping, I’m going to scold you.”

After receiving the money, Su Shengjing borrowed a bicycle from a villager and rode to the market. Since the sky was about to darken, the store might close soon. Therefore, he had to rush over as quickly as possible.

Finally, he managed to reach the market in time.

The convenience store’s owner was about to close the shop when Su Shengjing dashed over and passed five dollars to him. “Wait, I want to buy ice cream.”

When the shopkeeper turned around and saw Su Shengjing panting and profusely sweating, he was baffled.

Huh? This man came all the way here just to buy ice cream?

When Su Shengjing received the ice cream, a relieved smile spread across his cheeks. Without delaying for even a second, he mounted the bicycle and rushed back to the village.

Su Jiu, who had finished her meal, realized that Su Shengjing was yet to return. Hence, she stood at the door and anxiously looked around with confusion and panic in her large eyes. Through the comments, the audience started urging Su Shengjing to return quickly.

“It has become so dark. Little Jiu will be afraid if she’s alone at home.”

Su Shengjing also thought of this, and he cycled even faster. However, his bicycle suddenly tripped over an object, and he toppled off the bicycle!

The captions “Please do not imitate this dangerous act” immediately appeared on the screen.

Su Shengjing had crashed onto the ground. Although his hand was scraped and it hurt a lot, he did not care at all. He just nervously looked at the ice cream in his hand. When he saw that it was alright, he heaved a sigh of relief. Then, acting like nothing had happened, he nonchalantly patted the dirt off his body and mounted the bicycle again.

When the audience saw how urgent he cycled, they felt an indescribable feeling surface within their hearts.

“Oh dear! It’s too dangerous to cycle so quickly at night.”

“He just wants to send the ice cream to his daughter as soon as possible. He doesn’t care if he gets injured. Is this fatherly love?”

“If Little Jiu sees her Daddy injured, she’ll definitely be upset, right? I don’t want to see her cry!”

The little girl was still waiting at the door. She refused to go back into the house as her father had yet to return. After a while, she spotted Su Shengjing from afar and was instantly delighted. “Daddy!”

When Su Shengjing heard his daughter’s child-like voice, he suddenly felt energy coursing through him again. He quickly cycled back and jumped off the bicycle. Then, he eagerly handed the ice cream to her and asked, “Darling, look! What’s this?”

Su Jiu’s eyes instantly lit up as she cheered up. “Ice cream!”

“Do you like it?”

“I like it! Where did you buy it?” Su Jiu was very surprised. However, she soon remembered that the fathers were probably watching the kids when they went to the market earlier in the afternoon.

Otherwise, why would her father specially buy her ice cream? Furthermore, he had chosen the same ice cream she wanted to buy back then.

The previous time, he bought me a cake. Now, it’s ice cream. Su Jiu felt moved, yet bitter.

Su Shengjing smiled and replied, “I used magic to conjure it!”

“You know magic? How impressive!” Su Jiu heaped praises on him.

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