I Beg You Just Kill Me, Too Fucking Frightening!

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Xuan Tian Ming had always understood what it meant to “shock.” He never believed that just saying a few harsh words would have any true frightening effect. In the past, he had chosen to wave his whip around to kill people. Now, he chose to use the thing that he had that was the most powerful. It would have the greatest “shock” effect.

The grenade was tossed by Xi Fang. It traveled in a beautiful arc through the air with a trailing vapor tail.

The 300 thousand soldiers of the Southern Army watched as the so-called “heavenly lightning” travel through the air, and some subconsciously covered their ears; however, they were unwilling to retract their gazes. It was only when the heavenly lightning landed in the sand that it suddenly exploded, sending sand flying into the air. In that instant, it was as though millions of divine soldiers had leapt out, as the sky was filled with sand and dust.

Those that were far away saw one thing, but those that stood closer saw something different. When Xuan Tian Ming had assaulted the city on that first night, he did not bring the Southern Army. These people could only look in the direction of Sha Ping City. They could hear the booming sounds, and they could feel the ground faintly shake. There were even some that ran a bit to see the walls of Sha Ping City get flattened by the heavenly lightning.

Today, the heavenly lightning was clearly put on display for them. In that instant, the smart people realized a reality: With this sort of divine weapon, even if the ninth prince did not want the 300 thousand troops, attacking Gu Shu would definitely not require much effort. That was why there was no reason for them to be so damn arrogant! If they continued to be as contentious as they had been before, with just the military tally in his hand, he could remove them all from the army. This was completely different from when they had been recruited. They had said that even if the ninth prince came, without the 300 thousand of them, he could not accomplish anything. In order to oppose Gu Shu, they could not be missing. But now? The people saw clearly that the 300 thousand troops were not just unable to provide assistance, but they were a burden.

This was what the smart people thought. A portion of the group had people that were mentally slower, and they had their own thoughts. The heavenly lighting was too frightening. If they continued to oppose the ninth prince, he would not need to use much effort and could just toss a few of them into the crowd. An army of 300 thousand sounded quite large, but how many explosions would it take?

In summary, regardless of how people thought, Xuan Tian Ming had managed to shock these people with the heavenly lightning. He was very satisfied with the reactions; however, he still did not allow the Southern Army to go to Sha Ping. He just left them to guard the home territory to be kept for a more important mission in the future.

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As for this more important mission, it was naturally a matter of supporting the rear. He left Xi Fang in the South to reorganize the military matters. At the same time, he chose a few talented people from the 300 thousand. Not only did the large army need a deputy general, but he was also thinking that when they took Jue Ping City, his people currently stationed in Sha Ping City would then move to Jue Ping City. After that, some people from the Southern Army would be pulled to guard Sha Ping City. With this movement, it would not be the case where they would take a city then have nobody to manage it.

Of course, he still could not trust the Southern Army completely. He repeatedly advised Xi Fang to remain vigilant. Only then did he bring his people back to Sha Ping City.

As for those traitors that plotted against the country, they were held behind and executed by Xi Fang after Xuan Tian Ming had left.

On the battlefield, strength was what mattered. Xuan Tian Ming had allowed them to see strength, and he was not afraid that someone might try to take advantage of them. Of course, he hoped that more people would defy the law because he definitely did not believe that Xuan Tian Mo only had that small handful of people in the 300 thousand troops. There were definitely more. It was just that they were hiding very well.

In the following days, although Xuan Tian Ming did not continue the offensive, he did not sit idly by. Feng Yu Heng had sent him a letter when she had left Ji An Prefecture. He knew that his wife was already on her way South, thus he felt even more assured. He did not worry too much about wasting ammunition, and he ordered the Divine Archery Group to continue training.

As for He Gan and the Divine Archery Group, they were very understanding. When it came to training, using a target would be too much of a waste. Either way, it was too hot during the day, and the soldiers did not even dare to set foot outside their tents, thus they simply decided to sleep during the day. When night fell, and the temperature dropped, they all got out of bed and headed toward Jue Ping City by camel.

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Since they needed to train their marksmanship, they would train on living people. Not only would it be more realistic, but it also would not be a waste of their precious ammunition. Of course, they did not know that ammunition was something that Feng Yu Heng could produce as much as desired. A space that could automatically replenish its supplies was a heaven-defying existence!

Below Jue Ping City, the Divine Archery Group stopped outside the range of bows and arrows while remaining in range for their guns. They were not afraid of being discovered by the soldiers atop the wall. They were not even afraid of not being noticed. They were excited to see the looks of irritation from the feeling of “We found them but can’t do anything to them.”

Under He Gan’s command, the marksmanship training began in earnest. All guns were aimed at the soldiers on top of the wall. One after another, all of the people in Jue Ping City had been scared witless! They were left on the brink of despair from the gunfire!

This continued for a number of nights, and each night was the same. It was such that the soldiers from Gu Shu needed to write their last words before taking their shift. They would even be given some wine to send them off. They all knew that as long as they ascended the wall, it was basically very difficult to come back down.

Finally, someone voiced their objections. When they clearly knew that they would be dying, why would they continue to insist on sending people up there? Was it not fine to not stand guard?

The general, Bi Xiu, became furious. Who could possibly think of not guarding the wall? If you don’t go up to stand guard, what if the enemy army snuck closer? Could it be that Jue Ping City would also be lost? Da Shun’s ninth prince had given them a chance to catch their breath. They had wanted to go and steal some of the heavenly lightning to research it, but they had failed to steal it. This had also dragged the eighth prince’s people into it. Bi Xiu’s belly was filled with anger that he could not vent. He forcefully gave the order for soldiers to continue standing guard.

There was nothing that the soldiers could do. As soldiers of Gu Shu, they needed to obey their general’s orders. If they went up the wall, they would die. If they did not go up the wall, they would also die, thus the people needed to grit their teeth and climb up the wall.

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This continued for a full seven days. Gu Shu had lost a total of over 3000 people guarding the walls. Bi Xiu was finally unable to endure this and retracted the order. They would no longer go up the wall to stand guard. Instead, everyone would be stationed inside the walls, especially behind the gate. They were comfortably inside.

But the people that had experienced the battle at Sha Ping City knew that this was pointless. They had heavenly lightning and could knock down the wall. What was the fucking point of knocking down the gate! But the people did not dare say it. They would just do as their general ordered! Either way, as long as Da Shun did not attack, they could continue to stay alive and breathe. Once Da Shun attacked Jue Ping City, they could only consider living as a luxury.

The Divine Archery Group trained in marksmanship for seven days. On the eighth day, the top of Jue Ping City’s walls were empty, and the soldiers felt very bored. On the eighth day, they looked for a bit longer but found that there was nobody. They had no choice but to just return. Right after returning, they did not forget to shoot a few shots to scare the people inside Jue Ping City and leave them feeling nothing but despair. They felt that Da Shun’s ninth prince was just messing with them. The more they did this, the more afraid they became. It would be better to just be more direct and just attack Gu Shu’s capital directly. Doing it like this was too fucking frightening!

Xuan Tian Ming did not care what the people of Gu Shu thought. He just quietly approved of the Divine Archery Group. As a result, He Gan said: “In truth, this was learned from Doctor Song Kang. Using Gu Shu for human experimentation is a very useful method. In the future, we can use it for reference.”

Xuan Tian Ming believed this to be correct.

The next day, the two of the soldiers that had been stationed at Lan Zhou’s prefect’s manor returned. Arriving before Xuan Tian Ming, they reported: “The citizens of Lan Zhou have exposed the fake Imperial Daughter Ji An. The people are petitioning and hoping that we can support them in getting rid of the fake imperial daughter.”

Xuan Tian Ming shrugged and smiled, “They finally understood that the imperial daughter was fake? That’s quite good. This prince was thinking that those people who had been brainwashed by old eighth would need a few more days to figure it out! When you go back, speak with Ji Ling Tian about this matter! Just say that this prince knows the situation. With things as they are, whether he still believes in his eighth master or wants to save everyone in his family and serve me. This prince also must watch closely whether he really is one of Da Shun’s officials. Just tell Ji Ling Tian that if he wants to continue spouting lies, this prince will gouge out his eyes and cut off his tongue to feed the dogs.”

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The two soldiers received their orders and left.

When these words reached Ji Ling Tian, Ji Ling Tian immediately broke into tears. While wiping away tears, he sighed and lamented his difficult life. The eighth prince had been in the South for many years, and he had no choice but to support him! Who told him to try and get close to someone powerful to seek benefits. If you did not support him, it also would not do! He would have immediately taken care of you!

But now, the South had changed hands and had a new master, yet this master was one that opposed the eighth prince. Why did he now feel as though he had been used by the eighth prince? Back when the eighth prince had left the South for the capital, just how good had he made it sound! The South would have a battle, but this prince will definitely do everything possible to not return. Instead, it will be old ninth to come. But there’s no need for you to worry. Old ninth will just be going to fight the battle. This prince’s 300 thousand troops cannot possibly help him. Even if he brings people himself, he cannot bring that many. It cannot possibly compete with the 500 thousand in Gu Shu’s army and the coalition’s army. In just a few days time, they will be beaten silly. When that time comes, the South will need to call him back.

But what was the result? It was completely different from what had been described! It was the exact opposite! How could it be that the 300 thousand troops were not helping them? Rather, it was that they were not valued in the slightest. Although he had been locked inside the manor the entire time, he could still receive news. He had also personally felt the tremors on that first night. Upon arriving, the ninth prince conquered Sha Ping City. This had become reality. Regardless of what angle one looked at this, the ninth prince was stronger than the eighth prince!

Ji Ling Tian was now confused. Where exactly did the eighth prince find the confidence? How many flattering words did Gu Shu say to him? He had been the ninth prince’s brother since childhood. How could he have such a poor understanding of him?

Ji Ling Tian buried his head in his hands and wept, feeling that regardless of whether he listened to the ninth prince’s words or not, preserving his life would be difficult. Just based on the ninth prince’s reputation, he completely believed that he was capable of burning a bridge after crossing it while refusing to accept that he was attempting to atone for his crimes. Or perhaps he would say in that deliberately mysterious tone: “This prince has never kept his word. What can you do about this prince?”

He could not do anything about it, but in the end, he needed to take this gamble. What if the ninth prince was more reliable this time? It would be better than immediately refusing then being killed.

Forget it!

Ji Ling Tian waved his hand and called to the officials: “Let’s go! Come with this official to the Feng residence!”

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