Chapter 129: Daddy, Be Good And Wait For Me To Come Back

“Old Master?” The butler confusedly looked at him.

Su Guobang’s eyes gleamed as if he were trying to hide something. He pretended to sternly cough. “Forget it, there’s no need to change the channel. Anyway, it’ll be over soon. I don’t like to give something up halfway.”

The butler was speechless.

You just want to watch your son and granddaughter. Why are you pretending?

The little girl is so cute. When I saw her the previous time, I liked her so much. Back then, the Old Master wished for nothing more than to strangle her to death. He had even scared her to tears. However, even though he resented her so much back then, he’s so engrossed in the television show right now!


In the afternoon, the fathers carried their children, who had just woken up, to the meeting point. There, Yang Fangping announced the mission for the day.

The fathers had to help the villagers water the fields, feed the pigs and chickens, and harvest corn. The money they earned would be handed over to the children, who were tasked to buy groceries at the market.

When the fathers heard the mission, they were very surprised. The production crew is letting the children buy groceries themselves. At such a young age, these kids don’t even understand the concept of money. How can they possibly buy groceries?

Han Xiao subconsciously asked, “Are you letting the children go alone?”

Yang Fangping nodded. “That’s right. They have to go alone with only the cameramen and staff tagging along. The fathers are not allowed to accompany them. However, you can tell the kids what they should buy. Also, you have to eat whatever food they bring back. Understood?”

The director flashed a sly grin at them.

The fathers instantly had a headache. They thought that this was an impossible task.

The children were also troubled. When they had to buy something, someone else had always paid for them. They didn’t have much experience dealing with money, so this mission proved challenging for them.

On the other hand, Su Shengjing was not worried about whether Su Jiu could complete the mission or not. It was fine even if she failed. He was just concerned that it would be unsafe for her to go alone.

After completing his mission, he handed the thirty dollars he had earned to Su Jiu.

The little girl excitedly took the money and grabbed the basket from the production crew. With an eager expression, she asked, “Daddy, what do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you!”

Su Shengjing bent down and smiled. “You can buy whatever you want to eat. However, I didn’t earn much money this time. I reckon that you can only buy one type of meat. Fish, perhaps, because it’s cheaper. With the remaining money, you can buy some vegetables. This way, we can cook more dishes tonight.”

“Okay! I’ve remembered everything you said!”

Su Shengjing worriedly looked at her. “Can you do it alone?”

Su Jiu firmly nodded. “Daddy, you said that I’m amazing, so I can definitely do it! Be good, and wait for me to come back! Don’t run around!”

With an amused expression, Su Shengjing chuckled and kissed her forehead. “Okay, I’ll wait for you to come back, darling.”

When her father kissed her, a delighted, yet shy look appeared on Su Jiu’s face. She blushed as she shouted at the cameraman beside her. “Uncle, let’s go!”

Her cuteness overwhelmed the cameraman. Ah! This little cutie talked to me!

As he felt the excitement, Su Shengjing suddenly walked over and requested him. “Hey, buddy. My daughter is still young, so please keep an eye on her and take care of her. Thank you!”

The cameraman was earnest, and he had no reason to refuse. Hence, he nodded and assured Su Shengjing. “Don’t worry, we will.”

Even if Su Shengjing had not reminded them, they would still look after the little cutie. After all, she was the treasure of the show.

In the scene, Su Jiu had worn a white fluffy dress and was carrying a large basket. She happily skipped on the small path, where flowers blossomed on the surrounding fields. The audience could feel the energy and joy emanating from her.

They commented, “My mood improved after looking at her. Even my food became yummier!”

However, when they saw a figure appear on the screen, the audience members were unable to hold back their emotions anymore.

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