Chapter 128: A Clingy Girl

The audience members wiped away their tears as they watched the show. “I’m crying again. Stop tormenting me, okay?”

“Su Jiu and her father have once again touched my heart.”

“This is so heartwarming. Although Su Shengjing is useless at everything else, he’s the best father ever.”

While the show was broadcasted, the butler in the Su family was brewing a pot of hot tea for Su Guobang in the Su Residence’s living room. When he brought it over, he realized that Su Guobang had changed his habit of watching the financial news. In fact, Su Guobang was actually watching—


The butler was shocked. Am I seeing things? Is the Old Master really watching a variety show?

This intimidating old man, who dominates the corporate world and can make people tremble with fear, once mocked that entertainment was for the brainless. Only the foolish would watch variety shows. However, he’s watching them now!

Furthermore, this variety show features a bunch of adults and children. It’s extremely noisy, which is what the Old Master hates. Even all the windows in this house are soundproofed! Why is he watching such a show?

The butler did not know why, but he dared not to ask. After all, this old man’s thoughts were always unreadable.

Su Guobang took the cup of tea, gently blew on it, and took a sip. His gaze never left the little girl and the handsome young man on the screen. As he went deep in thought, his brows furrowed.

The last time he saw Su Shengjing was more than two months ago. Now, Su Shengjing looked like a completely different person. Not only had he lost a lot of weight, but he also looked much more energetic. It was unlike his listless and pessimistic self in the past.

He got along well with the guests on the show and was quite good at taking care of his kid.

Su Guobang watched as Su Shengjing sat beside the bed and patiently chased the mosquitoes away from Su Jiu with his gaze filled with affection. Suddenly, an indescribable emotion surfaced in Su Guobang’s heart.

I have never seen Su Shengjing reveal such an expression before.

It’s as if that little girl is extremely precious to him.

This is a huge joke! She’s just an illegitimate daughter who doesn’t even know her mother’s identity. Doesn’t he feel embarrassed joining the show with his illegitimate daughter?

Su Shengjing should be glad that he didn’t reveal his identity when he debuted back then. If people knew about his relationship with the Su family, I’d have never allowed this show to be broadcasted.

On the television screen, Su Jiu sleepily rubbed her eyes after waking up. She kept calling out to Su Shengjing, “Daddy! Daddy!” As she wrapped her arms around him, she looked like a clingy little girl.

However, Su Shengjing acted as if he were enjoying himself. He allowed her to hug him to her heart’s content.

Hah! She’s just a little girl. Is she really that precious?

However, her child-like voice sounds so adorable when she calls out for her father. I wonder what it’ll sound like when she calls me her grandfather.

This thought suddenly jolted Su Guobang back to reality.

No, why would she call me her grandpa? She’s just a worthless and illegitimate daughter. Even if I have to jump off this building and die, I’ll never acknowledge her, much less dote on her like that bastard, Su Shengjing!

The butler observed Su Guobang’s expression. Although the old man looked extremely unhappy, he was still reluctant to change the channel. Hence, the butler carefully asked, “Old Master, do you need me to change the channel? The financial news show is about to start.”

At this moment, the scene on the screen had already switched to another father-child pair. Hence, Su Guobang coldly instructed the butler, “Change it!”

“Okay.” The butler picked up the remote control. He was about to change the channel when the scene cut back to Su Shengjing and Su Jiu.

Su Guobang immediately interrupted the butler. “Wait!”

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