Chapter 127: What A Precious Daughter!

The comments flooded in.

“Ah! Brat, you’re not allowed to bully my daughter! Be careful or I’ll stop loving your Dad!”

“Oh my god! They are the domineering CEO and the sweet little princess. I’m shipping them together so badly!”

“Same here! Suddenly, I have an urge to fall in love. I can’t believe that I got this feeling because of these two little kids!”


When Su Jiu said those words, Han Siye’s expression became much more pleasant. He proudly said, “Good girl.”

He even stroked her head.

Su Jiu was speechless.

Why do I feel like I’m a puppy? Do I need to bark too?

At this moment, Yang Fangping’s voice rang out. “Alright, the fathers can now bring your children to look for the houses. The production crew has already prepared lunch for you guys. After lunch, you’ll get a break. We’ll continue with the missions in the afternoon!”

Carrying Su Jiu in his arms, Su Shengjing found House no. four. It was a small house similar in size to the run-down house they had stayed in before. The furnishing was very simple, and the glass window even had a hole. The house had not been cleaned for a long time, and a layer of dust covered it.

Su Shengjing quickly cleaned up the place. Then, he brought home lunch and started eating with Su Jiu.

The camera recorded Su Shengjing giving all the meat to Su Jiu. Su Shengjing only started eating his food after his daughter was finished with her meal. While finishing all the leftovers, he reminded Su Jiu to not waste food.

The little girl solemnly nodded. “I know, Daddy. The director at the orphanage said that it’s really tiring for our farmers to grow crops. Everything we eat is the result of their blood, sweat, and tears. Hence, we must not waste food.”

The audience erupted into a commotion again. “Oh my god! Little Jiu is so sensible!”

“She’s such a precious daughter! I love her.”

“I just glanced at my four-year-old nephew who doesn’t even know how to count and suddenly felt so disdainful.”

“Little Jiu must have led a tough life when she was in the orphanage. She knows food is precious because she didn’t have much to eat, right?”

When the fans saw this comment, they became heartbroken. They wished for nothing more than to dote on her.

After lunch, it was time for a nap.

As the fathers and the children had traveled thousands of miles on a plane to get here, they were exhausted. They needed a break.

Even after lying down, Su Jiu could not fall asleep. She scrunched her nose and whispered to Su Shengjing, “Daddy, there are mosquitoes here.”

Su Shengjing’s heart ached when he saw the three huge mosquito bites on Su Jiu’s fair arm. He softly coaxed her. “Be a good girl and sleep. I’ll chase away the mosquitoes for you.”

“Okay!” Su Jiu cutely replied as she closed her eyes again.

Su Shengjing stood up and got off the bed. He took out a bottle of mosquito repellent from his luggage and sprayed it beside the bed. Then, he sat down at the edge of the bed, picked up a fan on the table, and chased away the mosquitoes for his daughter so that she could have a good afternoon nap.

The camera recorded Su Shengjing’s every action.

Instead of resting, he kept fanning Su Jiu to stop the mosquitoes from biting her. His gaze never left his daughter for even an instant. He stared at her affectionately and gently, as if he could never get tired of looking at her.

The little girl fell asleep very quickly. Su Shengjing reached out and caressed her mosquito bite. As his heart ached, he applied some ointment for her.

Since he was afraid of waking Su Jiu up, he made sure to be very gentle.

When the audience saw how cautious he was, they were moved.

The captions said, “Darling, with Daddy around, you can sleep in peace.”

“Even if it’s a simple house, I will protect you and give you warmth.”

“Because you’re the most precious darling to me.”

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