Chapter 125: A Little Angel From Heaven

Su Jiu turned her head and saw that Chen Xixi was the one crying. Her father was hugging and coaxing her. “It’s okay, it’s okay. The house we stayed in the previous time was pretty good, so it’s fine even if the house we got this time is a bit worse. We need to give the other kids a chance to stay in a good house too.”

“But I don’t want to live in such a house.”

Chen Xixi cried, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Feeling exasperated, Chen Ke said, “Look at Little Jiu. She didn’t cry when she stayed in such a poor house last time. As her older sister, you should be more sensible than her. Why are you crying?”

House no. four, which Su Jiu had chosen this time, was average. On the other hand, House no. one, which Chen Xixi chose, was the worst. When the director had passed her the photo of the house, she had immediately burst into tears.

Su Jiu took pity on Chen Xixi. Suddenly, an idea popped inside her mind. If she swapped houses with Chen Xixi, not only could she calm the kid down, but she could also leave a good impression on the audience.

Hence, she glanced at Su Shengjing, who was beside her, and whispered, “Daddy, she’s crying so sadly.”

When Su Shengjing noticed his daughter’s worried expression, he knew that she had an idea. Hence, he asked her, “What should we do then?”

The little girl bit her lip and looked at the photo of House four in her hands. Although she was a little reluctant, she gave him a suggestion. “Daddy, why don’t we swap houses with her?”

Su Shengjing could not help but laugh. “Darling, you stayed in the worst house last time. Do you still want to stay in the worst house this time?”

“I said that it doesn’t matter where I stay, as long as I can be with you, Daddy!” Su Jiu said as she jumped into his arms. Snuggling her head against his chest, she asked again, “Daddy, shall we swap houses with her?”

Unable to resist her cuteness, Su Shengjing helplessly said, “You can swap if you want to. I’ll listen to you.”

After getting her father’s approval, Su Jiu happily ran to Chen Xixi, who could not be coaxed no matter what. “Xixi, let me swap houses with you!”

The audience was stunned.

“Oh my God! She’s definitely a little angel who has descended to the mortal world.”

“Little Jiu, how can you make yourself suffer like this? My heart aches for you!”

“I’m crying! I don’t want Little Jiu to live in a lousy house again! Why? Why?”

“Everyone, please pay more attention to Little Jiu. She deserves to be loved by everyone. You’re always welcome to join Little Jiu’s fan club!”

Chen Xixi was stunned for a moment. The tears stopped rolling down her cheeks as she softly asked, “You… You want to swap houses with me?”

“Yeah!” Su Jiu nodded with a grin and passed the card to her. “Don’t cry anymore, okay? Here, this is for you!”

Chen Ke secretly exclaimed Su Shengjing’s daughter and saw that she was really a little angel. The netizens were completely right about her.

He quickly declined her offer. “Little Jiu, how can we accept that? Take it back. This time, Xixi chose House one herself. Even if it’s the worst house, we have to stay in it. If we swap houses, it’ll be so unfair to you. Xixi, Little Jiu stayed in the worst house last time. Do you still want her to stay in the worst house this time? It’ll be really sad for her.”

Chen Xixi was initially very reluctant to refuse the offer. However, when she heard that Little Jiu would be sad, she quickly shook her head. “In that case, I won’t swap houses. I can’t let Little Jiu stay in the worst house.”

“That’s right. Good girl.” Chen Ke heaved a sigh of relief.

He had finally managed to coax his child. It was not an easy feat, but he had managed to do so. And it was all thanks to Little Jiu. Hence, he smiled at her and said, “Little Jiu, thank you, but Xixi won’t be swapping anymore.”

“Okay, then.” Su Jiu cast her eyes downward, looking a little disappointed. However, she soon grinned. “I’ll come over more often to play with Xixi. Both of you can also come to my house to play.”

“Okay!” Chen Xixi stopped crying and smiled. Once again, she felt that Little Jiu was really nice.

I really like her.

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