Chapter 124: My Beloved Child!

Han Siye knew what the word ‘wife’ meant. His handsome face instantly went pink as he glared at Han Xiao.

Su Shengjing also got unhappy. Is Han Xiao taking advantage of my daughter?

Without another word, he snatched Su Jiu away from Han Xiao’s arms and tightly hugged her. “I’ll carry my own daughter.”

Xiao Yang hurriedly protested. “Hey, I haven’t hugged her yet!”

However, Su Shengjing acted as if he had not heard Xiao Yang. He carried his daughter and walked toward the production crew.

The rest of the fathers enviously gazed at his back.

Yang Fangping was already waiting for them in front. When he saw Su Jiu, he wanted to tease her and play with her. However, Su Shengjing gave him a look.

Although Su Shengjing’s gaze was calm, Yang Fangping could almost hear him say, “No thanks, you’re too ugly for her.”

Wait a minute. I’m not ugly. At most, I’m just a little older. How am I ugly? A man reaches his prime at forty years old, okay!

With Su Shengjing shielding Su Jiu, Yang Fangping could only give up on teasing Su Jiu.

When all of the fathers and the children had arrived, Yang Fangping announced the rules for this episode. Just like the previous episode, the children would choose their houses first, then complete their missions.

As Su Shengjing recalled the run-down house they had stayed in the previous time, he still felt a lingering fear. Although it did not really bother him, he did not want his daughter to live in the worst house anymore.

Hopefully, her luck would be better this time.

This time, the cards did not have images of fruit on them. Instead, they were labeled from one to five. There were no hints written on the cards. Thus, it put the children in a dilemma as they did not know which one to choose.

Yang Fangping looked at Su Jiu and smiled in a friendly manner. “Little Jiu, you’re the youngest. Why don’t you come here and choose first?”

Su Jiu did not immediately go over. Instead, she looked at her father and softly asked, “Daddy, which number do you like?”

Su Shengjing lovingly said, “You can choose whichever number you like.”

“No, I want to choose what you like. Daddy, tell me quickly!” the little girl cutely insisted as she hugged his arm and swayed it.

When this scene was broadcasted, comments poured in. “Wow! She’s such a thoughtful and adorable child!”

“Little Jiu’s my favorite child! How can she be so cute?”

“Ah! if Xiaojiu acts cutely to me, I might faint on the spot. Even if she wants the stars in the sky, I’ll give them to her!”

“She’s so adorable! I beg the production crew to give her more screen time.”

Su Shengjing was the one who could not stand Su Jiu’s cuteness the most. Left with no other choice, he could only say, “I like the number four.”


Su Shengjing affectionately smiled as he stroked the two cute little buns on her head. “I chose four because you’re four years old.”

When Su Jiu heard this, her eyes lit up. Her little cheeks blushed. She happily ran toward Yang Fangping and declared in a child-like voice, “Uncle, my daddy said he wants to choose number four.”

Yang Fangping had seen the little girl acting cutely toward Su Shengjing just now. A trace of jealousy crept into his tone as he asked, “What if room number four isn’t good?”

“As long as I’m staying with Daddy, I will like it even if it’s a bad house!”

Yang Fangping was speechless.

Fine, I’m even more jealous now.

Actually, he was not the only one who was jealous. The other fathers, especially Han Xiao and Xiao Yang, felt that Su Shengjing had truly lucked out by having such a thoughtful daughter.

Yang Fangping gave the number four card to Su Jiu. Soon, the other children also finished selecting their houses.

After the five houses which the cards represented were announced, Su Jiu suddenly heard a child crying.

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