Chapter 123: Earn Money to Raise My Daddy!

When the netizens who liked Su Jiu and Su Shengjing saw all this, they heaved sighs of relief.

“Hahaha! She’s his biological daughter. The person who started this rumor must be so embarrassed right now!”

“Wow, I suddenly think that Su Shengjing is a little handsome!”

“Su Shengjing really dotes on his daughter. No matter how harshly others scolded him, he never retaliated. However, once it involved his daughter, he immediately filed a lawsuit.”

“Su Shengjing has done a good job in this aspect. As Su Jiu’s fans, we support him!”

Su Jiu’s supportive fan club badly criticized the haters. Han Xiao and Xiao Yang also threw in their support. They even posted on Weibo to speak up for Su Shengjing.

Han Xiao reposted Su Shengjing’s post and commented, “They look so alike! How can they possibly not be related? Do the haters need to check their eyesight?”

Xiao Yang commented, “If she’s not Su Shengjing’s biological daughter. I’ll live-stream myself eating a [email protected]”

With the two of them speaking up, their fans naturally had to stand on Su Shengjing’s side. When Su Shengjing’s supporters got the numerical advantage, they completely suppressed the entertainment accounts and fake commentators.

The rumor-mongers actually received lawsuits. Some even posted it on the internet. They sought help and asked if they would go to jail. The netizens laughed their heads off at this.

Taking advantage of Su Shengjing’s popularity, Yang Fangping quickly reported to the director of the television station that he was going to film the next episode of the show soon. Hence, he requested more funding from the director.

The director agreed without any hesitation. He even urged Yang Fangping to start filming quickly. Numerous people were waiting to watch the second episode. Furthermore, the television station also received many invitations from brands that were seeking to sponsor the show.

Yang Fangping felt that he could finally hold his head high for once. He quickly called Su Shengjing and told him to prepare for the next episode’s filming, which was going to be held in two days.

Yang Fangping was a practical person. In the end, the most important thing for a variety show was popularity and publicity. Even when Su Shengjing had a tarnished reputation, Yang Fangping would still invite him. Even if it might cause controversy, that would still be a source of publicity for the show.

After all, even if Su Shengjing was being hated on, it implied that he was popular.

When Su Shengjing received Yang Fangping’s call, he did not agree to it immediately. Instead, he asked Su Jiu, “Darling, do you still want to join the show?”

Raising her little face, Su Jiu blinked her round eyes and asked, “Do you want to, Daddy?”

“I’ll go if you do.”

“Then I’ll join! It’s fun to film the show. Plus, I can earn money to support you, Daddy!”

Su Shengjing smiled. With an affectionate gaze, he lovingly stroked her little head. “Okay, then you shall bring me along to the show and earn money to support me!”

Yang Fangping announced on Weibo that the second episode would be broadcasted soon. The audience, who had been waiting for ages, became overwhelmed by excitement. All of them pleaded with Yang Fangping to release the new episode as quickly as possible.


When Qin Feng saw that the situation did not turn out like how he had imagined, he got so furious that he smashed his phone onto the ground.

Things seem to be out of control now. If this continues, Su Shengjing will really rise back to his previous glory!


The filming of the second episode was set to happen in a quaint little town. The fathers and their children arrived at their destination on time.

Su Shengjing carried Su Jiu with one hand and dragged his luggage with the other. When he arrived, Han Xiao and Xiao Yang approached him with their children.

Han Xiao immediately stretched out his arms toward Su Jiu. He grinned brightly like a wolf trying to abduct Little Red Riding Hood and asked, “Little Jiu, can I hug you?”

“Okay!” Su Jiu obediently reached her arms out.

The overjoyed Han Xiao gently and carefully hugged her, afraid that she would fall. As he did so, he shot a smug look at the other fathers.

The rest of them were rendered speechless.

I think that you’re trying to make us resent you.

Han Xiao could not bear to let go of Su Jiu even after hugging her for a while. Han Siye, who was standing beside him, unhappily tugged at his sleeve. “Hey, are you done hugging her?”

Han Xiao glanced at him. “Why are you being so fierce? It’s not like I’m hugging your wife!”

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