Chapter 122: My Biological Daughter

Qin Feng had not expected Su Shengjing to make a comeback just by relying on a little girl who had appeared out of thin air.

What he needed to do right now was to stop this trend and put a brake on Su Shengjing’s comeback to popularity!

A large group of fake social media accounts entered the discussion. After the topics gained more popularity, they started to attract even more attention.

Yang Fangping saw many people insulting Su Shengjing on the show’s official Weibo account. These people wanted to boycott Su Shengjing and said that the production team was utterly insane.

“How can they invite such a person to the show? This is unfair to the other male celebrities who know their places. It’s even more unfair to the female celebrities!”

However, after careful observation, Yang Fangping realized that many of the comments were similar as if they were copy-pasted. He immediately understood that they were fake commenters.

During the past few years, Su Shengjing became so unpopular and inactive. So why is someone still buying all these fake accounts and trying to defame him?

Even though he just appeared in front of the public, everyone is already criticizing him so enthusiastically. If we film a few more episodes, will the public hate him even more?


The next day, the director of the television station called Yang Fangping to his office again and seriously said, “You’ve seen the trending searches on Weibo, right? Su Shengjing has a tarnished reputation. If we continue to let him participate in the show, he will negatively impact it.

“If things get serious, the higher-ups might summon us for a meeting. Won’t it be worse if they force you to stop airing the show and edit everything? So, I suggest that you change the guests.”

Change the guests?

Yang Fangping knew very well that the show had managed to become so popular mainly because of Su Shengjing and his daughter.

If he were to replace Su Shengjing because of these attacks from those fake commentators, he would feel extremely guilty. He would feel like he was abandoning Su Shengjing right after exploiting him.

Besides, he really liked Little Jiu.

Many in the audience liked her too. They had even set up their own fan club, which included many female and male fans.

So, how could he change the guests just like that?

At this moment, the fan club was fighting with the entertainment accounts and the fake commentators. How dare they say that Little Jiu is not Su Shengjing’s biological child? How infuriating!

To the people in the fan club, Su Shengjing and Su Jiu were a father-daughter pair made in heaven—the ideal pair of their dreams. Now that some people were claiming that Su Jiu was not Su Shengjing’s biological daughter, no one in the club could accept it.

They had to rebuke the haters.


In the apartment, Su Shengjing’s expression turned grim as he scrolled through Weibo.

Some people are really messing with me so tirelessly. I’m so unpopular that I’m almost a non-celebrity. Who am I getting in the way of?

Having been defamed for so long, Su Shengjing could calmly deal with a lot of insults. However, when he saw others claiming that Su Jiu was not his biological daughter, he instantly flew into a rage. He dug out the DNA test he had done with Su Jiu.

Back then, he had visited three different DNA testing agencies, so he had three copies of the reports. He took pictures of all of them and posted them on Weibo.

“She’s my biological daughter. The people who spread this rumor, just wait to receive my lawsuit!”

He tagged all the entertainment accounts that had started the rumors. The accounts numbered more than a hundred, which rendered it a spectacular sight.

Su Shengjing’s actions were very direct and efficient. Those three reports were enough to dispel everyone’s doubt.

Yet, some haters still questioned the authenticity of the reports and tagged the DNA testing agencies. They wanted these agencies to expose Su Shengjing for faking the reports.

However, DNA testing agency No. 1 commented, “We’re a professional DNA testing agency. Our accuracy rate is as high as 100%. We are absolutely trustworthy. P.S. We indeed published this report!”

DNA testing agency No. 2: “Yes, we confirmed it! @SuShengjing, please come again next time.”

DNA testing agency No. 3: “We guarantee that our report is definitely accurate.”

All the haters were rendered speechless.

Must you humiliate us like that?

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