Chapter 120: I’ll Protect The Little Villain!

Rong Si nodded.

Ten minutes later, as Su Jiu sat inside the car on the way to her new apartment, she suddenly felt that what had happened earlier was a little surreal. I’m actually going to become neighbors with the little villain!

Her subsequent task was to prevent Song Wanqiu from engaging in that sort of work.

Also, she had to let the little villain successfully enroll in a school.

In the novel, the villain was characterized as a genius with a high IQ and a photographic memory. Even though he had not attended school when he was younger, that did not make any difference at all. He still surpassed all the other students.

When he was only 16, he got into a top university overseas and went abroad with a full scholarship. He returned a few years later. By then, he had become a mega villain with billions of assets and immense power. He was starting on his journey to oppose the male character—a journey that would only end with his demise.

That must not happen. For his and my survival, I must protect this little villain!


Sheng Tianci kept his words and rented a house for Rong Si. Since the apartment opposite Su Shengjing’s apartment was available for rent, Sheng Tianci settled the procedures very quickly. Rong Si could move over anytime.

Song Wanqiu never expected that she could live in such a clean and bright apartment despite her current income level.

It’s all thanks to that little girl.

Unexpectedly, such a young child has helped me and Ah Si so tremendously.

Meeting her is really a blessing.

When Rong Si entered the house and saw the LCD TV hanging on the wall, he suddenly became extremely delighted.

With the television, I can finally watch Little Jiu’s show!


After Su Jiu and Su Shengjing had moved to their new apartment, every time they went out, people would surround them. These people excitedly snapped pictures of the father and daughter duo with their phones.

Now, “Daddy, Let’s Go” had become the hottest variety show. No one could stop its momentum as it skyrocketed to popularity. Su Jiu was the most popular child in the show, so everyone knew who she was.

Hence, even if Su Shengjing wanted to bring her to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities, he had to especially wear a cap and mask. However, even then, they got recognized.

A group of people rushed forward and shouted, “Ah! It’s Little Jiu! Is that really you? Mommy loves you!”

Su Shengjing shielded Su Jiu with his arms and pressed her little head against his chest. He prevented the others from taking pictures of her. Using his other arm to block these people, who were trying to get closer to them, he said, “I’m sorry, but please don’t scare my child, okay?”

“Okay, okay, okay! I’m sorry. Little Jiu, I mean no harm. I just like you too much!”

“Little Jiu, you’re so cute!”

“Ever since my mom saw Little Jiu, she said that she wanted to become a fangirl just like me. Who would’ve thought that she’d become a fan of a four-year-old child?”

“Hahaha, my mom too! Our moms are the same!”

“Don’t even mention it. Even my grandparents like Little Jiu. They say that she’s as cute as a doll. They keep urging me to get married and give them a cute granddaughter. It’s so tough on me!”

The crowd, which consisted of men and women from different age groups, excitedly discussed this situation. They genuinely liked Su Jiu, to the extent that their dislike for Su Shengjing had started to waver.

In Su Shengjing’s embrace, Su Jiu turned her head around and grinned at them. “Thank you for liking me. Please like my daddy too!”

Her sweet smile and childish voice made everyone around her feel like they had been blessed. All they could think of was how adorable Little Jiu was.

Her smile was so sweet that they felt overwhelmed by her cuteness.

“Okay, okay! We’ll listen to whatever you say!”

“Su Shengjing, when will you start filming the second episode? We can’t wait to watch it!”

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