Chapter 117: Too Many Little Boys Surrounding Her

Su Jiu felt awkward. “No, Uncle. Why would I ignore him? He’s also my good friend.”

Sheng Tianci laughed. “Sure, once that rascal hears your words, he will probably be delighted.”

Standing at the side, Su Shengjing became exasperated. My daughter is so charming that too many little boys are surrounding her, and there’s no way to avoid this!

Su Shengjing could imagine how tough it would be for him when Su Jiu grows up. He definitely had to keep an eye on her. If he were caught unawares, one of those rascals might manage to snatch her away. By then, it would be too late for him to cry.


At this moment, Rong Si was buying some daily necessities in a small shop outside the alley. When he walked to the cashier to pay for his stuff, Rong Si realized that the shopkeeper was engrossed in a television show.

The shopkeeper was an uncle in his forties. He was foolishly smiling as he watched the TV, oblivious to Rong Si standing there. When he saw a little girl sweetly say “Daddy,” an affectionate smile spread across his cheeks.

Oh my! This little girl is so cute!

It’s a pity that I only have a son. Will I have such a cute little granddaughter in the future?

When Rong Si saw Su Jiu on the television, he was stunned. He stood there in a daze as he started watching the show with the shopkeeper.

In the show, Su Jiu looked as adorable as she was in real life. She joked around with the other kids as if she was having a lot of fun. However, two boys constantly stayed by her side and held both of her hands on each side.

Rong Si suddenly had the same thought as Sheng Zhiyan.

Will Su Jiu ignore me after knowing all these little boys?

They are probably rich, but I’m not…

I can’t even compare to them.

Rong Si cast his gaze downward and glanced at the things he had placed on the counter. They were just some daily necessities. He had only bought the cheapest items and did not dare to look for anything extra. Even if he wanted to buy a lollipop, he would hesitate for a long time.

This was the difference between him and those little boys.

When the shopkeeper turned his head around, he discovered Rong Si standing there. The affectionate smile on his face quickly faded. “Little boy, you’re paying for these, right?”

Rong Si returned to his senses and forced himself to look away from the television. He nodded. “Yes.”

While scanning the items, the shopkeeper started to recommend the show to Rong Si. “Little boy, do you like to watch pretty little girls? Isn’t this little girl on the television so pretty and cute? If you like her, watch this show! It’s called ‘Daddy, Let’s Go!’. Tell your parents and grandparents to watch it with you. Watch it a few more times and increase the viewership ratings, okay?”

Rong Si’s gaze uncontrollably landed on the television again, which was coincidentally broadcasting the scene of Su Jiu eating a slice of cake on her birthday.

When Rong Si saw her cry and say that it was her first time eating cake, he suddenly pursed his lips. He felt extremely upset.

Although he was not exactly leading a good life, he had still eaten cake before.

Furthermore, it had been a cake with many layers. A famous pastry chef from France had baked it.

After paying for the items, Rong Si stuffed the remaining five dollars into his pocket. Then, he walked out of the shop and scanned around. Upon discovering a dessert shop opposite the road, he dashed over quickly.

As he left, he heard the shopkeeper still shouting behind him, “Little boy, remember to invite your family to watch the show together!”


When he was done packing his things, Su Shengjing called the moving company. He and Su Jiu could set off to the new apartment when the movers arrived.

Soon, the moving company’s van arrived downstairs. Just then, the doorbell rang.

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