Chapter 116: Daddy’s Lucky Relic

The image was so beautiful and heartwarming that it instantly captured many people’s hearts.

“Director Yang, how did you find such a cute girl? Your eye is quite good!”

“Little Jiu is like the ideal daughter of my dreams!”

“I’m not going to say anything else. I’m just going to rewatch the show five more times.”

“I strongly recommend it! It’s really, really nice to watch! The show’s so hilarious, yet tear-jerking at the same time. If you don’t find it nice, you guys are free to beat me up!”


When Li Yang read the comments, he scoffed. What a tasteless audience!

Does Yang Fangping really think that he can make a comeback with such a boring show? How is that possible?

He couldn’t even compare to me from the start, let alone catch up to me now!

Betraying Li Yang’s expectations, however, on the third day after the two shows had been broadcasted, the tables started to turn.

The viewership ratings of “Daddy, Let’s Go” kept soaring, while the increase in the viewership ratings of “You Can Do It, Mate” slowed down. Moreover, the trending searches became dominated by “Daddy, Let’s Go!”. If one of the trending searches about them fell down the ranks, another would quickly rise to take its place.

This meant that “Daddy, Let’s Go!” had really become popular!

The director of the television station summoned Yang Fangping to his office and praised him for creating such a popular show.

When Yang Fangping saw how angry Li Yang looked, his heart was filled with joy.

Su Shengjing did not pay attention to how popular the show had become. Instead, he planned to use the money he had earned from the show to buy a better house, some milk powder, clothes, shoes, and toys for his daughter.

Furthermore, he had also arranged for her to attend a kindergarten.

Yang Fangping had initially planned to invite another non-celebrity father-daughter pair. However, he changed his mind and decided to invite Su Shengjing and Su Jiu again. Su Shengjing still signed a contract with him as a non-celebrity. In that case, the remuneration for filming an episode was only 150,000 dollars.

This was a huge sum of money for the current Su Shengjing, who was so poor that he had to become a construction worker. As long as he could earn money, he did not care about whether he appeared on the show as a celebrity or not.

As the show’s popularity continued to increase, Sheng Tianci became overjoyed. He deliberately visited Su Shengjing and said, “Su Shengjing, Su Jiu is becoming so popular! She has a lot of fans online. They flooded the show’s official Weibo account with comments, demanding you to create an account for her!”

“Oh, I expected that.” Su Shengjing raised an eyebrow with a proud expression.

This little girl is so cute that everyone will naturally like her!

Sheng Tianci was genuinely happy for Su Shengjing. “Why do I have a feeling that you’re going to make a comeback? I read a lot of praises about you online. They said that you’re a good father.”

“That’s true.” Su Shengjing was confident in himself.

Sheng Tianci’s lips twitched, but he could not rebuke his friend. When he saw that Su Shengjing was packing up and calling the movers, he asked, “You’ve rented another house?”

Su Shengjing nodded. “I rented an apartment in the city center. It’s a high-rise building with a garden and a kindergarten downstairs. The estate management and security are pretty good there.”

Although the rent was a bit expensive, costing more than three thousand a month, Su Shengjing did not mind spending a bit more money. If he could bring Little Jiu out of this smelly, rubbish-filled slum, the move was worth it.

“Yeah, you should be thinking of your child.” As Sheng Tianci spoke, he turned around and looked at Su Jiu. The little girl licked her lollipop on the sofa. A bright grin spread across Sheng Tianci’s cheeks. “Little Jiu, you really are your father’s lucky relic. He’s got such a horrible reputation, yet you still managed to make him popular!”

“It’s because Daddy is amazing!”

Sheng Tianci was at a loss for words.

Why do I feel so angry when she looks at Su Shengjing with such an admiring gaze?

Sheng Tianci stroked her head and continued, “Oh, right. Sheng Zhiyan wanted me to ask you if you made good friends with the boys in the show. If you’re friends with them, will you ignore him from now on?”

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