Each Return to Their Own Families and Find Their Own Mothers

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Feng Yu Heng suddenly appearing in the Southern Army’s military camp caught the people over here off guard. They had never heard of a girl being allowed into a military camp. This Imperial Daughter Ji An messing around in the ninth prince’s army was fine, but why had she come to the Southern Army’s camp?

The military officer that kept watch over the food supplies was the first to lose it, loudly questioning: “Who was it that came?”

Feng Yu Heng snorted coldly: “You already know, yet you still ask.”

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were behind her, along with Ban Zou and He Gan. They snorted in contempt, and He Gan had even begun saying: “Don’t look for trouble where there is none. In Da Shun, who aside from Imperial Daughter Ji An can refer to themselves as imperial daughter?”

“Imperial Daughter Ji An?” That military officer had more to say, “So what if you are Imperial Daughter Ji An? Outside, we respectfully call you imperial daughter, and we also need to kneel and kowtow when meeting you, but this is a military camp. What have you come running to our military camp for?”

This person spoke extremely impolitely, and his eyes were glaring at Feng Yu Heng. It was as though he was staring at his sworn enemy. Feng Yu Heng laughed angrily, “Did this imperial daughter kill your entire family or something? Where is this anger coming from?” She spoke just as impolitely. While speaking, she walked toward the officer until she stopped three steps away from him. She then said: “Deputy General Tong, right? This imperial daughter heard that you went to a textiles shop in Lan Zhou yesterday. Did something like this happen?”

Deputy General Tong frowned then said: “And if that was the case? I am the deputy general in charge of supplies. That textiles shop is collaborating with our military camp. The soldiers that need to get new clothes will get their fabrics there.”

“Is that so?” Feng Yu Heng suddenly smiled; however, this sort of smile gave off a shady feeling, especially for Deputy General Tong. It caused him to feel a chill on this hot day. “Where all of the fabrics were ordered from for the soldiers’ clothes is closely tied to this matter. Un, this imperial daughter seems to have a bit of an understanding. It turns out that a few of those criminals that stole the supplies fled back to the South and entered that textiles shop.”

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“What?” Her words caused all of the soldiers to freeze. They had not understood, and someone urgently asked: “Imperial Daughter, what do you mean? The supplies were stolen?”

“That’s right!” Feng Yu Heng spread her hands: “The supplies should have been able to reach the South long ago. Just a few days ago, just as the second prince’s group that was transporting the supplies was about to enter Luo Province’s border, they were suddenly ambushed! All of the supplies were stolen then burned. The second prince’s hidden guards followed those criminals back and found that some of them entered Lan Zhou then entered the textiles shop that Deputy General Tong frequents.”

“How… how could this be?” The people were shocked, and they could not help but look toward Deputy General Tong: “When you went to the textile’s shop, did you hear about it? Why would those people go to the textile’s shop?”

Deputy General Tong’s expression was a bit ugly. Faced with these questions, he ambiguously said: “How could I know?!” He then launched a barb at Feng Yu Heng: “Imperial Daughter, do not change the topic. Right now, we are asking you. As a girl, what sort of bad luck are you trying to bring to the military camp?”

Feng Yu Heng snorted coldly, “What, do you have any objections to this imperial daughter entering the military camp?”

“Of course!”

“If you have objections, just scram!” Feng Yu Heng became furious, “This imperial daughter does not have time to quibble with you. As someone responsible for supplies, this is something that must be talked about. It’s also something that a deputy general of the army should tell this imperial daughter. What sort of thing are you? Do you represent these 300 thousand troops? Do you not welcome this imperial daughter? Very well! This imperial daughter can leave, but the food that I provide, none of you 300 thousand people should even think of eating it! Just starve to death!”

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Upon hearing that they would not be given food, the soldiers flipped, as some agreed with Deputy General Tong, saying: “Since you won’t give us food, we won’t fight!”

Feng Yu Heng was not worried about this: “We never brought you to the battle to begin with. Who are you trying to scare?”

All of the soldiers were startled. But of course, they had never been needed for the battles! Ever since His Highness the ninth prince had come, aside from wasting supplies, what had they done?

They heard Feng Yu Heng continue: “Since you have said that you won’t fight, just quickly pack up your things. Don’t continue to occupy the space of the military camp while eating the food provided by the court. We don’t want soldiers that won’t fight! Everyone return to your own homes and find your mothers!”

Hearing her say this, someone from the group of soldiers could no longer endure and simply raised a large flag, loudly saying: “His Highness the ninth prince is unfair! Allowing a girl into the military camp is unlucky! Imperial Daughter Ji An insults our military’s hearts! We want justice! Please return all of the fairness that had existed when His Highness the eighth prince was here!”

With him letting out this shout, some others also began shouting. In an instant, the people were infected by this sort of fervor. Gradually, more and more people began to revolt.

Feng Yu Heng squinted her eyes and looked at the large flag. On it was the character “Mo”. It was from the eighth prince’s, Xuan Tian Mo’s, name. How could she not understand what was happening. She just asked in a puzzled tone: “What? You are still holding onto the eighth prince’s flag? It seems that you people are still aligned with the eighth prince’s intentions and never changed! Are you just waiting for a day when the eighth prince can return to the South, so he can lead you once again? Lead you to gang up with Gu Shu once more to attack Da Shun? Have you all forgotten about what the eighth prince has done? Have you all forgotten that you are just chess pieces to the eighth prince? Have you forgotten that if it was not for the ninth prince’s arrival, you would have been trampled under the feet of the 500 thousand troops coming from the desert?”

She shouted in a fierce voice, and she was still holding that strong thing that allowed her voice to be spread. Her voice was transmitted a great distance, and countless soldiers heard it. In an instant, they recalled the eighth prince’s fearsome plot, and not only had they nearly turned around to help the villain, but they nearly threw away their own lives. Those with families in Luo Province were shaken with fear. If the eighth prince was still leading this side, perhaps Luo Province would already be soaked with blood.

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The chants gradually died down, and the people no longer dared to chant. The people that had started the chant saw that nobody was chanting along, thus they also stopped; however, the flag remained lifted. The large “Mo” character was shining quite brightly.

Feng Yu Heng stared at the flag, and her heart felt uneasy, thus she simply reached into her sleeve and pulled out a pistol. Without any warning, she shot! Before the people could see what was going on, they heard a “bang” sound, and the pole of the flag broke!

The people inhaled sharply, and some people knew that this was the hidden weapon used by the ninth prince’s army that was roughly of the same power as the heavenly lightning. At the same time, they were shocked that Imperial Daughter Ji An’s aim would be so accurate. From such a long distance, she was able to hit such a small target. What sort of accuracy was this?

“Xuan Tian Mo’s flag was actually able to still be raised. Xi Fang, your work here has been a bit lacking.” She coldly reprimanded Xi Fang: “For such a failure, you should be punished.”

Xi Fang respectfully said: “This subordinate accepts the punishment. But before accepting the punishment, please allow this subordinate to capture that person to correct the army’s strength!”

After he finished speaking, he walked toward the group. The people automatically opened up a path until they saw Xi Fang grab that person’s collar and randomly grab someone else, saying: “It was just you two that were shouting the loudest. You really miss your eighth prince, right? I can have someone send you back to the capital to personally express your thoughts to the eighth prince.”

As for Feng Yu Heng’s side, Deputy General Tong had also been held by He Gan. Without any need for martial arts, a gun was just pressed to his head.

The three were scared witless. The people of the Southern Army were also dazed. The people were on the verge of collapse. How could Imperial Daughter Ji An be so explosive? It looked like she was many times worse than the one called the ninth prince of hell!

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Feng Yu Heng, however, looked at the three with a smile and said: “Remnants of the eighth prince’s faction, fishing you out was not difficult. This imperial daughter will tell you that the textile’s shop in Lan Zhou City has already been controlled by us. Don’t even think of using it to send information. As for the eighth prince sending people to intercept the supplies to cut off the South, the court will immediately begin a trial over the matter. Weren’t you all reminiscing about your eighth prince? This imperial daughter will have someone send you back. Go and watch how the eighth prince is tried and how he will admit his guilt. Go and see just how many people the eighth prince has chilled!”

With her words, the people were shocked once more. Could it be that the food shortage in the Southern Army’s camp was caused by the eighth prince? But… why? They had followed the eighth prince for many years. Why would he try to starve them to death?

Someone was unable to think it through and was feeling very sorrowful, saying: “It’s too cruel! The princes fight for power to take the throne, and they use us, lowly people, to fill in the holes. Whom have we ever offended?”

“That’s right! Imperial Daughter, although His Highness the ninth prince did not bring us to fight the enemy, we have been standing guard in the South properly. Even if there was no meritorious contribution, we still put in the hard work. Why is the eighth prince so cruel in wanting to starve us to death?”

Feng Yu Heng spread her hands: “That’s just how people are. Do you still not understand? People with hearts, even if you were the eighth prince’s subordinates, as long as you earnestly change and can recognize what should be done, as long as you love your country as a soldier, he will still view you as comrades! For example, His Highness the ninth prince. As for those without hearts, even if you followed him through thick and thin, when it comes to something that is related to his interests, he will not hesitate to discard you. But you need to reflect on why I got angry today. It’s because I saw too many people that were uncertain and would bend whichever way the wind blew. They never thought things through carefully. Getting agitated over the slightest problem will make it easy to be incited by others. I will ask you, if someone from Gu Shu came and said bad things about His Highness the ninth prince, would you believe them?”

Her words caused the soldiers of the Southern Army to lower their heads. They felt ashamed. Thinking about it, was it not the case. They were just like grass that would bend with the wind. That day the ninth prince had come to the military camp, things had gone well. But when something went a little wrong, they could not endure and caused a fuss. Thinking about it carefully, the people that had been captured had actually kept a flag of the eighth prince. It was clear that these people had bad hearts. What were they causing a fuss for?!

Also, when the food stores were empty, the ninth prince could not possibly watch 300 thousand troops starve to death. He would definitely come up with a plan. Now, they did not even ask before going to cause a ruckus. Imperial Daughter Ji An looked quite valiant, but she had not taken those that were captured to be executed! She could be considered a bit gentler.

Feng Yu Heng watched these people and was naturally able to observe the inner changes. She felt quite satisfied. It was that saying once more, young trees needed to be trimmed to ensure they grew straight, and young people that were not corrected would not be able to understand people. This could not be considered a waste of time.

She smiled and took the initiative to bring up the topic that she had begun with Deputy General Tong: “Someone said that girls are not allowed into the military camp. This imperial daughter coming into the military camp was unlucky. Very well! Since there is such a saying, today, this imperial daughter will show the reliability of being able to openly enter the military camp.”

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