Chapter 114: The Main Female And Male Characters Are Nothing

Su Jiu did not want to get involved in the messy affairs of the main male and female characters in the original novel. All she wanted to do was to make her father become popular again and help him earn more money. Is it not better for me to become the heir of a billion-dollar asset?

The main male and female characters were nothing to her!


The three-day filming session finished quickly. At the end of the show, Yang Fangping summoned all the fathers and children into a room and asked them to share their thoughts.

When it was Su Jiu’s turn, she obediently sat beside Su Shengjing on the bench. Her conduct was unlike that of Han Siye, who was extremely disobedient. He ran around without looking at the cameras or cooperating with the crew. His antics gave Yang Fangping and Han Xiao massive headaches.

When Yang Fangping saw how obedient Su Jiu was, his voice softened. He asked, “Little Jiu, three days have passed. It’s time for you to go home! Do you have anything to say about this show? For example… Are you happy?”

Su Jiu did not immediately answer. Instead, she looked at Su Shengjing and asked, “Daddy, are you happy?”

Su Shengjing nodded. “Of course. I’ll be happy when I’m with you.”

The little girl’s eyes brightly sparkled while her cheeks turned rosy. With a delighted, yet slightly embarrassed expression, she said to Yang Fangping, “Since Daddy says that he’s happy, I’m also happy!”

“You’re wrong. I’m only happy if you’re happy.” Su Shengjing lowered his head and looked at her with eyes full of affection.

Yang Fangping was speechless.

What the heck? That’s enough! Can you stop torturing this man, who doesn’t have a daughter?

Yang Fangping tried his best to calm down and asked, “Little Jiu, do you want to participate in the show again? We’ll go somewhere else next time.”

“Yes!” The little girl vigorously nodded. Then, as if she remembered something, she worriedly asked, “But Uncle, can Daddy and I go to those places only if a lot of people watch this show?”

Yang Fangping was stunned.

Su Jiu mumbled, “Because… Because I heard a very fierce person say that if no one watches the show, they won’t let you film it. He even demanded that you get lost!”

“Pfft!” Yang Fangping almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

This little girl really touched my sore spot.

She must have overheard my argument with the director of the television station in the office that day.

If Yang Fangping were being honest, he was not very confident. With Han Xiao and Xiao Yang as guests, he surmised that the viewership ratings should not be too bad. However, he had taken a risk by inviting Su Shengjing. If many people refused to watch the show because of their hatred for Su Shengjing, he would’ve lost the bet.

After all, a huge number of netizens had left comments on their official Weibo account, saying that they would boycott the show because of Su Shengjing, even though Han Xiao and his son were guests in the show as well.

However, on second thought, Yang Fangping wondered if Su Jiu was trying to boost his viewership ratings by saying that.

This is very possible.

What an impressive little girl! Why is she so smart?

If he were the one saying this, it would sound very deliberate. However, coming from Su Jiu’s mouth, these words sounded natural.

When the audience heard this exchange, they immediately commented. “For the sake of our daughter, we must increase the viewership ratings! I’ll invite all my uncles and aunties to watch it together!”

“I’m already looking forward to the next episode! Everyone, hurry up and watch it a few more times. The viewership ratings will go up!”

Toward the end of the interview, Yang Fangping thought of a sensitive question. Since Su Shengjing was embroiled in so many scandals, they definitely had to ask him more questions to make the show newsworthy.

Hence, the director cleared his throat and asked, “Su Shengjing, what do you think about exposing your daughter to the public? Are you worried that it will have a negative effect on her?”

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